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  1. I haven't been keeping up with the updates to your guide now for a while due to various reasons. While it was fairly easy to do them step by step, it seems more prudent now to do a full reinstall. Since I'm in no rush, do you think it might make more sense to wait til the release of V5 of Legacy before I jump back into the modding madness? ;)
  2. Yeah, I just figured it out. The instructions on the guide don't list to add those two patchers yet. That's what I was missing.
  3. Hmm, I have the opposite issue... I can't find those two esps for the merge after updating to YOT 2.5. I just checked the installer file - there are no LOTD and Gray Fox esps included (anymore?).
  4. Hmmm. I just went to the Books of Skyrim store for the first time, since I usually prefer to hunt for the books myself during my playthroughs. While the house and everything else seems to work fine, I get no interaction with the vendor lady. Supposedly I should be able to interact with her nad her "shop"? Any ideas why that could not work for me?
  5. Hi Lexy, for the past few weeks SSSO was pretty stable for me. The only problem I had was when I used the rotating save system. That simply didn't work. But if I used the unlimited new save settings, it worked like a charm.
  6. Nevermind, I didn't see it in the update section first, rather thought it would be in the removed section.
  7. Hi Lexy, I assume we should uninstall the Typo Patch for Convenient horses as well?
  8. Or you could just give yourself the note of the cultists via console (without their attack), which should also trigger teh quest for you. That's what I did. Just make sure you do it still in Skyrim, so everything starts correctly.
  9. After regularly having problems with Dragonborn, I tried the Miraak quest in Apocrypha again yesterday. Usually I got the bug when he becomes unkillable in the middle pool when supposedly killing one of the dragons and stealing his soul. Funnily this time it worked, though with another quirk. He only killed Salonikhir (is that correct?) and died/was killed by H.M. before he killed the other two. Which lead to a new bug that I couldn't use the book because the other two dragons were still circling as enemies above. (after using bend will shout on them and then killing them myself, the book worked as advertised). Unfortunately though, Miraak had virtually no "Miraak loot" on him. I noticed similar missing loot with the mask missing on one of th dragon priests in the Skall village quest with the researcher and a few other times. Is that a LotD problem? As I mentioned before, I have also repeatable problems with the sorting function, that certain fossils or weapons are not put on the shelves in the museum automatically.
  10. Thanx. I also noticed that there's no more reference to remove the Particle Shaders from Smashed Patch. Is that on purpose from now on?
  11. QUick Q on HQ Paper: Are you removing it only because it's not available anymore or have there been problems with it? Meaning: Can I keep it if I have it already installed?
  12. Hi Lexy, have you considered this mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22506). I t sounds pretty immersive to me if it doesn't add too many conflicts.
  13. I guess I didn't make my point well enough. I was just wondering that I had those two esps aactivated and couldn't find them in the link you provided. I guess I was just confused if I did something wrong, forgot to merge them, or somethin like that. Thank you for bearing with me.
  14. Hi Lexy, I hate to be a stickler on this, but I can neither find "JRMoonpathtoElsweyrPatch.esp" from teh Unofficial Moonpath Patch and "JRMoonpathBrumaPatch.esp" from Bruma Moonpath Synergy Patch in your modlist. They are both not being merged into my bashed patch and they are not included in any merges from your guide. I always let LOOT do its thing as usual and everything went smoothly so far, just haven't found the time to test the setup in game so far.
  15. Hi Lexy, I noticed that the main "Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp" is not in your modlist. Is that by mistake? Cause as far as I could find, we're not supposed to merge it. Also, I couldn't find the esps for "Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch" and "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch" in neither your modlist nor the merges, yet they are still listed in the main guide.
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