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  1. With zMerge released, can we expect to see a revamp of the merged section? As far as I know, since this program supports loading 255+ plugins at once we should be able to create our merges much easier possibly without even needing separate MO2 profiles for each. It also has relinker built-in. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/9sgnpy/zedit_v050_zmerge_successor_of_merge_plugins/
  2. JK's Skyrim has major NPC pathing issues in some towns when using Immersive Citizens. I tested it the other day and sadly they still exist. Personally I would rather get rid of IC than JK but it's not possible when using this guide since it's so deeply embedded. Apparently there is a team working on getting the 2 mods to work together so there is hope. I do agree though, it's very hard to play with JK's Skyrim for years and then be without it... I really hope we see it in the guide at some point.
  3. You messed up a merge somewhere most likely, they should be in there.
  4. Woo experience is in. I think we should keep Misc Quest XP at 0. There are followers and other mods that are constantly running and completing misc quests in the background for their scripts. 10XP is a low number so it might not be a big deal, but I've heard some followers (like Sofia) runs a misc quest script every time they do an action (like drinking, dancing, etc) - haven't tested it. You aren't the first person to report crashing around Dragon Bridge on the latest version of the guide. Might need to be investigated. I remember a few months back DynDOLOD was causing CTDs for me. After hours of testing, it was the it was caused by the Realistc Water Two update and after reporting it to the DynDOLOD author he patched it. A mod might have recently updated that DynDOLOD is not liking. The first thing I'd try is disabling no snow under the roof and stunning statues because I was getting CTD around certain statues despite renaming files exactly how the guide suggests.
  5. When experience mod is officially added to the guide, 1-20 will be vastly faster than it is in the current version of the guide unless the leveling curve is adjusted. If we want to keep the XP rate about the same, adjusting base XP will be necessary. 1-10 with experience mod is probably upwards of 3-4 times faster than the current OMEGA uncapper preset the guide uses. We should try to somewhat match the XP rate to the same speed as the OMEGA uncapper preset. By not doing that, it's hurting the early game in my opinion and OMEGA definitely does not intend for players to hit level 10 within an hour of playing. You want your game's early game to be faster/easier and that's fine, but you are leveling waaay faster than anyone who followed the current version of the guide.
  6. I was level 3 before stepping out into the world (just alternate start completion + starting scripts). Level 10 felt like an hour later. You don't level that fast in vanilla and surely OMEGA works with vanilla leveling speeds (or it'd be fundamentally flawed). As the guide currently stands (without experience mod), the current uncapper preset has us leveling even slower than vanilla and I haven't seen anyone have issues with leveling too slow in the early game. With deleveled zones you can rarely follow the intended main quest path. Having a quick boost to level 10/20 kinda defeats the purpose of deleveled zones and the "RPG feeling" of being weak and overcoming your enemies with time and effort. It's gonna be preference based, some examples... 400 + L*15 for people who want more of a "flat" curve. I agree though, you'll probably get way too high of a level in the late game with a flat curve. 200 + L*25 for people who want a more reasonable starting leveling speed with default vanilla curve. A base of 200 will make 1-10 take over twice as much time which will probably still be faster than vanilla leveling speed. I honestly might play around with a base of 250 or even 300 while keeping the vanilla leveling curve.
  7. The exploration XP values are already really low that I don't think they make much of a dent later. I will be leaving the XP values default (but enabling kill XP) and adjusting the curve instead. If it's too fast, we could always do something like 400 + L*20 or something. Personally I feel vanilla leveling is waaay too fast (I slow it down by 3-4x using uncapper). It's on the test bench. https://trello.com/b/V4o4FPSl/lexys-legacy-of-the-dragonborn-special-edition-suggested-mods
  8. I'd always recommend not changing anything on an existing save because it almost always causes more bugs than it fixes. Set the guide up as-is, play, and leave it be. When you decide to start a new playthrough, do the guide from scratch again. The guide updates A LOT currently and it can be pretty hard to keep it up to date. Mods are still being added/removed/changed and it doesn't always play nice on existing saves. If you only want to do this process once, I'd at least wait until the guide is no longer considered beta. I've done the guide from start to finish in about 10 hours, but my first time through was something like 30 hours. Buying a month of Nexus Premium helps if you have decent internet.
  9. Sadly none of those presets work all that great for experience mod in my opinion, so we have to open it up in SSEEdit and adjust the curve ourselves. The mod is just adjusting 2 vanilla settings, so permissions shouldn't be needed to make a version for the guide. It's gonna take testing to figure out whats a good XP rate with this amount of content. Like someone else said, something like 400+(Lx15) might be ideal for a more linear leveling curve. This ensures you don't level too fast at the start, but also makes sure leveling doesn't become impossible later on.
