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  1. THIS. This was my problem. I needed to add the argument -SSE to both DynDoLOD and the texture generator within MO2's target exectuable menu. Thank you.
  2. In several places I have seen references to creating shortcuts with specific arguments and I'm wondering if this may be the step I'm missing. The documentation on this tool seems to be rather vague, at least for a lay-person like myself. I've read the funtastic manual but still have not a clue. Do I need to create a shortcut or add an argument somewhere in order to define the correct game? If so how do I do so?
  3. I am playing SSE on a Win7 machine. I am using MO2 to organize my mods. I am using DynDOLOD standalone version 2.42.7 and DynDOLOD Resourses SE version 2.41.7. I have pointed MO2 to both of the x64 versions of the executables which I then run through MO2. I have installed PapyrusUtil SE. I have generated DynDoLOD textures with TexGenx64, converted the created texture folder into an archive and installed it via MO2. Yet I keep running into the message: "Can not find DynDOLOD Resources core files required to create improved LOD" and I am, at this point, at a loss. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Aye, my installation of MO may need to be scrapped. I made a mistake at some point that put it into FO4 instead of just the D drive and by the time I caught it, MO was already managing quite a few mods. It's probably fairly straightforward to simply move everything around and tell the different apps where the various paths are but.... err... I'm not knowledgable enough to be entirely confident and, as of this moment, MO2 is managing three games that I have active saves in. So I'm procrastinating. As for the tmp typos I'm sure that I just did that. I'll move them to the D drive tomorrow. (C is an SSD that I >try< to reserve for my OS in order to save it from some wear and tear). Once again, Dragonborn, thank you for the helpful advice and attention. Cheers
  5. Oh, that may have been the problem. I think I assumed that it would just be created. I shall test and return. Thanks, Dragonborn.
  6. I suspect I am that someone. I have MO2 installed. WB is configured to be started from within MO. It seems to run fine.... but won't actually complete the bashed patch. I did notice that it seemed to be trying to write to the game's actual data folder instead of outputting to the overwrite folder. In my thread Akatosh suggested that I needed to make sure my temp and tmp directories were on the same drive as MO and WB. I tried that... and broke the universe. None of my apps know where their data is. So I may need to go google-fu that particular headache before I can continue. But I, too, am around and trying to get these tools to work together. PS - I'm not sure that I attached these files correctly. O.o I suppose we'll see... ModOrganizer.ini mo_interface.log.txt usvfs-2018-05-24_01-12-49.log.txt
  7. Akatosh? The Old Smaug Himself?! :D (Apologies, I'm nearly fifty years old, have been a fan of TES since Morrowind... and I do believe that I am having... is this a fanboy moment? lol I think it is. Okay. I'll stop now. :P ) Right. So. In any case; thank you both for your replies and attention. Edorion I will check out that thread shortly. Akatosh, I changed the targets for both Environmental Variables (Temp and Tmp) Then I restarted my machine... and then all my applications said "DUNG! Where's our stuff?!" Do I have to copy or cut and paste from the old folder to the new? Or are there more steps that I should really learn about before making changes? - My apologies if these are fundamental questions. I've been a machinist mate in the USN and then a carpenter for much of my adult life. I'm afraid the realms of modern software are essentially foreign lands to me. In any case, cheers and thanks again. :D
  8. Thanks for the reply, Edorian. SSEedit runs just fine through my MO2 client. I've created any number of Patches with it and use it regularly for conflict resolution, etc. Bash "runs" just fine from within MO2... it just won't finish creating the Bashed Patch and seems to be trying to work with game's actual data folder instead of MO2's virtual data folder. I'm not an expert on either tool so I'm here. As far as "checking out your thread"... I don't have a clue, mate. I've no idea what you're talking about. Got a link? In any case, Cheers
  9. I just realized that Bash added the patch to the (real) data folder but it was empty without any masters. Soo.... I don't know what it's doing.
  10. Sorry for my absence. I'm not sure what exactly you are doing but this should actually be fairly straight forward. The file in your overwrite folder is it's own mod, correct? You've created something new? A NEW *.esp that will be added to your load order? If that is the case then use WinRar or 7zip (or w/e) to create an archive out of that new esp you created. Call it w/e you want. Then just drag and drop that new archive directly into MO2's DOWNLOAD tab. Install it as normal. Sort and organize it's load order and priority, etc. Then delete everything in your overwrite folder. As for the error you are/were getting, I still do not understand why XEdit is looking for the game's actual data folder. I can speculate but every theory involves using your tools incorrectly. In any case, I do hope your problem has been resolved and am more than willing to offer more late semi-useless advice in the future. ;) Cheers
  11. Every time I try (re)building a Bashed Patch Wrye Bash becomes unresponsive and never actually creates the patch. I have bash installed within steamapps/common/skyrimse/mopy. I have added the executable to MO2. It seems to run fine... until I actually try creating that patch. As of this moment Bash is still "working" on the patch... just as it has been for the better part of the last hour. So does anyone know if I've done something wrong? What do I do to make this patch? Thanks ahead of time. Cheers
  12. Apologies for my impatience. I found the solution. Both MCM and Place Everywhere also needed to be updated for the latest game version.
  13. So... nobody knows why MO2 is looking for the wrong game version after an update or how to make it smart again? Really? Nobody at all?
  14. To be clear, you removed the new *.esp from the overwrite folder, made a new archive which you then imported to and installed within MO2? Also does that new *.esp exist within the official data folder? Are you running FO4Edit through MO2? If so why would FO4 be looking at the actual data folder at all?
  15. I just allowed steam to update FO4 to version 1.10.82. I then installed the newest binaries for f4se. Then I went through MO2 and reconfigured the paths to the new executables. Launching the game directly with the f4se_loader.exe works fine... except none of my mods are installed. Launching f4se through MO2 results in MO telling me that it was expecting 1.10.62 and is getting 1.10.82 and it doesn't know what to do with it. So can anyone tell me how to tell MO2 to use the right program... ideally before I lose my mind and throw something heavy through a window? Thanks.
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