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  1. I have, but still no changes. It says alpha threshold = false or something in one of those files.
  2. Still no luck with the alpha values and the CTD. Besides that, I wanted to add new LODs but can't export them with the right settings, nif skope won't open my new meshes. If I can figure that out, I will add more objects for cars and trains.
  3. Sadly the alpha is not fixed for me. Well, now the source alpha turns out as 0 as well. I have the line in the LODGen.txt (DefaultAlphaThreshold=110) No, it's the same with both 32 and 64bit version. installation path of game = S:\Games\Fallout 4 installation path of xLODGen = S:\xLODGen Becaurse of disc space I had to install FO4 to an other drive than Steam, which is at E:\Steam\SteamApps\... I'm on Win7 64bit, language is german. No, there should not be anything that does that. I've also tried generation without mods and unedited inis.
  4. As I said it crashed only in Goodneighbour and Diamond City. Dosn't matter where I get there. But it won't crash in the Commonwealth worldspace. Does it matter? NMM and I allways check with FO4Edit. You are right about the alpha! And whatever I do it stays like that on 0. I've tried to use the source values and also with the full model tree esp, but that made it even worse with no alpha at all.
  5. Yes, when I set a dedicated output path the LODs won't show up, of course I copied them over to the right folders. So yeah, I have to generate to the main game folder or it won't show up. Beta 9 maybe fixed that, but I have just used it without an output path. Have 3 different version installed allready. So not sure what version it was, but it wasn't beta 9. Sorry for not beeing completely clear with my spelling. It's 100% repeatable and I'm absolutely sure it's the LOD. As I've said it has been a very long bug hunt. I've deactivated everything, even reinstalled the whole game. Fresh game, new character to be sure it's not a savegame related error. I had only LODs. It crashed. But after I removed the terrain folders everything worked fine. No CTD whatever I do. I couldn't imagine the LODs to be the issue, so naturally it has been the last I've removed and even reinstalled the whole game, before doing it. I reapplied all my mods, loaded up the savegame. Everything fine, no CTD at all. I put back the LODs, and there it crashed again. I then regenerated a few times with various settings. Not fixed. The game does a quick save before it crashes. And that save can be loaded and it is not corrupted. I won't use them, but just saying. Sometimes it does not CTD directly, but 1 or 2 seconds after the loading screen, thats what I meant with allmost. And thats an other freaky point. It actually does. Porting into the commonwealth (worldspace) or any interior that's connected with the commonwealth will load up fine. I've tested that several times with different locations. Vanilla good neighbor with it's empty cells and 5 actors just won't. Diamond city and Goodneighbour are using the atlas and meshes from the commonwealth, but without having an own (unique) LOD. I can't get rid of the feeling that it has something to do with this child/parent setup. Very unlikely with my setup, either. I rarely have CTD anywhere, and I've allways try to max out the graphics of beth games as far as I can. I've been a bit impressed how much the engine has been improved in terms of stability. I can play it for hours and it won't crash at all. Even with maxed out ENB stuttering and FPS drops are very rare with fixed vis data & occlusion culling planes. In the 60 hours of my current playthrough with tons and tons of mods the game crashed 2 times. It can't be a resource issue. Vanilla Goodneighbour is really empty and leaves gigs of VRAM unused as it demands not much at all. But who knows, maybe there is something wrong with bethesdas code. Damn, and here I hoped it would be something that can be easily fixed more or the less. I will try with beta 10 and just hold my fingers crossed. If not, well maybe I can send you the log files than. Anyways, I'd rather deactivate the esp within cities, than not using the amazing & very noticeable visual quality improvement LODGen comes with. Happy they show up now, and hopefully that other error will be fixed as well.
  6. Here are my custom made LOD files. Maybe you could give it a try and see if the CTD happens for you to? https://mega.nz/#!WSgFDAxa!Wa8tzwKAX8yjYFoiwPXpSYJpF-ihn2DWGq7j8pGUMfw The CTD is easy to reproduce. 1. Enter Goodneighbor 2. Go into an interior (Bobbi's place or the Hotel) 3. Save the game in the interior. 4. Restart game and load the save. 5. Leaving the interior now will cause CTD for me every time. (Only way to leave the room without CTD is via coc comand as long as it goes to a commenwealth cell.
  7. Allright thanks, I tried the linked version and its working, but only if I do not specify any output folder and write it directly to the game path. However, I now have an other problem. The LODs are looking great, but I tracked them down to be the issue of CTD. The game will allmost everytime CTD when I leave an interior at goodneighbor or diamond city. There arn't any issues when I'm on the commenwealth worldspace. But Goodneighbor and Diamond City are unplayable with my custom LODs. What are the optimal settings? I used 512 px texture size. DX5 compression and basically not changed any of the values. Alpha threshold is 110. Thanks so much for your support. I apprichiate it
  8. I now tried everything in and out. With default .ini's and without mods. I also tried both versions with different settings. Still there is no way to make the LOD show up in game by now. :( This is very dissapointing. Never had any problems with LODGen with other games before. However it says something like that there is no options file to be found "...FO4LODGen\Edit Scripts\FO4LODGen_Commonwealth_Options.txt"
  9. Of course I have that in my ini. I give up. I had a look at several .bto files and they all do look perfectly fine. Showing advanced LOD using the new texture atlas without issues. Still no LODs at all in game. :/
  10. I really don't know, just followed the guide here. I did it twice. Also I did not have problems with TES or FO3. When you say "required to show loose static object LOD in Fallout 4" what do you mean exactly? is there something else I must do in the ini? Loose files are all showing up, as far as I can tell. Aint that many anyways.
  11. Thanks for the fast reply. Definatly not the setting, I have them maxed out via .ini tweaks and the look good in vanilla, just lacking some details as usuall in Beth games. What do you mean by incomplete object LOD? LODGEN ends with a massage that all went along fine. It creates 2 terrain folders (for meshes and textures), atlas also looks good. Having a few mods installed, should I run LODGen without them?
  12. After I run FO4LODGen the game looks like this: Any idears? Please help
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