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  1. Thanks again Lexy. My brain is feeling fried like a noodle, i was fine until i got to Mator Smash
  2. Creating a Pre Smash PatchOnce created you can exit Merge Plugins and activate the mod in Mod Organizer 2.Idiot check make sure Conflict Resolution Merged.esp is loaded after Pre Smash Patch Merged.esp Im assuming that after making the Pre Smash Patch Merged, we dont disable (from the left pane) the remaining unchecked mods (that appear in the right pane)? And so these mods are also exluded from the Mator Smash?
  3. Creating a Pre Smash PatchStart Mod Organizer 2. Select Wrye Bash in the executable selection box and click [Run]. The Wrye Bash main interface should appear. Scroll down the mod list and right-click Bashed Patch, 0.esp and select "Rebuild Patch". A popup asking to deactivate mods prior to patching may appear. Click Ok Now you can exit Wrye Bash. Navigate to the Skyrim SE DATA Folder and remove Bashed Patch, 0.esp- For me (7.), the Bashed Patch, 0.esp appears in the MO2 overwrite folder...it also comes with an empty folder named INI Tweaks.
  4. Whats the safest way to remove ONE masterfile dependancy from the final Lexy's LoTD SE - Conflict Resolution ? In this case its - missing masters: Prometheus_No_scroll_Under_the_roof.esp
  5. A few of us are in the same boat i think Im following this guide as i want to learn to be an advanced modder, but also create a stable modded game. If there is anything that i could possibly wish for in my game right now, it would have to be Frostfall and Campfire - updated by Chesko. I've waited so long
  6. Errors are popping up (with TrueStormsSE.esp) when i try to create Weather Systems Merged in Merge Plugins. Do i just 'ignore' flag TrueStormsSE.esp and continue to build the merge?
  7. Oh! the italics and the red X appear on that mod in the left pane right? I did that at first but i thought i was getting a bit cocky. I figured that would only happen if all the .esps in that mod were made redundant because of the merge, but if an .esp remains because it wasnt used in the merge then the mod wouldnt mark in italics... that could catch you off guard one day you know :P
  8. yeah i think i managed to figure it out :) Those two esps were 'ticked' as a reminder in Merge Plugins that they were already part of another merge anyway. Them being pasted in the Kye Patches was kind of pointless, because they werent acting as masters nor were they needed for the merge - so i either manually remove them from Kye Patches or i set them as optional esps in MO2 or i simply untick Kye Patches. So in the end they just get deactivated again anyway, which is fine as they're already in Animals Merged. Thanks Kal
  9. Ok i will copy/paste (instead of cut/paste) them over to Kye Patches Merged. Thanks for your help!
  10. know_your_enemy_armors.espknow_your_enemy_silver.espkye_bruma_patch.espkye_cos_patch.espkye_crf_patch.espkye_sic_patch.esp(This esp is actually included in the Animals Merged) <----kye_skyrim_sewers_patch.espkye_skytest_patch.esp (This esp is actually included in the Animals Merged <----Are these two more of a FYI or an idiot check or a instruction? Im not sure if i should cut/paste those two esp files in KYE Patches Merged or not, if they're already in the Animals Merge.
  11. Finally i think i completed my first ever merge! (animals merged) - my word what a hurdle it is to figure out merge plugins the first time round
  12. Thanks rhodsey! I hope its safe to assume thats already been done, i've been using the CK for esp converting. Hopefully the Champolian folder is in the correct place too. Would you happen to know how to merge the related plugins if their is no 'master' file (RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp)? Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s): SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.espSkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.txtWas there meant to be a replacer esp file or did i miss something? Sorry for the questions.
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