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  1. It could naturally be due to another mod/mods. I only noticed it after installing this though. If I cap my FPS at anything below 60 FPS I get better VRAM usage percentages (lower...odd huh?) but I notice some stuttering. After using dyndolod I now reach 99% VRAM usage at certain, which would cause a spike and my FPS would drop thus I'd notice it. So I tried locking my FPS lower to 60 and observed this.
  2. I also notice that if I limit my FPS to anything under 80FPS I get better VRAM performance, however it starts to get stuttering?
  3. While the level of detail is great, compared to SSELODGEN that I've been using. I find that there are more pop ins using this? Is this correct?
  4. If the recommendations are as such: - SSELODGen recommended settings (The one I use, if you have a better idea, tell me I'm not an expert): -- For the 1k version (recommended): --- Object Lods : CHECKED (you don't say :p ) --- Build Atlas : CHECKED --- atlas size : 8192 * 8192 --- max texture size : 1024 --- in UV range : 1.5 I use 1k in TEX GEN and 1K max tile size in DynDOLOD, is that alright? It is the DynDOLOD 1k version of this. (The author has been absent since February, so I cannot confirm anything with him unfortunately) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3333?tab=files
  5. So it wouldn't matter that they are 1k near lods and 512 far lods? They'd all be "rendered" to whatever text. size I put in TEX GEN?
  6. Is it alright if I use the first file here: https://www.nexusmod.../3333?tab=files Instead of the file below that says "DynDOLOD." That way I can have the 1k near lods and the 512 far lods...
  7. Ah, so never have the max tile size below 1k? Will that affect performance (VRAM) as well? Most importantly: Is it alright if I use the first file here than? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3333?tab=files Instead of the file below that says "DynDOLOD." That way I can have the 1k near lods and the 512 far lods... Many thanks for all of the assistance Sheson, and for all of this marvelous work.
  8. I just found it in the manual right before reading this! Thank you Sheson. How do I replace this? I imagine it's fine if I just install it with MO. Looks like it doesn't matter where it is in load order so long as it's below papyrus util? Does it matter when I do this, ie. should install it in MO before or after generating DynDOLOD? (You were right, the download failed for some reason, I downloaded it again) Also where are these options for atlas? Is it alright to use the 1k version with the 512 option in texgen and dynolod? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/articles/164 OR is it okay if I just use the first file here: (What I am currently using) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3333?tab=files That way I can use 1k near lods and 512 far lods?
  9. I did read it....it's still not clear when generating TEX GEN where the resources should be in load order, because they overwrite or are overwritten by other mods. Such as HD LOD textures. Should resources be above or below that when making tex gen, then after as well? How would I use the lanterns patch then? For SSE The zip cannot but unziped, or loaded into MO. It says none of the available installer plugins were able to handle the archive.
  10. I manged to fix the .esm issue. However my latter questions still stand.
  11. First, absolutely fantastic work. I'd been using SEELODGEN prior, and wow this really made quite a difference (granted at a higher VRAM cost but still, magnificent) I am not generating an .esm, what could be wrong? The .esp doesn't even say it has it as a master file. I acquired this SSE version here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13029-dyndolod-236-skyrim-se-beta-with-dynamic-lod/ I've checked in the output folder, as I've ziped the mod there and loaded it into MO. I've also generated DynDOLOD various times now. I'm not able to select windows for some reason either, or candles etc.....do I need netimmerse for that? Is this happening because i don't have netimmerse? I have papyrus util and skse64 properly installed. I've followed all the instructions as well. Is the .esm necessary? I've loaded a game and the LODs seems to be working alright. Is it because I haven't made some .ini edit? I thought I had them.... Also do the DynDOLOD resources need to be at the bottom of our load order, below all other mods it is conflicting with when we generate Dyndolod textures and the .esp itself? I am worried it will overwrite some of the things from other mods I want to use. Once Dyndolos itself is generated, can I delete the generated textures with tex gen, and disable the resources?
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