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  1. OK. I will add my personal settings to the description page and suggest DynDoLod 3 alpha. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi. I've successfully created tree textures with TexGen. I want to use them for the HDTreemode (normal mapped billboards). And now I have two questions. a: NVM. Found the correct billboard mode. b: There are people who don't use the new DynDoLod alpha. And I want to upload the billboard textures for them. Does it work if users are installing the textures in the same path while using a previous DynDoLod version?
  3. Yes. Mountainslablod.dds is made out of these textures with exactly that ratio. Thanks for adding this.
  4. This is what I did. My lod package contains about 1500 meshes. And that is a huge part of the meshes in the lod folder. MM has a completely different texture layout. Therefore it was necessary for me to update all full models and a lot of lod models in all worldspaces. This means that mods need to activly decide to support MM. MM's approach is to move into a different direction. Like all of my mods. MM is intended to break through old patterns and to open up new fields. I quote myself: That's the problem. And I still put a lot of work to stay as compatible as possible. It is a miracle that I achieved the amount of compatibility. Same to Northern Ice. I added static snow instead of projected one to fix the dark snow lighting. And the UV's are completely different too. But this mod doesn't have such a big impact to the worldspace. While MM changes almost everything. Though it isn't visible that easily.
  5. This would break compatibility. Because a mod that uses the mountainslablod.dds for the lod would use my mountainslab textures for the full object. And your lod texture doesn't fit to mine. This is the reason why I asked for an example. Overwriting your texture by a rule creates the same result than overwriting them directly. But it leaves out two additional steps. And I prefer the direct ways. Because it is cleaner.
  6. The instructions of the mod page changed a lot over time. And I've taken out a lot of instructions. Because I played with the idea to create very basic, vanilla like bto files for people who don't use DynDoLod. Because MM needs DynDoLod to have a really good lod. And I added a sticky that you should always use the DynDoLod pack if you are using DynDoLod. Because a lot of people refuse to use DynDoLod. And that is a problem. But there were several other problems that I needed to solve before I could even think about a bto release. And I'm currently thinking about a removal of the xLodGen files. And yes! I use xLodGen only for terrain creation. There is no reason for touching the object lod with xLodGen when I'm using DynDoLod.
  7. It is intended to prevent HdLod flag from the mountain lod? I fixed an issue that shows up only with my mod and this is hilarious? Because I felt responsible for that. OK! I will ignore any upcoming issues. OK! Northern Ice would require a custom rule, Underground, Majestic Landscapes, Glorious Glaciers and any texture mod on the Nexus. Because you don't have the control about the near textures. You can provide a working lod mesh/ texture pack. But you can't guarantee that it fits to the near object. I hope that you get my point. If mod authors do it right then most texture packs would need a lod texture to get a good transition. This would end in rule mess. Because every texture mod would need it's own rule. And the only reason why it didn't happen yet is the fact that most mod authors simply don't care. I suggest the load order solution. And NMM proofs the advantages. I install DynDoLod + Ressources, overwrite it with my files and run DynDoLod. I install the generated lod and it's done. Without working with a lot of rules or ini settings. This is the most user and author friendly way. Because people regret to read instructions. My readme has ways less informations than yours. But people still don't read it. The ask the same questions over and over again. And these questions are answered. I guarantee that they won't load tons of rules to create the lod. But you can give me examples how this would break other mods if you want.
  8. The noisy snow was caused by the HdLod flag issue that I fixed in my last lod update. Everything works like intended now. It was caused by the fact that both DynDoLod and MM doesn't completely behave like vanilla. And that triggered some issues.
  9. I wrote this to ensure that everyone understands why I made certain descisions. MM can't be treated like the vanilla mountains. But I have the feeling that too many people are doing that. The only things that are in common with vanilla are the mesh names and the shapes. And the lod is vastly different too. It ain't a problem to have no HdLod flag on certain mountains with the vanilla meshes. You won't notice any difference. But it was a problem with the MM lod. And the example that I addressed the problem by my self should show that I need the control about the lod process. (I had a small hope that this would fix the Large Ref Bug too. But it didn't! ) This is the reason why I keep the vanilla paths. I need the control to provide a working lod. And I took the responsebility too. The lod works with any issues. And I don't see any need for improving compatibility right now.
