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  1. So I haven't updated my EXE or SKSE, or mods that require SKSE. I haven't updated DynDOLOD. I just ran DynDOLOD for the first time, finishing up my load order today. It took 5 hours for DynDOLOD to fully complete. The main app finished ages ago, but there were multiple cmd line windows still generating levels. My PC specs aren't equivalent to a toaster, either. i7-6700k, 32GB 2400mhz RAM, GTX 1080 FTW2... why on earth would it take so long?
  2. Pretty sure that unless it was recently updated, Dawn of Skyrim (any version) is still incompatible with ICAIO. I'm not sure to what extent. I know JK just has minor pathing issues, Dawn of Skyrim is probably similar.
  3. Thanks for quick updates to the guide. I'll probably wait until PapyrusUtils updates before updating my EXE and SKSE64, but I added the new texture mods that were added. Love the Riften one, was desperately looking for something that redid the leaves on the ground out there while still looking good, lol. The Riften Leaves HD mod wasn't doing it for me. When making the Bash Patch, can we remove the .esps of files it disables to make more room, or do they need to be left in the list and remain disabled?
  4. Strange! I put it right after Ruins Clutter Improved in the "general world improvement" section and it shows in game just fine. The treethicket01 sticks out like a sore thumb though. The models are nice, the textures LOOK nice but some are too bright for the brownish landscapes. Am looking for alternatives that address misc plant textures that blend well with the current textures of this pack. EEKs Renthal Flora Collection is pretty decent, but doesn't add 3D meshes, so misc plants will still look flat. I even tried SFO with everything stripped out of it except ground plant retextures... but it still didn't touch the ugly thicket plants. So far, EEKs Renthal Flora Collection seems to blend in the best, color-wise. If 3D Plants ever comes out with a desaturated alternative, it would probably be the best, but I also haven't looked through old Skyrim mods to see if there's anything that fits that can be brought over. Also, with Serious HD Retexture being a shiny dirt offender, I've disabled it and added HD Ground Textures instead. So far I am enjoying it, although I'm sure that it would be just fine if I simply disabled Serious HD Retexture and let Noble take over.
  5. Hello, Was the shiny dirt texture issue ever addressed? I tried searching the thread, but never found a solution. My dirt is very shiny, I think it is from Serious HD Retexture and am not sure how to fix because I don't know what alphas or levels are, lol. Also, have you seen Skyrim 3D Trees' additional mod, Skyrim 3D Plants? Sometimes the colors might make things look out of place, but it does a really good job of addressing the old, crappy plants and saplings hanging around.
  6. I would be very surprised if it's not an error on my part, honestly. Thank you for the hope, though. :) Thanks, you're probably right. I'll uninstall and try again, at least I won't have to re-download mods. That's what took the longest. It's hard to test when you start getting through the guide past 255 plugins.
  7. Thank you for responding. It does not show there are any missing masters in MO2 and LOOT is not reporting any errors, so I am very stumped. :(
  8. Followed the guide, have gotten up to the point of starting it up to set MCM settings, but the game seems to crash before it even starts when trying to run via SKSE on MO2. I've spent the last week downloading mods and following the guide, I am tired and sad. Currently reorganizing modlist and plugins according to order on the guide's modwatch page but can anyone see any glaring issues why I wouldn't be able to load literally at all? (Which BTW, I did set the LOOT rules for the required plugins in the instructions and it didn't sort it anywhere remotely close to what Lexy's modwatch looks like. I've got a little less than half of it currently reordered.) https://modwat.ch/u/penguinsane/modlist Reorganizing is going to take me at least a day or two because there's 400+ mods and I can't sit and do it in one fell swoop. Sorry for the trouble if something is super obvious and I've missed it. I've been messing with this mod list for too long and things are starting to run together. I am only an intermediate modder, so I've probably screwed up something major somewhere... I really wish the modding community supported generalized modpacks that were easier to install, lol.
  9. edit: posted this in the LE topic when I should have posted in SSE, sorry
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