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  1. You do have Quick Light, right? Simply activate it. Don't use: WICO Special Edition - Nude 0.9f Instead use: WICO Special Edition - UNP 0.9f You could have found this by simply going to the mod page and taking a look.
  2. OMEGA Lexy LOTD Animals Merged Consistency Patch is part of Animals Merged. Files to merge: KrittaKittyHorsesForSSE.esp (Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittaKitty)Skytest Immersive Creatures.esp (SkyTEST Integration Project SE - SkyTEST Immersive Creatures)Skytest Creature Extension.esp (SkyTEST Integration Project SE - Vanilla And DLC Creature Extension)CrittersAintSnitches.esp - (Critters Ain't Snitches)CrittersAintSnitches-SkyTEST-RA&P Patch.esp - (Critters Ain't Snitches - SkyTEST Patch)SkyTEST Less Fear SSE Patch.esp - (SkyTEST Less Fear SSE Patch)OMEGA Lexy LOTD Animals Merged Consistency Patch.esp - (OMEGA Lexy LOTD Animals Merged Consistency Patch) Lexy's official position at this time for LOTD V5 is that will be available when it becomes available. There is no release date from the LOTD team.
  3. As was mentioned, Lexy missed this and will update the guide on Monday. Meanwhile, she posted her recommendations on the Discord #mod-updates channel. Dynamic Lighting Exterior Lighting Checked Interior Lighting Checked Smelters Toggle Smelters Checked All others unchecked.
  4. Thanks, DodgyBob. Good to know that there's going to be a fair bit before it comes out.
  5. If you add something like "<SSEEdit Path>\Cache\" to the arguments in the setup for SSEEdit in MO2 those files will be dumped into a cache folder within your SSEEdit folder rather than the overwrite folder. They are cache files which will speed up the initial load of SSEEdit. They've fallen behind. There hasn't been word from SirJesto as to any updated release date. It'll happen when it happens. Having said that, you can go ahead and start setting up the guide. When LotD v5 hits, it will hit with all new patches and all that is necessary. It should just be a matter of replacing the current version with the new version, installing the patches, redoing the merge, and start a new character.
  6. That's telling you you what your problem is. It appears that you're running the 32 bit version of xLODGen.
  7. Run the Bethesda.net Launcher on your PC. After you log in to Bethesda.net the icon on the bottom left is for the Creation Kit. Click on it and then click on PLAY. And there is no way other than the Creation Kit.
  8. Berndaroy, I've left you a pm on the Discord server. I'd really appreciate it if you would respond to it. Knight_Flier
  9. Follow the instructions here - https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_Troubleshooting#Cleaning_Masters_From_A_Plugin - to clean the CR patch.
  10. Virtulox, The change log for updating to SKSE 1.5.62 is at https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE_Changelog. Updating from 1.5.53 to 1.5.62 will have minimal impact. Nothing needs to be regenerated...a new start is not required.
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