  10. Majestic Mountains has a multilayer texture applied to the whole mesh without tiling to achieve variety. This forces me to apply one texture on the HDLod mesh without tiling. The irony is the fact that it was never planned to use the mountainslab02.dds for the lod. I've created a mountainslabHQ.dds for this purpose. But DynDoLod refused to flag the mountains as HQLod when I used another texture. Even when I set this texture as HQLod texture in the plugin files. I had to use the mountainslab02.dds as a workaround. The mountainslab02.dds and the lod normal is a 8 x 4 tiled texture that blends with a single tiled one. This means that the mountainslab02.dds has a lod only function in MM. It wasn't the most elegant solution. But it works pretty good. The next problem were all the rock and trim meshes that are using multiple lod textures. These meshes are using the mountainslab02.dds and additional lod textures. The fact that these meshes have mixed textures prevents DynDoLod form flagging these meshes with HdLod. This caused problems due to the mesh merging. DynDoLod merges the lod meshes by texture. And it merged the unflagged cliff and trim meshes with the lod mountains and it didn't set the HdLod flag for the mountain meshes after the merging. About 30 percent of my mountain lod was merged with rockcliff meshes etc. And the mountain lod got the wrong normal map applied. I dealt with the problem by redirecting the texture path to the correct mountainslablod.dds and did a reunwrap. I didn't report this issue because I assume that DynDoLod would need bigger changes to solve this issue. And I solved it anyway. Concerning texture path: MM changes almost every mesh that uses the mountainslab textures in Skyrim. This means the near models and the lod models. There is simply no reason for keeping the DynDoLod textures. Because DynDoLod doesn't have the control about the near meshes. The near meshes are always controlled by the texture or model author. And it is the duty of these authors to take care about the lod textures. Though many authors seem to forget this. This is the reason why I've chosen and keep the vanilla path. And it is the technically correct path. And getting the MMDynDoLod to work is pretty easy in that way. Install DynDoLod, install DynDoLod Ressources, install DynDoLod Ressources for MM, overwrite the original DynDoLod Ressources, run DynDoLod, install the generated lod, be happy... I hope that I could finally clarify how the MM lod works, what obstacles I had to overcome and why I made certain descisions. Cheers, T4
  11. Hi! I'll try to explain the settings in my ini as good as I can. The snow shader of SE is mostly a postprocessing shader. This shader has four categories. -Shader color -Rimlight/ Specular mask -Sparkles -Textures I tweaked only some of them in my ini (although my old tweaks were different). [Display] (the color part, works only in Shadows, is masked out by the sunlight) fSnowSSSColorB=0.4 -changes the amount of blue color in the shader fSnowSSSColorG=0.2 -changes the amount of green color in the shader fSnowSSSColorR=0.0 -changes the amount of red color in the shader iSnowSSSCurrentColor=3 -set this to 3 to be able to change the fSnowSSSColor settings (other values are loading some kind of presets) (the Rimlight/ Specular part, these settings affect each other and can have negative values too) fSnowRimLightIntensity=0.1 -changes the amount of rim lighting and depends on the other two settings too (no SpecPower = no rim lighting) fSnowGeometrySpecPower=0.5000 -changes the amount of gloss/ rim light on snow covered objects fSnowNormalSpecPower=0.5000 -changes the amount of gloss/ rim light on the landscape (the Sparkles part, I guess that all settings are self explaining, you can change the size, amount and intensity of the snow sparkles) fSparklesDensity=0.85 fSparklesSize=14 fSparklesIntensity=0.5 (All landscape textures that are flagged as snow in the plugins get an additional texture apllied. But this texture causes a bug with surrounding landscape textures that aren't flagged as snow. I've reported the bug to Bethesda. But... The setting below fixes the bug by setting the tilesize of the additional normal equal to the tilesize of the landscape textures.) iLandscapeMultiNormalTilingFactor=1
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