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  1. No Mod Fixers has Worked yet Even if mods work its broken {Example:RadioMod Either 2 songs play on top of each other or the wrong song plays from the wrong channel} So far ive Deleted my data file that dint work and ive reinstalled the game and ive used Bethini program for it not to work
  2. So many Fixes Has not worked i reinstalled or should i delete the files inside
  3. Re-Downloaded my Data File and its back to normal
  4. What my mods List looks now And wats Currently in the game
  5. I think my game is just Broken Cuz i remove alot of my mods and the Deleted mods are Still Existing
  6. I Disabled all my mods in nexus mod manger And i got the Cbbe Bodys the Tie fighter pip boy The Comic reskins and Macho man Death Claw back right now im going to re-enable them all
  7. Take out mod organizer 2 out and its the same
  8. Most of them to notice it isnt working The light saber is invisible and no sound The Blaster is gorn Tie fighter pip boy not their and cbbe Thirs just alot of things not working anymore
  9. They never been unchecked the mods has always been enabled
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