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  1. She also said she couldn't get to the bed in the cell of Alternate start, also helpful just to walk/run/ride around at night. Plus if she has no issues running in dungeons with a torch, I don't see the difference with using quick light... As per the sneaking into enemies in dungeons, that's what Night Eye is for (even if not all ENBs support it).
  2. You know we have Quick Light right? Just pressing "E" a couple seconds will bring you a nice lantern, handy in dark areas :P
  3. I never understood cyberbullying being it from the pov of the bully or the victim. From the bully and don't see the satisfaction of just trashing another human being. From the victim, I don't get why they get so emotional when there are so many tools to ignore/blacklist/avoid this... But to each their sensitivities. From her Nexus profile she put that she is 30 and have Autistic, Bipolar, ADD, OCD, and Anxiety. So yeah I guess that might help having a lower threshold tolerance to Internet toxicity. I do not follow Nexus drama so I am not really aware of why people were so mean, but I do wish her all the best and maybe come back when she feels better.
  4. Fool! You signed up for a never-ending cycle of updates and reinstalls... mouahahahahahaha
  5. Yeah this guide is tough at lower levels, but that's what is fun, you do really feel a sense of progression in the character strength. For the wolves behavior, it depends. If it was one on one, they should get scared after taking some damage, leave and come back a bit later. But if it was a pack, they wont bother as long as they have numerical advantage.
  6. As I just got to this part, any reason not to use the latest version of XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended? I don't remember seeing a discussion about it.
  7. @OCDCoder 1. Sorry can't help with that one. 2. When the guide started MO2 BSA extraction was not working properly so we were doing it manually using Bethesda Archive Extractor. It would extract all the files but we had to go and delete the ba2 file manually after the extraction. With latest version of MO2 it works fine and it deletes the ba2 automatically after extraction. 3. You can not use a Core mod, but you will have to check for any edits in the Conflict Resolution file. There is a section at the very bottom of the guide in the troubleshooting part called Wyre Bash Create Dummies. 4. Really depends on the mods. Some authors recommend using a new save, others give instruction on how to properly update with a current save, difficult to say. But as the guide is in beta stage, you should expect no to get attached to a save game. I was doing also the empty mod thing for the sections, this time I changed into having all the mods categories match the section.
  8. This is mainly because Bethesda updates break SKSE, but it has already been patched to latest version so yeah you can update if you want.
  9. Lexy I believe you gave us authorization to edit the guide when we found minor mistakes, so as I am reinstalling the guide from scratch I noticed two that I edited: - Undiscovered Means Unknown in the fomod options last line is map instead of compass. - Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul in the fomod options changed USLEEP to USSEP. Hope it is OK.
  10. Same here, I tried full at first then I found Ichigo Kurosaki's sword and I said ... nope. That's why I have lore purist as well fore the creatures and dragons... After seeing the goblins and the rhino of Whiterun... nope.
  11. Sorry, this is what I meant when I said I was tweaking UUNP I tried all meshes versions and the waylanders patch but I did not see any differences. So that's why I am doing my own mesh change and patch. I was thinking about bodyslide, only used it in Fallout4 though. I really have a problem with the Iron and Steel armors breasts that look huge and "naked with nipples"... Here an example of what I did to remove the skimpy...
  12. Hey guys, couple questions about some stuff I don't get. 1- What is the purpose of this mod? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16737 In this guide is it the same that is done by the script hishy-npc-enchant-fix when we do the zEdit part? 2- We don't have it in this guide, but I have been tweaking with UUNP. Really love what was done to a lot of armours, but I am doing a "patch" removing all the robes, the masks/gorgets and the armours of blades, companions and imperials which I wasn't found of. I did some work on the NIF files as well adding leggings or body suits to the more slutty ones, looks good except for one thing, some of the armours have huge melons instead of breasts. I noticed that most of the armours have two versions, for example cuirass1_0 and cuirass1_1. The x_1 being the one with one with the fruity parts while x_0 is much more natural. However in the esp all armours are linked to the x_1. So why is there so much files x_0? Is it a question of weight and the game will automatically use the x_0 if you have a frail body?
  13. Has anyone tried this Book of UUNP mod? Some of the armors look actually quite nice without being too slutty as most armor mods do.
  14. Got the same issue but with Miscellaneous Merged as I updated A Closer Look. So yeah, don't panic if you see the master missing after updating some files, just check if it is part of a merge and redo it.
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