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  1. ...and I know that a peformence ENB like Project ENB will make the cell loading even worse. Why? Why? Why? Slow CPU/RAM speed? Game engine @ maximum? ENB to blame? Runs fine without DynDOLOD on a HDD in such areas? ...and people talk about I/O problems on this forum makes me smile....L M A O I doubt that YOU really know how LODs, your Mod and hardware and this game engine works. ;) Unfortunately NOT. PERIOD.
  2. This is NOT true. There are many people like me with the same problem and same "solution/fix". Most of them play Skyrim SE or using low textures and DynDOLOD on low/mid settings. Once again, I'm not using fTreeLoadDistance=1000000. THE GAME RUNS FINE without DynDOLOD if I install it it RUNS FINE but NOT in the known areas like Whiterun or Falkreach which are CPU/RAM killer areas. I'm disappointed to read such comments which makes NO sense to blame other peoples "mistakes". You rather should update your manual! ;) btw. It's still "funny" to see that some people think that cell loading stuttering is caused by a HDD...
  3. The memory slow down is not going to happen if u use more than 3.5 GB Ram but by resolution, GPU A N D VRAM usage. I didn't had any problems with more than 3650GB VRAM usage. U should update your hardware sites! ;) All mainstream hardware sites are full of trolls (morons) in some way. E.G. Liquid metal..... :D
  4. Hmm....thanks but this is unfortunately no solution for me because I can't play without high res textures or DyDOLOD @ medium or high settings. To me it is very clear that DynDOLOD is not playable with Oldrim due engine error OR "slow" CPU AND RAM speed! Any progammer (retired :) can feel EVERY FPS or ping in any game so I tried some tests with 5Ghz CPU speed and some different RAM speeds (1333Mhz -> 2400Mhz) on the road from Falkreach lake to Helgen and u can feel the difference in cell loading with different CPU/RAM clocks. If you try Skyrim Vanilla on a RAM disk with optimized Vanilla textures (Skyrim = 8,43GB) u get the SAME stuttering when you just use fTreeLoadDistance=1000000. Well, it might work with 1K textures and SOME texture mods but not EVERYTHING. That's why I'm so MAD about those things. No difference with some crap SSD and HDD? I did NOTHING wrong. DynDOLOD is much too demanding for old Skyrim 32bit but will run butter smooth on (ugly) Skyrim SE. :( I'm almost sure that this stuttering is caused by "slow" CPU/RAM speed and will run much better/smoother if you got a 7GHz Intel Quad and 5000MHz DDR3 with some crazy ENB settings. ;)
  5. Guys, I'm not stupid and rude, honestly! I donated to you guys to make things better but I got the same problems like this guy: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/7517-microstuttering-in-3rd-person-runninghorseback-riding-on-good-rig/page-5 My system runs easly without DynDOLOD (no cell stuttering) buttersmooth except for the CPU/RAM limiting areas. Intel 3570K @ 4,7Ghz ~ 1.2Volts. GTX 970 @ 1,5/4Ghz 8GB DDR3 2400MHz CL 10-12-12-30 1T Windows 7 64 Bit I know A LOT about Hardware like this guy with THE SAME problem. Solution? Uninstalling Skyrim :) ? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE when you use a HDD or SSD for cell loading. Why? :)
  6. Sorry for being kinda rude and off topic but I'm going to tell you that hard drive technology in Skyrim does NOT matter except for loading times (NO cell loading). To be honest. I'm pretty disappointed by Sheson, DynDOLOD for old Skyrim and many...FAR TOO MANY retarded kids who upload A LOT OF "stunning" - "breathtaking" Videos with ENB blablabla and STILL MAD that I can't play Sheson's EPIC mod DynDOLOD. *CRY :(* It is NOT PLAYABLE with steady 60FPS with old Skyrim. I wasted countless hours, weeks, month with trying mods etc. just to find out that I got kinda fooled by dishonest people.....AGAIN. I'm really MAD about those people, Nexus and the rest of the so called "cool communtiy". WHY ARE NOT HONEST THAT DynDOLOD is NOT PLAYABLE with steady 60FPS (engine error -.-)? E.G.: Have a look at this "Skyrim Ultimate Modding Guide" and all his STUPID - USELESS Videos. They seem to run fine, but of course it is not possible to play Skyrim with DynDOLOD @ steady 60FPS. Well, I understand that some people are living in a poor ****ed up world like everyone else and try to make money with other peoples work (mods) but PLEASE try AT LEAST BEING HONEST. Thank you! btw. Still MANY people don't know that Skyrim is one of the most hardware killer games TODAY! Just look at the DDR RAM, CPU performence. Do we have to wait for a 7GHz Intel CPU and 8000Mhz DDR3 RAM speed blabla hardware to play this game without stuttering? OFC NOT. Thanks for an EPIC unplayable mod! HONESTLY! ;) btw2. Have a look a all this stupid fools who believe that liquid metall under a CPU will not dry up/oxidise. :) Happy repasting and cell loading! I'm gonna explode now.... *cry* NO DynDOLOD = NO Skyrim (old). Peace out!
