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  1. Did anyone experience an issue with LOTD and Helgen Reborn? Finders Keepers is a radiant quest and it sends me to the area around "Staadomaar Temple", which is added by Helgen Reborn as far as I've found out. I'm not able to start the Helgen Reborn recruit quests, because of the vampires (playing with Skyrim Revamped Enemy Overhaul and Encounter Zones and my char is only Lvl 12 atm, so that has to wait 20-30 Levels lol). Does anyone know how to reset this quest? I hope that I'll receive another location then because I'm not able to find this Staadomaar Temple or the map marker south of Silent Moons Camp and NE of Bleakwind Basin is wrong?
  2. I've seen those on the LOTD website, but most of the quest mods are already part of Lexy's guide, aren't they? EDIT: ok, I've just seen that those two are additional to this guide: Project AHO Path of The Revenant (never heard of it before though) And Skyrim Underground for new dungeons
  3. What extra quest mods are those? I did not find any. Are they available at Nexus and are additional patches needed to make them compatible with this guide?
  4. Congratulations you have reached the end of your mammoth modding journey now the real journey can beginNow I realize what is meant with this sentence: That, after I have reached the end of my mammoth mod installing and config journey, the real journey can begin: fixing bugs, issues, conflicts, CTDs,... :D
  5. I would deactivate mods until there are no more CTDs. Then reactivate one after the other and find out which mod(s) is(are) causing it and fix the first issue, and then the next one if necessary
  6. If you like roleplaying you should definitely give Requiem a try, even it's for LE. You won't regret it! I love this mod since 2012 and it was first called "The Oldschool Roleplaying Overhaul" by Xarrian, who unfornately gave up the project many years ago, but he is a GENIUS and the whole base of the mod was created by him alone. I don't know how many hours he has spent, I've forgotten, but it was a four-digit-number. Long story short: it's just awesome! There's so much to say about it... all the details, all the aha experiences and surprises in such a positive way. And after your first attempt to clear Bleak Falls Barrow... you will find out yourself :) There's a hughe guide for it by Belmont Boy called Ultimate Skyrim, but it's not updated to the new version. That's no problem because Requiem 2.0... well, this is the parting of the ways. Some prefer 1.9.4 and I haven't tested 2.0 because I'm waiting for Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 (for Requiem 2.0). The only downside is that it doesn't include LOTD. BUT if you don't know Requiem I'd start a new game anyway with as less mods as possible. Believe me, it's more than enough and feels like a completely different game :)
  7. Really? That sounds awesome :) Where can I find it? Google doesn't tell me :D I can understand your point and in the case of LOTD it's a lil more complicated, because it's the main mod and the whole guide is build around it. It will be my first serious playthrough with it though, because I had a lot of issues like this in the past. And honestly the last time I gave it a try at SSE i did not realize that the autosort function is available and to manually search all the places in the gallery made me going crazy :D btw: try to start the very first quest with the first recruit of Helgen Reborn - you have to accompany him to a vamire lair. That's a drastic difficulty increase to draugrs with both Skyrim Revamped mods, so I had to schedule Helgen Reborn for much later and it didn't made sense to think about it before lvl 30-40, which in case of Helgen Reborn was ok for me
  8. The new CR need Blowing in the Wind? I have to add another mod then :D
  9. That's exactely what I like: realism :) But I'm used to Requiem's start and this is really a pain in the ass^^
  10. That's good to know, thanks! I'm just starting a new game and looking forward to it! In the first few minutes with the Relic Hunter start there were not even the attacks of the creatures and animals around the camp so easy to survive :D btw: how do you see the chances that the Morrowloot and Encounter Zones of Skyrim Revamped combo could make it in the next bigger update?
  11. It possibly really was an overclocking issue with the GPU... I've decreased GPU clock a little bit and now the issue isn't repeatable anymore. Thanks for your hints! I'll keep an eye on it
  12. Any ideas what could cause such a phenomenon? https://imgur.com/a/VGoWFZ9 Every time it looks as if all the issues have been solved... :D
  13. Have you tried deactivating mods until CTDs stopped? Try to isolate the mod(s) which is/are causing your CTDs
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