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  1. https://pastebin.com/S4SApxCH Bugreport.txt https://pastebin.com/hcHwjEUv DynDOLOD_Enderal_log.txt
  2. [00:02:05.184] Exception in unit userscript line 331: One or more errors occurred [00:02:05.184] [00:02:05.184] Check log lines above the exception for additional hints. Check the FAQ and search official forum http://forum.step-project.com/forum/101-shesons-dyndolod-support/ for those errors. [00:02:05.184] [00:02:05.184] If problem persists, post error report with entire contents (not just the last couple lines) of ..\DynDOLOD\bugreport.txt and ..\DynDOLOD\logs\DynDOLOD_Enderal_log.txt to official forum http://forum.step-project.com/forum/101-shesons-dyndolod-support/ [00:02:05.185] Error: One or more errors occurred That's the last line before it stops working: [00:02:04.826] Creating atlas textures C:\Users\David\Desktop\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_Output\Textures\DynDOLOD\LOD\DynDOLOD_Vyn.dds from 132 textures
  3. When trying to generate LOD for Enderal, there's always "Exception in unit userscript line 331". Tried running it through MO and without any mod organizer. Any idea what could be the cause?
  4. There's a small issue with the world map of Tamriel. LOD water disappears and reappears in certain situations. I only created terrain meshes, quality 0 for all levels and optimize unseen 100 for all levels. When generating the meshes, only USSEP and SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm were active. https://imgur.com/a/dC6yNIo Areas around Solitude and Morthal are missing LOD water when looking from a certain angle. Which value for optimize unseen would you suggest? I'm unsure what benefits or disadvantages higher or lower values bring.
  5. I misunderstood you. No, the plugin name wasn't changed, but there were quite a few updates recently. JKs Skyrim.esp;00023952;RTSouthGate01JKs Skyrim.esp;00023951;RTWall03OuterJKs Skyrim.esp;00000DB3;RTWall05InnerJKs Skyrim.esp;000084D8;WHMarket01 These are the lines that were previously missed.
  6. Sorry, I completely forgot to mention that this is regarding Skyrim SE, but the same issue could be present in Oldrim. I'll send you the lines as soon as I'll do it. Thanks for the clarification on the second part. Is there something that can be done about the Windhelm braziers? It's not to bad if not, since your never really close to them anyway (I just noticed it while tfcing to find more LOD objects outside the city walls).
  7. On another note: I have trouble finding information what the flags "Is Full LoD" and "Visible when distant" actually do. I'd like to make the custom ship (which is missing a low poly LOD model) located in Dawnstar from JK's Skyrim visible from far away. Thus I gave it the "Is Full LoD" flag, expecting it to be integrated into the object LOD, but that wasn't the case. FormIDs of the ship's parts are 001c14 and 001c15, model names are ImperialShip01Base.nif and ImperialShip01Masts.nif.
  8. I got an issue when creating LOD for JK's Skyrim. Some LOD references are placed outside of the city walls for Riften and Windhelm. https://imgur.com/a/94PaUM4 (exemplery screenshot) I'm unsure wether or not it's caused by DynDOLOD or by JK's Skyrim itself. Affected are the following references from JK's Skyrim: 000d3b, 023951, 023952 (Riften); 0084d8 (Windhelm). https://imgur.com/a/00QhK7i (a screenshot highlighting the affected references by DynDOLOD). You can disable these references in the plugin, which fixes the issue but doesn't actually solve the underlying problem. Another thing I noticed is that the Windhelm braziers are floating, because there is no LOD object for the stone piles they are placed on. https://imgur.com/a/51kuvjt
  9. Got an odd issue with the terrain meshes for DLC1HunterHQWorld and the DLC01FalmerValley, but the comment will only refer to the former. LOD water will show up in conjunction with the fully loaded water even when being very close, causing flickering. I don't think that is related to slowly loading terrain, as the terrain textures are correctly disappearing. I tried recreating the meshes with various options (optimize unseen on/off, protect borders on/off, quality settings from 0 to 10 for all LOD levels), but couldn't prevent the issue. There is only a very small spot with water in the DLC1HunterHQWorld (corresponding terrain mesh is dlc1hunterhqworld.4.-1.-5.btr). The issue is reproducable, i. e. the flickering will disappear when the created terrain meshes aren't present and vice versa.
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