  7. Seems like this is a problem that CAN'T be fixed (engine issue). I'm using 2k and some 4k textures, DynDOLOD medium, fTreeLoadDistance=50000. The most areas are stutter free but the FPS goes down when crossing boarders (60FPS -> 50FPS). Some borders make the game freeze for less than a second especially Falkreach with its lake and river also the road to Helgen gives you some sort of lags. The game is installed on a Corsair Force 3 F60GB ("old" SSD, 2011) and it's sad to see other people with much faster SSD's getting the same result. I tried Skyrim Vanilla with optimized Vanilla textures (Skyrim = 8,43GB) and fTreeLoadDistance=1000000 = horrible stuttering in Falkreach. Would be nice if someone can share his results with a modded Skyrim + DynDOLOD on RAM disk + DDR4 or DDR3 at VERY HIGH clocks, +2400MHz and fast RAM timings! I wouldn't be suprised if the game keeps stuttering like on a fast SSD.
  8. I'm such an idiot. I thought that my GTX 970, textures, meshes is causing that VERY STRONG flickering since I've didn't read that "Guide: Z-Fighting" on step project. The "funny thing" is that I got the same "best looking performence results" for [Terrainmanager] in Skyrim.prefs.ini. :) Take a look for sure and read CAREFULLY the guide! Well, I've used "EDGE AA" in ENB instead of ANY other AA mode. That drove me insane...listen! Before I've used a AMD 7950 and "EDGE AA" fixed all my flickering problems!!! -.- Now I can see the grass in far distant MUCH BETTER and fences, trees almost EVERYTHING stopped flickering by using "TemporalAA". Supersampling is overkill but looks just fantastic! ;) DO NOT USE "EDGE AA" if you got a nVidia graphics card ?!?!?!
  9. This game is totally crap! This game is the like the devil himself. This game will getting worse with every level up. This game and mountain flickering is nothing but EVIL which is caused BY MANY FAR TOO MANY THINGS (Mods, Fog, Clouds, ENB, Moving Speed etc.) This game called Skyrim (Oldrim) is the crap like Oblivion and Fallout3 (Game Byro Emgine). This game does not getting a improvement by a SSD (cell loading) which is simply a mythos and connected to you level anyway. This game is crap.
  10. Sheason said: Use Medium preset. Use Billboards for LOD4 insead of 3D tree LOD Skyim can run without loading stutter. I find it best to set ReservedMemoryMB to any value with the mouse rotator thingy while using cursor keys to move to find the sweet spot. Test with CrashFixes UseOsAllocators=1. Use BethINIs. Best to find a recent guide for best performance for whatever OS you are using. This fixed all my stutter problems. Don't forget to set fTreeLoadDistance=50000.0000 ins Skyrim.prefs and happy cell loading while RUNNING! ;) THANK YOU! :)
  11. This fixed all my stutter problems even with a HDD! :) You guys should fix the "Post Edit Function" aswell. Hope the little donation will help. Keep up the great work especially Sheason, Step Project and Gamer Poets! THANK YOU! :)
  12. Sounds more than weird dude! Here's another weird story which I CAN'T EXPLAIN AT ALL!!! My HDD's and SSD are sometimes REALLY fast. E.G. my 500GB HDD is sometimes much FASTER like normal (30MB/sec. vs. 100MB/sec., copy -> paste a file on that HDD) I can't explain this bug and it happened to me like 3 times in 4 years AND just DISAPPEARED!!! I also do not understand how an old USB2 HDD can be "HYPER" fast. E.G. a friend of mine got a very fast HDD setup and loaded in less than a minute a 20GB video file on my "crap old" USB2 HDD with more than 200MB/sec.. I just don't get it! PC hardware got his own life! That's for sure! NO JOKE!
  13. If your Vanilla Oldrim stutters on ultra settings then your PC is a potatoe, cos' everyone else can play Vanilla Skyrim butter smooth (I'm sure you know that). Skyrim SSE looks much too ugly without parallax and many other stunning graphic features. Looks nothing but **** compared to modded Oldrim. Maybe I'm going to switch to darker lighting which makes the game much different (sneaking etc.). I've always used to run through Skyrim form A to B, now I can't run anymore in some areas which is kinda good, 'coz I really like EPIC graphic mods, textures, parallax and so on. Enjoy! :) btw. interessting to know that a mouse causes stutter. I never used a wireless mouse or keyboard.
  14. Thank you very much Sheson! I don't have any Vram issues even if I'm using more than 3,65GB VRAM with my GTX 970. Vram usage is mostly under 3GB and I tried almost everything with ENB settings, pagefile.sys and so on to get rid of the cell loading stutter. I will try your options later like you said and will post if it works (I'm sure it will), but for now, I'm going to play your EPIC mod tonight after 1561619465168 hours of tweaking Skyrim. Do you accept donations? Paypal?! You need a drink, dude...! SERIOUSLY! ;) Well guys, you can save your money for a RAM disk! That's for sure it will NOT help with cell stuttering which I still CAN'T believe. :( Keep on walking guys to get STEADY FPS and enjoy this EPIC graphics and lovely long-range view without cell stuttering and DynDOLOD @ maximum.! =) Yee haw!!! :D EDIT: send me a PM for donation! ;)
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