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  1. Curious to hear if it is ENB caused. I'm still experiencing the same issue after multiple new downloads from the Nexus. Are you checking the damage values in xEdit or in game? If you're looking at it in the game menu, and you installed the Armors extension of Know Your Enemy, that's what's causing it. From the mod description:
  2. Hey SirJesto! Thanks for your response. I'm not sure I entirely understood your reply. The meshes we're using are from the individual mods. (aren't they?) In the guide we install the assets from the 4 different collections, but don't install their individual esps. Then install just the merged.esp from the LOTD page. Maybe I'm just being dense about what you mean. If so, sorry about that. Here's what I tried this morning: I disabled everything related to the collections and installed the Merged BSA from the Collections page and left the BSA packed. Same result. Then I tried unpacking the BSAs. No change. Then I disabled the merged BSA and installed just Trophy Heads and it's individual esp. Same result. Tried optimizing the meshes with NIF Optimizer (though it probably wasn't necessary). Came up empty. Follow up suggestions?
  3. I'm having a strange problem with BG's Trophy Heads. I know that this is exclusively a problem on my end, because I haven't found mention of this anywhere else (though I could have just missed it somewhere). But I feel like I've exhausted my options to track down the source of the problem. Here's what the items look like in game: https://imgur.com/sovaKCO What's really strange is that the item displays normally in my inventory: https://imgur.com/HgwXp8y The problem is also not related to the Hall of Secrets displays. The heads in the jars look the same way anywhere outside of my inventory. All of the heads are effected except for the Burned and the Hag. I've already uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled both the BadGremlins Collection and the ESP replacer. This happens on a brand new character. I tested it on it's own (kinda) and just loaded UIExtension, AddItemMenuSE, BGCollection, and Live Another Life. I tried checking in xEdit for conflicts but found none. (But I'm very much a novice in xEdit.) I've also been searching the nexus/Google/etc for something similar but I haven't found any. I'm kinda lost as to what could be causing this. Anyone have ideas?
  4. Hey Brotherofcats, This doesn't really answer your question, but if you're just trying to add items in game I highly recommend the new AddItemMenu mod from the Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17563 You'll also need UIExtensions for AddItemMenu to work. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17561 Dirty Weasle made a YouTube tutorial on it. It's on the AddItemMenu page's video tab. Super easy mod to use, and worked for me dropping it into this build. Also, props to the person that posted about these a couple days ago! Edit: It was Lexy! Props to Lexy!
  5. I'm getting something similar and I narrowed it down to KYE armours, too. The damage values for swords seems to be the only thing affected based on what chest piece you're wearing. Chest / Iron Sword Damage: Fur / 10; Imperial Armor / 4; Light Imperial Armor / 9; Stormcloak Cuirass / 13; I reinstalled KYE without the Armours extension and rebuilt the KYE Merge without the armours esp or the 2 armours patches of Lexy's. The Iron Sword Damage with all above chest armours: 10. Also, for what it's worth, I couldn't find the KYE introduction book at any Blacksmith. (Checked with Alvor and all of the blacksmiths in Whiterun.) I didn't see any posts on the KYE Nexus page about this, and I can't imagine that this is intentional for KYE Armours, right? Why would the amount of damage a weapon deals change so dramatically based on what I'm wearing? (And why so lopsided to the Stormcloaks?) I'm not sure if this is a mod issue or a load order issue, but I don't remember this happening before the last KYE update. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
  6. Lexy, maybe think about adding a notice after the xLODGen section to move A Quality World Map and Better Falskaar Map below the LODGen output in the left pane. By the time someone has gotten to the finishing line section, they'll likely have forgotten about the note to move it.
  7. I was just responding this. LosGrak, make sure you download it manually and not through MO2. I don't know how Nexus handles User files but since you have to install that script manually, is there a way to disable the "download with mod manager" option? Could prevent this in the future.
  8. I also need help clarifying the new Smash / xLODGen. After we've created / activated the new Pre Smash Patch Merged esp and run Smash, do we leave the Pre Smash merge activated? (Along with activating the Smash Patch output.) Also, we might need an Idiot Check or a Notice on the Mators Smash section to not have SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm activated prior to running. I activated the esm and started with LOOT instructions on the Finishing Line Page (having caught up on the rest of this update), finished building the LODGen and deactivated the esm only to have my Smash output flag a missing master.
  9. Hey Lexy, just a heads up. MCM setup page still has instructions to set configure OBIS.
  10. Hi Lexy! Long time lurker. Thanks for your hard work on this guide! It's been really fun (and super addicting) following along. I'm not sure the the DBM_IW patch made it into LOTD Patches Merged. In the Museum Armory, I couldn't display any of the weapons from IW. No IW added weapon racks. And IW weapons added to the storage cabinet didn't display. I downloaded the main (Non-Lexy LOTD) patch and installed just DBM_IW_Patch.esp. Now I have IW added racks and working displays in the Armory. Can anybody else confirm?
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