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  1. Hey Loot Group rules telling us to connect Realistic Water Two to the Merge Patch but I don't see any mention of Realistic Water Two before then.
  2. Hey so for Stunning Statues of Skyrim you say Special Installation: After installation, copy and rename the following files as indicated: meshes/architecture/winterhold/magestatue.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/magestatuesnow_only.nif\ Just in case, should we delete the originals in their original location after we copy and rename?
  3. Have you considered adding ESF Companion's Guild Requirements Only to the guide?
  4. Finally managed to start. Game looks beautiful. One quirk though. Game crashes as soon as I start the Vanilla sequence with Alternate Life. If I pick any other, game runs fine. Intended? Or maybe i messed something up...
  5. Er can't edit my post anymore. I noticed that it's mentioned later so nevermind that point about AoS
  6. Oh another question. I noticed that you added Morrowloot recently. Audio of Skyrim has some options/patches for it, but I see that the guide doesn't include them. Is this point relevant?
  7. Hey been following the installation guide. Got to Audio Overhaul Skyrim and just wanted to let you know that it got updated to 2.9.2 today. Also, I installed the fixed ported version of Frostfall/Campfire/Wearable Lanterns. Tested in-game and it works fine. Do you expect it to be OK with the impressive mod list you've compiled here? (assuming no other mods) Thanks!
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