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  1. Yeah I've completed the main quest line and dragonborn, was having issues with combat CTD's pretty consistently but I think it may have been fixed with morehud's latest update. So I'll be starting over again and seeing how it fares.
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16080?tab=posts Anyone seen this yet? Since the guide is centered around LOTD It'd probably a nice addition.
  3. Possibly. Not so sure, in any case I've already made the updates so can only keep rockin and see how it goes. One more thing, are you guys still getting footprints while using real snow? I am not.
  4. Alright I extracted the bsa and I'll make a dummy esp for it and see how it goes.
  5. Alright, Will I need to remove it from Lexy's CR patch, it's a required plugin?
  6. Not seeing an ESP free version on the SE mod page. There an oldrim version I should try?
  7. Sorry mates giving this a bump, hate to be annoying though. Just with a modlist as extensive as this I'm not sure where to start to find the problem. If anyone has some advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. I've made it all the way through main questline, and am at the end of dragonborn (at miraak). Only consistent issue I have noticed is CTD during combat. Not all the time, maybe the more intense fights? Not sure how to specify exactly, but seems much more prevalent when fighting dragons/(and miraak now, 3 ctd in a row before i can finish fight). If anyone else is having/had an issue similar please let me know what to try, thanks.
  9. Just checked, original files haven't been touched. Just copied/renamed in the new meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/ folder as instructed. EDIT (Solved): Derp. I had accidentally renamed said files with .nif.nif xD Thanks for being able to specify the issue or I wouldn't have noticed.
  10. I'm getting consistent CTD's whenever approaching the College of Winterhold entrance. (at the end of the town, not the colleges main entrance) Anyone having this issue?
  11. Hey! Just finished setting up the guide and everything is looking and running pretty well so far. I can't wait to continue playing and testing. The only thing I have noticed as of yet is that wine/alto wine bottles are missing textures and showing purple. I checked conflicts with rustic clutter and it was not being overwritten by anything else, only overwriting wine bottles provided by LOTD. I tried hiding them and checking again but the problem persists. I also reinstalled rustic clutter and negative results. Thanks in advance if anyone knows a fix. Edit: Also noticed that there are two Immersive creatures in the MCM. Not sure what that's about.
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