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  1. Bug report for you: It appears that since moving from 33 to 34, the -o: command has changed a bit. Where previously a path like "D:\Modding Tools\xLODGen\Output\" would be fine, in the latest version this path results in "D:\Modding\" being created and used as the output. In other words, it seems to truncate the path at the first space. Thanks for your time.
  2. There will always be updates incoming. If you wait for them to stop you'll never start to play. ELE was taken offline for a while and we started looking at replacements but it is back online so I don't expect to move to something else, at least not right now.
  3. Beware that can cause CTD sometimes, check the issues https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf/issues
  4. I just noticed Lexy was using 128/128 in the screenshots. Should be set to 512/256. I will add that to the directions on the guide, and have her update those screenshots to match.
  5. Are you using the screenshots? It is a bit confusing the way it is laid out, I suspect you are looking at the default sizes which indeed don't change across lods. But the diffuse and normal resolutions definitely do.
  6. Black Sacrament Armor got two updates, one to the main file and one to the optional file. We only use the optional file. The main file would be as you pointed out a change in the guide. But we didn't make that change.
  7. I have a frostfall profile that matches a skyhud profile if you would like a copy of them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ld9uoufbnrh3yb7/Matching%20Frostfall%20and%20Skyhud.7z?dl=0
  8. My playthrough has many changes from the guide. I followed the guide, tested it and made sure my setup was stable, backed it up, and started hacking away at it. Current setup is at https://modwat.ch/u/reevus77/modlist I don't exactly remember which changes were for OMEGA vs for other mods though so I can't really say for sure. I didn't track things as I went.
  9. The guide has been updated Yes I am using it for my playthrough, great mod. Some of the omega patches make other patches redundant.
  10. That is correct, leave those unchecked for the smash. Yes, it looks like the ini is named to match the esp, so either rename it to match the esm, or move and rename it into the merge. Thanks for pointing that out, I will add this to the to-do list.
  11. Yeah if you aren't merging some mods, I would treat them like they were the merge, so if one of them is part of a merge getting forceall, I would apply that on the constituent parts.
  12. 1: Conflict resolutions patches differ based on the mods being resolved, it is not possible to just write a guide for it in a general case. The decision making process during creating one is too complex, it would take a book. There are many conflict resolution tutorials that attempt to do so available on youtube and reddit and other places around the internet. 2: Yes, using smash.forceall means smash forwards any changes MLU makes over any later mods so it wins overrides. And yes replacing that esp is enough. 3: It is difficult to help with custom load order issues without knowing what load order the issues are in. By 'unfinished' what is really meant is constantly-evolving. There is no plan to 'finish' the creation of the guide. The guide is not meant for novice modders, but more as a framework for experienced modders to build upon, or a demonstration of the extent of what modding can add to the game in a stable manner. The links to zedit and xlodgen are both in the prerequisites page and there is a ton of information out on the internet about how to use them and what they are for. Descriptions of those tools are also on the Prereq page: Zedit "Mod Notes: This tool is similar to SSEEdit." LODGen "Mod Notes: This is a utility used to generate LOD meshes and textures "exactly" like CK."
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