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  1. Hello from 2019!!! I was thinking it would be great to have this guide by the start of summer. Based on the remaining work, is it possible? Thanks! 2.10 was a great guide, I m excited to see how great 3.0 will be. EDIT: Do you think STEP 3.0 will be compatible with Beyond Skyrim?
  2. A new STEP guide (STEP V.3) is on it's way so there is no further need to seek out compatibility for this one. This is hereby solved.
  3. Allright, no need to waste time on the actual one then. And besides I needed a new GPU anyway I wanted to play Skyrim to it's fullest so I'll just save some money to buy one while you guys make this thing even better than it already is. Great work! EDIT: For the time being I'll uninstall the game to save up some 50 gigs of space. Will the STEP team make a FTEP guide in the future eventually?
  4. I know I posted this as solved. However I though being able to load the intro was good enough. When I create my character I experience the first bug: they all have Iron Helmets on. Next, when I go through the tower (the first building you enter in the game after you nearly get your head chopped off) and get to the place where Alduin makes a hole and you jump to the roof of the destroyed I noticed that the fire textures that linger on the floor after Alduin shouts Fire Breath, are all pink missing textures. Finally, shortly after falling into the inn's roof after jumping from the tower, I experience a CTD. I know I probably am a bother with all these posts, I'm sorry, but I really do apreciate your help.
  5. Hi, Thanks to some great help I have been able to solve CTD and failure to launch on my Skyrim setup. You can find my problem and solution here. (Every single info about my PC, INI files is there) Now I would like to go ahead and install REGS. It is fully compatible with STEP Extended but it isn't very clear whether I should install that pack before, or after, the STEP Compilation Patch. I'd like some light on this matter because I don't want to ruin the setup I accomplished. Additionally I would like to add a few mods I like to my setup and I'd love if some experienced user can show whether these mods work great with STEP Extended + REGS and whether they aren't very stressful on my PC. These are the mods: - Andromeda -Beyond Skyrim (all of em) -Bijin (all) + Seranaholic -Arthmoor's Village Expansions (all, I also want to merge them, is it possible?) -HDT Physics Extensions (If possible please explain me how to install this, I tried before, I can't get it to work! I only want hair and cloak physics btw) -Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is Coming -Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim -Immersive Patrols -One of these, which one do you think is better? The dance of Death - VioLens - Deadly Mutilation -What about these combat mods? -INIGO should be compatible with everything right? -OBIS -Project AHO -Deadly Dragons Thanks in advance!
  6. I disabled Tetrachromatic ENB. Now I have a solid 60 FPS. Who knew some lighting effects were such threat! Now I would like to install REGS. The pack page indicates that it is fully compatible with STEP Extended. However it does not indicate very well whether I should install these mods after or before the STEP Compilation Patches in my left pane of MO. After installing this pack (and a few other mods) I will have to do every patch again, right? FNIS, DynDOLOD, Dual Sheath, Bashed...
  7. Do you think upgrading to a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB will make any difference?
  8. After applying medium settings on Beth Ini and downloading latest NVIDIA drivers the game started after a brief, very brief indeed, loading screen. It looks great. However I average 20 FPS. I don't think aplying low settings on Beth Ini will change much. So I'm wondering which mods are the most impactull so I can reinstall them in their LQ instead of HQ as I did. Also, do you think Tetrachromatic ENB is very GPU demanding? If so, should I try Vividian ENB? I will also overclock my GPU by 10% once I get a problem with ASUS GPU Tweak fixed. I have yet another doubt, I want to install the STEP Pack "A real Explorer's Guide to Skyrim" which is fully compatible with STEP Extended, but with the FPS I got this time I'm not sure it's a wise decision to throw more mods at my PC. I also got almost no space in my SSD because i think MO is making crazy duplicates of every mod or something. It's using 27 Gigs right now. I will try to clean up everything else. Thank you very much for helping me every time Akatosh, I shall pray at your shrine when I play through Skyrim again.
  9. That's bad news, I even installed some HQ mods thinking I got a better rig than the recommendations. I just ran Beth Ini again and set it to Medium instead of high. Will launch the game now. Which mods do you recommend I downgrade in quality, which are the more impactfull?
  10. The bashed patch worked. The game even loaded for an extra hour before CTD. What should I do next???
  11. So now I have installed Tetrachromatic ENB and applied the ENB option on BethIni. I have remade my step patch taking DesyncBirdsOfPrey.esp off the merging mods and launched Skyrim. The main menu still freezes with Bashed Patch installed. So I disabled the bashed patch and ran the game, created a new game and the game loaded for even more time before CTD, 2 hours now. The ENB worked because I could distinguish different colors on the Alduin Loading Screen.
  12. So I remade my INI files and now the game loads for more time before CTD occurs. So I'm guessing it loaded more mods. I also selected every ENB option in the STEP Extended installation, like installing Realistic Water Two ENB textures. But I have not yet installed an ENB. Could this be causing the CTD??
  13. Hi, I disabled the Bashed Patch.esp and the game loaded great into main menu, then I started a new game but the game seems to CTD after the very long first loading screen. I'm guessing I have to remake my bashed patch? So I just follow the instructions on the "Bashed Patch" STEP page and I should be fine?
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