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  1. Just modded Skyrim again with the newest guide, and I don't think I will ever be doing that again. Too much work. The game looks and runs great, but my eyes are crossed and blurry. One mod I got rid of right away was the Better Wait Time Mod, that lets you sleep or wait for up to 744 hours. Of coourse you're dead at the end of that time, and I had a lot of trouble setting it to 8 hours. I could hit 7, or 9, but not 8. The only other complaint I have is Convenient Horses. Immersive Horses was so much better, and I can't understand the decision to change over. I had to stop the intro quest because Frostfall was trying to kill me in Winterhold, and now I can't complete it. And it tells me to go buy equipment for my horse, but not where to get it. Obviously not in Winterhold. If the thing wasn't so integrated into patches and merges I would chuck it right away. Everything else is great. Love the Nemesis engine, though it did take me ten hours to get my character out of her T-pose.
  2. Also, when I arrive at the Throat of the World, before entering the time wound, another dragon appeared that I had to kill. His skeleton was littering the ground all the while. Could that have something to do with the problems.
  3. Spoilers ahead. Question for the group mind. I'm pretty sure this problem wasn't caused by the mods, since it is well documented online. And I'm asking here because none of the answers I have found online will work, plus all of the posts and forums are several years old. Last year, when I was playing LOTD, I got hung up reading the Elder Scroll at the time wound, it kept waiting for Alduin to appear and he refused to cooperate. After a dozen tries I just gave up and went on to play the rest of the game, all of the other quests. This time I wanted to finish the main quest. I ran into the glitch with "no one escapes from whatever mines", so I skipped over it. When I got to the prison I couldn't interact with anything, so I didn't go to the Temple of Talos. In another quest, for Interesting NPCs, I walked into the Temple, with the guards waiting, and they did nothing. Well, at the Timewound, I read the scroll and went to the cut scene, which as before didn't play out. I tried six times and it finally went through. I did it several more times for the reasons outlined below, and it ran perfectly. Which is when the next problem arose. Alduin is invulnerable and Dragonrend does nothing to him. The fight from this point is almost ludicrous. I'm level 57, with over a hundred in many skills, and am a master of the five schools of magic, with all the spells of Apocalypse. So I can't hurt Aldiun, and with Close Wounds handy, he has no way of taking me out. He hits me dead center with his breath and I heal just as fast as I lose heakth. I've tried every solution I could find on the net. I didn't attack until he finished talking. I fast traveled away and waited an hour. Fast traveled and walked into High Hrothgar. Disabled and enabled Alduin. Nothing works. The real shame is on one of my tries he suddenly started taking damage. I won, forgot to save, and after talking to Aingar I went to Whiterun, and the game froze in the loading screen. So I didn't defeat Alduin after all, but Bethesda basically defeated me. So I finally completed the quest by console command, and was told I defeated Alduin, but he was still flying around and attacking. I went to talk to the Jarls of Whiterun and Windhold, as well as the general, finished Season Unending, and after talking to the Greybeards, went back to the Throat of the World to talk with Paarthunex, ony to find Alduin still flying around, and Paarthenux too busy to talk. So that busts the entire quest line again. So the question is, has anyone else run into this, and is there a way to actually get past Alduin's Bane that removes him from the area? If I resort to disabling him at the Throat of the World, will he still appear in Sovngard? Or am I again forced to just skip the main quest, and let ineffectual Alduin exist in the background and doing nothing? Any and all help would be appreciated.
  4. Nothing is beyond my current skill level. If I don't know, I learn by doing, which is what I have done with every Bethesda game, and others, that I have modded. I have now played the game twenty hours without the Smash Patch, and have run into no problems. I will do what I did with Fallout when I came to crash, move on to another area and come back later, which seems to always solve the problem.
  5. Made sure I was undder the 255 limit, 254, and its still returns those errors. It won't let me highlight anything, only pick them one at a time, and I'm not about to do that for 254 plugins. An infuriating, worthless program that I will just have to do without.
  6. And now it's Mator Smash. It returned a bunhc of erros about masters laoding after mods. I made sure the masters, Helgen REborn, MLU and Realistic Water 2, are well above their dependencies, and the very same errors are returned.
  7. Running FNIS, have created the FNIS Output folder, which does apear in MO2. But after running FNIS the only folder inside si the Tools folder. No scripts or meshes. Have run it multiple times with the same results, and yes, I checked the three boxes for patches.
  8. Man, this guide is hurting my brain. I installed Merge Plugins Hide according to directions, brought up the program, and there is no right hand box. There is one box, and clicking anywhere and everywhere on it brings up no options to set hide type. What am I missing? Nevermind. Found it through trial and error. Whis this guide had more pictures, because the quick descriptions are really hard to follow.
  9. guyguy, I used that guide, but when I was installing there was a warning on one of the plugins that MLU.esp was missing. Anyway, I'm reinstalling everything. Also, I finally got zEdit to work. Two people on the MO2 Discord worked with me for two hours, looking at logs I sent them, bouncing ideas off each other. They were a real help at pointing me toward a solution. Kudos to them.
  10. Thank you. And now my game, after showing black faces and crashing, won't evern start, so I guess it's back to another install. Question about MLU (Morrowloot). There are patches for it, but I never saw the base esp in the guide. But one of the patches has a warning symbol, and says it is missing Morrowloot for a master, I have run find several times on the install page and never found Morrowloot, only the patches, Any explanation for that? Oh, and I definitely didn't see that chekbox on my computer, and I think it was the latest version. I downloaded it from the link on the step guide.
  11. Where the heck is the only Occlusion Buttom on XLodgen. I'm staring at the only screen it had and I see no such button. Or is it called something else, and if so why is everyone on the internet using that term? And I have found the Discord server to be quite unhelpful. No one over there answers questions for us newbs, Frustrating.
  12. Great. Everything worked. At the first statue I saw a favorite follower from Interesting NPCs. Had to act fast so the giant didn't kill me at the second. Leveled up at one point and went into Ordinator. Didn't even see a tree with a purple trunk (a problem with my play through last Year), Now onto the Lodgen. I skipped that last year, it was too intimidating. Now I'm curious to see what it looks like.
  13. Took out nwsFollowerFramework's three esps and Loot ran just fine. I check the mod opage, and the author stated the mod needed to be loaded dead last (I'm guessing before the bashed patch). How convenient.
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