  10. Woo big updates. Thought I'd share a couple texture/mesh only mods I feel should be in the pack. I let the first 3 get overwrote by other mods in the pack, while Chappers/MAPS need to be loaded after certain mods that overwrite them. Hybrid's HD Plants and Herbs: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1546/ Bellyache's Animals and Creatures: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6839 Misc Retexture Project: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13578?tab=description Chapper's Demonic Alduin Maship: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5455 MAPS: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66819/
  11. Thanks Lexy, I assume your aware but Ultimate HD Fire Effects now has an SSE port: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20654
  12. Testing further. Not sure enabling Misc Quest XP is ideal. Looking at Sofia follower, some of her scripts seem to run as misc quests. You can see them by typing "help sofia" in the console window. I'm sure there are many others, which is why the experience mod author has it enabled by default. It doesn't seem to give an XP popup either, so you are just getting hidden XP in the background. Might be better to only enable Kill XP. Sucks you wont get XP for misc quests, but then again you wouldn't in Vanilla either.
  13. Yes, all those work together. I slow skill leveling way down but make it more of a linear curve using uncapper. Hitting skill level 100 so fast, especially with deleveled zones and XP tied to quests and exploration, just leads to a quicker boring endgame IMO. I boost my caps to 125 and make 100-125 take a very long time to keep a endgame sense of progression. A target of 80% completed quests would be rather high. I wager most people won't even touch 50% of the content this pack offers before starting a new character or quitting. It'd take probably 1000 hours to do everything in this pack, and you'd probably run into the gamebreaking vanilla bug after visiting more than 4096 zones. I think the best solution is to leave Experience mod values at their defaults but Enable Kill XP and set misc quest XP to something low (I'm gonna use 25), then increase the curve itself using Level Rate Rebelance + SSEedit. Testing would need to be done but right now 1-10 is way too fast using experience + default curve in my opinion. Let's look at setting experience to 300+(L*25): Level 1 would now be 300 XP versus 100 XP. Level 50 would now be 1550 XP versus 1325 XP. Level 100 would now be 2800 XP versus 2575 XP. This keeps the stock vanilla leveling curve of L*25, while making it so early levels aren't so fast. But is it slowed down enough? Since we enable Kill/Misc Quest XP, and have a lot more quests and areas to explore, we will naturally still be leveling much faster than the experience mod author intended. Let's look at 300+(L*30): Level 1 would now be 300 XP versus 100 XP. Level 50 would now be 1800 XP versus 1325 XP. Level 100 would now be 3300 XP versus 2575 XP. The early levels won't be much slower than they were with 300+(L*25), however the later levels will slow down more to help prevent over leveling. Again though, is it slowed down enough given we are enabling extra XP and have so much more content? Let's take it even a step further and go with 300+(L*35) which would look like this: Level 1 would now be 300 XP versus 100 XP. Level 50 would now be 2050 XP versus 1325 XP. Level 100 would now be 3800 XP versus 2575 XP. I feel that looks better. That allows us to get XP from kills and misc quests without leveling too fast, and slows it down enough to help make up for the fact we have a lot more content to do. It should hopefully offer a "real" RPG-like experience. My biggest concern is if we level too slow, we could be forced into doing content we don't want to do (or grinding mobs). I think we'd have to slow it down much further for that to happen though. If someone doesn't want to mess around in SSEedit here are the files I made for testing (You don't need the original Level Rate Rebalanced mod): 300+(L*25): https://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=06693669677303588852 300+(L*30): https://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=90669941849371898883 300+(L*35): https://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=66142344797591327809 Here's my personal uncapper preset (WIP) : https://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=11995438338031416091 (Designed for experience mod with significantly slower skill leveling and long term playing in mind!) No idea how this will all play out in the actual game yet. All theories and rough math at this point.
  14. I think it'll end up being preference. I think it should vastly slow down at higher levels because the game has a sweet spot and it's around level 30-60 in my opinion. I think something like 300+x*10 or 300+x*15 might work well. How did you make it in the CK by the way? What did you set Misc Quest XP to and how is it working for you? It says "for testing purposes only" so skeptical to enable it. I was gonna just set it to something low like 20 XP so misc quests don't feel as worthless. Another thing to note is, might want to go into the OMEGA AIO and adjust the uncapper INI. No point in having skills go past 100 when you have experience installed, the formula is capped at 100 in this guide anyway.
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