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  1. so I encountered an odd hiccup I think. the object LOD process seems to have messed up on setting up the LOD textures on one specific surface. These two towers in the water are the same NIF, same form ID item and as you can see from the pic, the model has textures properly, but the LOD of the one on the left (which is just outside of normal render range) has a missing texture on the top. It's only that surface even though the rest of the model has parts that have the same texture which show up just fine. I also had one occurrence where a rock slope mesh had the LOD atlas image loading on the surface of it. Couple those two odd ball things with the occasional rock textures jumping when you change perspective or the weird scrolling textures and I am starting to suspect there maybe is a hiccup in how the LOD for objects is processing? These things don't happen all the time though and usually when I re-run it, it goes away and works fine, but every so often one of these peculiarities seems to occur randomly.
  2. Yeah sorry, disregard I did a dumb and didn't notice that the file had an extra .DDS in the name (The folder had extensions hidden and I didn't notice until just now). It's running fine now, Thanks.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't specific, but I do have that texture in place (and the matching text file I listed the contents from) So even if the content of the texture file and the text file are identical in every regard, they can't simply be copied and renamed, the billboard would have to be re-generated off the copy of the mesh?
  4. So having another issue I can't quite figure out. I have made several custom trees and built their billboards and they all come out looking fine. I however have this one tree which is a harvestable apple tree which uses the same base mesh as another tree I made custom billboards for (which work), but when I copy those files, rename them to match the proper form ID for the apple tree and edit the text file so it points to the correct mesh for the tree, I cannot get it to generate LOD on it at all. It is a TREE base form, but I keep getting this error: I have this is the text file in the LODGen folder: Model size settings are exactly the same as the original tree, just added the harvestable apples nodes to the mesh. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks, but I have a modified noise.dds that Sheson suggested the color scheme for and it works great but I have concerns about packing it because it affects all worldspaces. That'd be like doing an edit to Ulfric's NPC record rather than having scripts do what you need to him; too many potential conflicts. I'm trying to use gama, brightness and contrast settings in place of altering the noise.dds.
  6. Alrighty so one more pass at this :D I have been trying for several days to fiddle with the various settings and so far I have found no way to compensate for the Noise.dds effects which don't totally wash out the LOD landscape textures. Editing the Noise.dds file for testing is fine, but it's not a viable solution really for release since it requires altering a file that is used universally by the vanilla game and other modded worldspaces as well as general landscape mods like Vivid Landscapes, so I am hoping that someone will have some input on how to adjust the settings. I have been fiddling so much I think I've confused myself. Based on Sheson's recommended "starting point" of setting detail of LOD4 to 10 and increase it by 5 for each LOD level beyond that, that would seem that LOD32 is the closest area of LOD which needs higher detail closer to the actual textures? Do I have that understood properly? I've tried fiddling with the gama and brightness and ultimately I don't seem to be coming up with anything that is masking out the horrible noise.dds. This isn't a huge issue over darker textures but I am working with sand in many areas and the result looks like crap no matter what setup I use. The distant sand looks almost like dirt with a little bit of sand in it rather than sand with a little bit of dirt (thanks to noise.dds). So what would folks recommend I try other than editing the DDS? Thanks. Oh wait.... I just realized I got the quality setting reversed; lower = better my bad. I'll fiddle one more pass and see what I get
  7. Ok, looks like noise.dds is just universally applies in runtime... that is really lame lol. So would it be recommended to pack a more appropriate noise.dds file with the mod because frankly the noise file makes everything look like trash. Even the one packed with vivid landscapes (which was the cultprit in my case I had forgotten to turn it off) leaves things looking muddled at best. Success! Also incidentally, the weird texture anomaly of jumping and scrolling went away this last time I ran xLODGen for some reason. Must have been a hiccup.
  8. I also wanted to ask, how adverse of an effect would utilizing the same mesh for LOD as the base object uses? I know you mention the potential for ILS and the fact that it makes outputted files larger, how extensive are these things? I know in the vanilla worldspace it sounds like it would cause a big problem, but in a smaller space with collective island land masses a bit bigger than Solsthiem for instance, would it be as considerable? Also something that may or may not be related but I notice that some of my rock objects have textures which literally will jump up and down on the face of the object when you turn and view them at certain angles and some will even scroll. I've seen this happen a few times even in vanilla. Any idea what the cause of that is? Thanks again.
  9. I'm not actually running xLODGen from MO though, I am running it from my desktop on my core Skyrim installation and like I mentioned, I delete the outputted folders before I re-run it. I manually drag all the outputted files to the MO folder after so I wouldn't think that a dedicate doutput folder would matter would it? Doesn't it just output files to the /meshes and /textures /terrain/Balfiera folder? or are there other output folders? I'll check out the noise file. So I could backup the vanilla one, run xLodGen on my worldspace and then put the old noise file back and it would only affect the new worldspace right?
  10. So here's an updated picture. I cleared all meshes/terrain/balfiera and textures/terrain/balfiera files from my /data folder and my MO test install, re-ran xLODGen and it IS looking better but it all still obviously is either low rez or maybe too dark? I'm not certain. I am not using any custom settings in an ini or anything (as I always seem to forget where that file even is lol)
  11. So picky tells me you already had a chance to look at it and it seems fine on your end? And no, I don't notice any errors when running it This is what he showed me that he (apparently?) got from you?
  12. So I have run xLODGen using the initial settings suggested and this is the result I get: My custom sand textures are not showing up on the LOD (the sand should be continuing up around the shore) and the general LOD seems to not be using the actual cell textures properly (the grass/dirt patches always LOD as a darker mossy patched green grass) The only things that seem to be showing properly are DirtPath01 as my road base and the ocean floor textures. They seem to be rendering just fine in most places. As things load into view the LOD fades out and the texture blending just seems odd to me. Are there specific sizes or compression settings that have to be put on the custom textures to make them show up? And what about the vanilla textures that just seem to be off, any suggestions? I will say this program has been amazing to use. It is so much faster than the CK or Oscape, and despite the hiccups I'm having (probably something I'm missing) the quality is nice.
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