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  1. or Vigor. U cant regen health outside of combat below 90 percent
  2. Asked the mod author tjhm4 his reply below: Thanks for your comments. It's taken me a while to get to the bottom of this and it looks like a quirk of the vanilla game. The tldr; is that the mod is working as intended so everything is fine. However, the oddness with damage values shown on item cards probably cannot be stopped. You could argue its a feature (kinda!) though, as I'll explain below. The longer version: In Skyrim the attack value for weapons shown in the menu is calculated taking the users perks into account, so if you invest in one handed perks that increase damage the menus reflect this increase in your damage by increasing weapon damage values. KYE implements armor effects with a perk that modifies your attack damage depending on what weapon you are using and what armor your target is wearing and this works fine. But when you go into the menu and check your weapons attack value you don't have a target, so who does it choose? Well, it turns out it chooses you! So the listed damage is the weapon damage you would acheive if you attacked yourself. It takes KYEs perk into account in this calculation, so it tells you how much damage you would do to yourself with your weapon and given what armor you are wearing. The drawback of this is if you want to get back to the vanilla style weapon damage values you need to take your armor off before you check weapons (minor irritation). But the plus is that say you want to know how effective your weapons will be against that irritating bandit chief wearing some steel plate armor. Well, if you can find a set yourself, you can put it on and now all your weapons' damage values will tell you how good those weapons are against any given enemy. If like you can study your own armor sets, which is kinda neat in my opinion. However, irritatingly, the same is not true for magic - although KYE allows armor to affect magic damage, this is not reflected in the menus. Oh well! Let me know if you have any questions. I should add something about this to the main mod page.
  3. What i meant was, the original damage values for the weapons which is correct for MLU: Glass sword: 24 Glass War Axe: 25 somewhere along the way in the game changed into (no perks on character) Glass sword: 12 Glass War Axe: 31 Anyway, i found the culprit, the value change happens when i put on chest armor (glass armor in this case), it reverts to its original value when i take it off. It happens for all kinds of weapons. Perhaps something is up with the new KYE armors, seems like the damage reduction traits of different armors against different weapons got applied to my weapon damage instead somehow(glass armor reduces sword damage taken x0.5, and increases axe damage taken x1.25) Or did i mess up something in the load order?
  4. Strange issue with the latest build followed to the teeth: in game the damage values for one handed swords become lower, and values for one handed axes/ maces become higher after some time. The values were correct at first, and suddenly drops as i play through (glass sword and glass war axe were 25 and 26 respectively with MLU, becomes 12 and 31 after sometime) This happened on a fresh level 1 character with no perks, when i spawn weapons through the console after that, the value for all swords are lower than normal and axes of all types were higher. Exiting game and reloading doesnt correct it.
  5. Lexy thanks for the response. Just to clarify: even if i update mods which the great equalizer, zpatch, presmash and smash enabled as masters, there is generally no need to rebuild them as long as my load order remains the same?
  6. Hey sorry, stupid question, quite new to modding still. Due to the speed of the updates in the guide, any rule of thumb of under what circumstances should I need to rebuild The great equalizer.esp zpatch Pre smash and smash patch Xlodgen and dyndolod For dyndolod, do I have to run texgen again each time I rebuild it? Thanks again for the beautiful guide
  7. Anyone getting a strange glitch where every few hours of gameplay, save games will fail to load and modded dialogue options and NPCs will fail to work, and when you try to load a game your save games will display SAVE CORRUPT. It is completely resolved by quitting to desktop and restarting skyrim. But it will happen again in a few hours. Not a big deal but wondering what's the cause for this
  8. Hey! Nope... Tried loading it without bashed and z patch with all plugins enabled, doesnt work too... Seems like as long as i included the retexture CR the game doesnt load past dragon logo. Playing without it for now..
  9. Hmm doesnt work, the Retexture CR esp gets merged into the Bash Patch, still getting infinite load at dragon logo. Any other ideas?
  10. Hey! Thanks for this beautiful guide. I have been lurking and following the guide to the teeth for the past couple of months and it works beautifully. However after the last round of updates following LOTD 4.0 my find my game being stuck infinitely at the dragon logo on startup, before main menu appears. I found out the culprit was "NPC Retextures- Conflict Resolution", i didnt not have this CR installed before the 4.0 update, and the game works fine currently if i remove it. Any ideas on what could be the problem?
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