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  1. Ignore everything italic here, but for the sake of info for other people that are having this issue i must have updated papyrusutil wrongly with nmm (reinstalling it again after updating 3.4b to 3.6 did the trick) what i did wrong, downloaded 3.6 with nmm, installed that, asking to upgrade or overwrite older files reinstalling it a second time fixed it. thanks you Sheson, great help as always 1: Skse is running (tested with getskseverion) i do not get a message from dyndolod that it requires skse 2: papyrusutill (i enabled loggin) so i guess that works, and i get a bunch of errors regarding dyndolod 3a: i installed the dyndolod resources 2.36 and checked files with my skyrim backup = ok / 3b: (previous papyrus was 3.4b, updated to 3.6(required for new skse)) do i need to regenerate JSon files for new papyrus? and if so, is that done by generating new output? :s but all the files that were working with previous skse and papyrus are there in the plugins 4: i get the message couldn't find master... in none.json
  2. and of course papyrus util was updated also, as it was required
  3. I'm having the same issue, i tried to update dyndolod to 2.44, which failed so i uninstalled those and reinstalled the 2.36 with correct resources and same generation output I already tried A: and tried a new save game i did update skse( could that have something to do with it?)
  4. Is there is a way without generating NEW output (hence using my old dyndolod.output and texgen.output) and creating new esm / esp files for 2.44? Cheers!
  5. ok that clears things up, however, No, that is why they are the defaults. that answer got me a bit confused the defaults in texgen are bc1 alpha diffuse and normal bc3 for specular and bc1 for normal "unchanged" in this case are the source files that texgen uses, so the modtextures or any other that i have installed.. what i meant with, would it be better to choose unchanged in this case? because i have no idea if a certain mod has maybe RGB or bc3(dxt5) used by example
  6. HI, I havn't found much info about Texgen Lod texture output formats Diffuse Alpha / Diffuse Normal Specular / Normal When do i chance to by example BC1/2/3 or unchanged? If i create a texgen output, and use certain mods, do i need to consider stuff? if i pick unchanged, will i have issues with certain textures? because texgen needs to overwrite textures from certain mods, will i lose certain effects?
  7. Thank you! and thank you for your excellent work on this mod!
  8. Hi, i have succesfully created the outputs and installed these via nmm, the gameworld looks stunning already, However in the skyUI dyndolod active box is *unchecked* I have read in this post this is because i forgot the generate dyndolod? If this is correct, can I update dyndolod with this "generate dyndolod" without having to remove the existing output? if this is not correct, if you will provide me with how to activate dyndolod. thanks in advance
  9. it appeared it was skyrim 3D trees that caused the long compiling.. but your words helped me understand more, thanks for that
  10. I have very little experience with dyndolod, but i followed B.O.S.S a total overhaul guide, also Wazalang ultimate trees dyndolod, i already know you don't give support on 3rd party guides.. but whatever i do with dyndolod for tamriel, the filesize exceeds 20gig... whatever quality setting i choose, i only selected trees mod in nexus mod manager, so it wouldn't load all plugins.. i use a selection of different tree meshes and correct textures, have billboards for all of these trees in sse... and everytime i generate lod for worldspace tamriel, it takes minimum of 5 hours to complete. causing skyrim se to infinite load on exteriors cells.. i used treelod=0 and treefallback=1 although i'm overwhelmed by the dyndolod manual, which makes everything very complicated, guess i don't understand it very well, but i followed the guides of the successes very closely multiple times, and there are thousands of persons who succeeded, except me.. any idea or info you can give me? help is greatly appreciated. THx
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