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  1. ok, its been hours and i cant fix this. i completed the guide completly and booted up the game with no issues. after i was going through the MCM menu set up i saw i accidentally downloaded EatingSleepingDrinking main mod instead of the just the animations package. i removed the mod and added the animations package. rebuilt the Misc. Merge. and restarted from sctatch at the Big Push to the End section. i have recreated everything from that section onward to a T. but for whatever reason the game now CTD on startup. it will get as far as the spining logo but not the menu. does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
  2. I am Missing Text information in the in-game MCM for Auto Unequip Ammo. all text is replaced with AUA_ConfigPageName - AUA_ConfigHeader1 - - AUA_ConfigOptionTitle1 i have tried to re activate the Auto Unequip Ammo Mod and hid the ESP but that didnt help. it seems to be the only Mod affected in this way. EDIT: Rebuilt Misc. Merge. fixed it.
  3. i cant find out why TexGen isnt working. it wont start and throws this error at me. [00:00:00.000] TexGen based on xEdit starting session 2018-09-20 20:10:03 [00:00:00.006] Using Skyrim Data Path: [00:00:00.010] Using ini: [00:00:00.015] Fatal: Could not find ini i cant seem to find the default Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini and the game wont regenerate them when i start it with the steam launcher or through SKSE. EDIT: idk what happened, but i started Skyrim throught Steam a second time and after doing that TexGen began working. Sooo....idk.
  4. second Question: i dont know if im adding/Removing Bash tags properly. I have been opening Wrye Bash and in the bottom right cornor i right click in the Tags box and Select/Deselect the tags. im not promted to save my changes so did i do it correctly?
  5. An Error was Detected in the SFCO - Immersive College of winterhold.esp when trying to create the Snazzy Furniture and Clutter merge in Merge Plugins. there is no note on the main guide or the mergeing section about this error. Does anyone know how to fix it? or do i just click Ignore Errors?
  6. i have never used the mod b4, and i am still currently building the LO now. but the Undeath mods seem to have a rather complicated cleaning process outlined in the guide. Since Undeath Classical Lichdom is down for maintenance and is required for that cleaning process, so unless u have downloaded the mod before it was taken down it is possible that it is bugging out because it is not cleaned, but i am just speculating.
  7. Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul has been updated to 2.0. all guide required Files are now in the OLD Files section and CACO Inigo Patch 2.0 works with both version as per author. i would reccomend anyone using the guide to try and stay with the 1.2.1 version because the 2.0 seems to have alot of changes that may not work well with this version of the guide.
  8. thank you both for clarifying that. i have a bad habit of needing precise instructions
  9. the Guide says that it reccomends extracting "Most" bsa's and that once extracted the esp's are no longer needed. The BSA tag for this guide says that those mods are to stay packed in their BSA's, so which ones should i extract? i am going to assume to extract all mod BSA's except the TAGed ones.
  10. The author of Undeath Classical Lichdom is implying some major changesto the mod. This my make the whole SRLE guide unusuable due to the guide no longer being maintained. Undeath Classical Lichdom Authors note from Nexus site. The reason given by the author is: Maintenance. Stripped Immersive Lichdom dependency and fixed code; will release new version soon. Im still not happy with the design mechanics of the mod
  11. Undeath Classical Lichdom is down on the Nexus as of 09/12/2018 (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84937/?). does anyone know where else i can DL it? EDIT: sorry missed the post above. i see it's already been addressed. i would also like a copy of Undeath Classical Lichdom if you dont mind.
  12. EDIT: Loot keeps placing Weather systems Missives.esp, Merged.esp And Weapons Armor Merged.esp at the very bottom of the LO is that intentional? i didnt b4 EDIT: Resolved itself after multiple loot runs.
  13. just a question about changelog 10/07/18. 1) I have the loots rules for ELE Merged.esp as stated, but i didnt need to change anything what was updated? 2) i never received any complaint/Error from loot when from merging alot of the merges listed, and some of the loot rules say to load after other .esp files that are not even present within the merge.
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