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  1. Sorry for the typing errors, I've tried to edit the post to correct them but I couldn't.
  2. Whats up guys! I've already tried to find a solution to this problem but I had no success until now. So I'm beginning to mod my Skyrim once again and I am having a strange issue as you can see on the following videos: Another example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZrYKB9u3_8 As you can see the water ripples are very strange and the water is flickering. Normally that problem is much more visible when it rains, but the water flickers at the horizon sometimes when the day is clear too, but that doen't bother me as much as that ugly effect on the videos. This only happens if I install any mod that changes waterrainripples.dds and waterrainlut.dds. Do you know any means to solve that issue? I know one of the solutions would be to extract and delete or hide these files everytime another mod overwrites them, but then I would need to extract BSA files everytime, including Optimized Vanilla Textures and I would really like to install water and texture mods on my game without any worries. - VSynch is activated, but that doesn't solve my problem. - I've already tried to deactivate all the water session on the ini files. - I've already tried to disable antialiasing. I've already tried many tweaks and nothing solves that thing. Oh, and before I forget. Today I could reach one of these bugs and I saw that this flickering occurs in a straight white flickering line and looks like the game can't load something from the textures on a determined distance. After some time this section of the water was perfect and another session at the horizon was flickering. When I got back to the shore, the same problem was ocurring again on the first area. That's really strange. I've already tried to find any help from many foruns but I've got nothing. Would someone please help me? I am trying to solve that thing for 5 or 6 days.
  3. Whats up guys! Sorry if I'm being inconvenient, but I still haven't found a fix for the issues I've found on thophy heads mod. Anyone with the same problem? My problem is described on the last comment I've made yesterday. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there! I am having a strange issue with the Argonian trophy head for now. When I found the item on Bleakfalls Barrow the head textures were strange. Instead of the original textures there is a strange green glow! lol When I examine the item at my inventory the textures look right but the issue reappears when I drop it on the ground. What would that be? Are there any fixes to that?
  5. Well, the problem is that I try to remove those records on LOOT but they reappear. Nice! Thank you!
  6. Hello! Me again! lol I'm trying to remove the bash tags from Faction Crossbows.esp. I did that on Wrye Bash, but LOOT still lists them. Is this right?
  7. Nice! So I did the right thing! Almost there. I am cold sweating because I didn't test my game during a considerable time. lol Let's hope for the best! Thank you all! Sorry If I'm being inconvenient, I've never used merged plugins so I'm really confused even after watching some tutorial videos about it.
  8. Ok, so here we go again. After creating Trees and Flora Merged should I keep the mods that I've merged ticked on the left pane? I am asking that because the instructions say that I should just cut and paste the esps from those mods to the new folder and there are some other folders that were left behind during that process.
  9. Nevermind, I think I've found the older version of this mod on a portable hd, I think that's the version 4.1.
  10. Hi Godescalcus! Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately there's not a link to an older version of this mod and I don't know what to do to solve that issue. lol Thank you anyway.
  11. Thank you very much for the help until now, my friends. That Merge session is driving me nuts. When I checked my plugins for errors while creating Snazzy Overhaul Patches Merged, the following error appeared. Checking for errors in SFCO - Immersive College of Winterhold Patch.esp WinterholdCollegeArcanaeum "The Arcanaeum" [CELL:00013810] CELL \ XCCM - Sky/Weather from Region -> Found a MESG reference, expected: REGN WinterholdCollegeSanctuary "College Sanctuary" [CELL:0D106812] CELL \ XCCM - Sky/Weather from Region -> Found a MESG reference, expected: REGN WinterholdCollegeHallofCountenance "Hall of Countenance" [CELL:0001380F] CELL \ XCCM - Sky/Weather from Region -> Found a MESG reference, expected: REGN WinterholdCollegeLustratorium "Lustratorium" [CELL:0D321DA0] CELL \ XCCM - Sky/Weather from Region -> Found a MESG reference, expected: REGN WinterholdCollegeArchMageQuarters "Arch-Mage's Quarters" [CELL:000CAB92] CELL \ XCCM - Sky/Weather from Region -> Found a MESG reference, expected: REGN WinterholdCollegeHallofAttainment "Hall of Attainment" [CELL:000CAB91] CELL \ XCCM - Sky/Weather from Region -> Found a MESG reference, expected: REGN Would someone help me, please?
  12. I don't know what's happening. When I try to merge RS Children there's a problem where the mod RS Children Merged - SRLE Extended LOTD doesn't appear on Mod Organizer to be activated. When I go back into Merge Plugin the name of the merge appears in blue font. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Nice! Thanks! So basically I should trust LOOT at the end of the guide and the only adjustments should be those that are described on the guide, right? And about the bashtags... If I edit them on LOOT should I edit them on Wrye Bash too?
  14. One last question (I hope). There's and esp that doesn't appear on Darth_Mathias Load Order: "WetandColdAshes WAFR CCF.esp" That plugin is installed with Assorted Equipment Patches - Wet and Cold. Where should I place that plugin in my load order?
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