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  1. Hey Lexy! Big fan of your guide, been using it for a long time now. I've got a bit of a tricky problem for you, maybe you can help. I'm using an older version of your guide - I installed in around February of 2019, and I've just had it on my PC since then. I'm not going to go through the trouble of reinstalling (because as fun as it is, it's a long process :) ) but I want to get this thing working. The only problem I have left is that I'm CTDing in Winterhold Exteriors. I've narrowed it down 100% to NSUTR/Stunning Statues, and I've checked the filenames 100 times. Removing Stunning Statues still gives a CTD, but disabling NSUTR plus all of the files that require it as a master (conflict resolution patches, etc.) actually gets it to work. However, playing without conflict resolution patches seems... bad. Unless I have some guidance, I don't want to go through the process of removing NSUTR as a master from these patches, as I'm just not experienced enough. Anything you can do to help troubleshoot? Happy to follow any instructions, including instructions for removing NSUTR as a master - it's not that important to me. As far as I can tell, it's only the Winterhold statue - Azura and Mehrunes Dagon don't CTD. I've tried simply removing the stunning statues magestatue.nif and magestatuesnow_only.nif files, but that provides a CTD as well. Thanks so much if you manage to help with this, I know you've made 100000 iterations to this mod, so it's no big deal if you can't figure out how to fix this. Just figured I'd try :) Thank you! Just to reiterate, I'm happy to sacrifice any changes to get this thing simply working.
  2. Hi Lexy, installed your guide about 1 month ago, and having a strange problem. Didn't realize it till now because I've been playing a 2Handed character. When I equip bows, I think any kind of bow, I CTD. Any idea on where to start debugging this? Thanks.
  3. Hi Lexy - just dropping this link here in case you're interested. It may have some useful information for you... although maybe my case is an isolated one, and it doesn't matter. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13890-dyndolod-error/
  4. Very interesting find Sheson. Thanks for your help, and for being dedicated enough to look in to this. I'll pass the message along to Lexy to see what she wants to do about it. Will be taking down the Dropbox link now, just because. Thanks again!
  5. Well, I decided to uninstall Farmhouse Chimeys. I was initially worried because with modpacks like these, sometimes conflict resolution patches and such need mods as a dependency... but it turns out this was optional, and after disabling, DynDOLOD ran like a charm :) Game looks great, run great, and its in no small part to you. Thank you much for your hard work. If you're curious about why it was failing for your own reasons, I've left my Farmhouse Chimneys merge in the Dropbox link I sent you. I'll leave it up for a little while, or until you tell me you're not interested in looking in to it. Thank you!
  6. Hey Lexy, having a problem with the final step (typical, right?) of running DynDOLOD. I posted over here at the DynDOLOD forums. If you have any insights in to it, please let me know, as its killing me to not have this thing done. Been a long haul :) https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13890-dyndolod-error/ Please note I'm not the OP of this thread, but rather the guy who commented below. Still, curious that we had an identical problem. One thing I didn't note in that thread is a separate problem, which I don't particularly care about, but I thought I should mention in case it's relevant: my Better Quest Objectives - Patches.esp refuses to fully merge in to the Bashed Patch. It's included in the "deactivate" list, and the merge patches list, and I've checked it. Then it builds, and the icon shows its merged, but the Bashed Patch itself requires it as a master, so I can't disable it. It seems all fine, as the bashed patch just overwrites it if I keep it active... but just in case there's something I'm not aware of, there ya go. Thanks for your help, and great guide!
  7. Hi there Sheson. I have exactly this problem, under exactly these circumstances. Installing Lexy's LOTD SE. I'm at the end of the guide, and it's time to build DynDOLOD. What I've tried: - Removing the Bashed Patch entirely - All manner of trying to fix the Bashed Patch/Smash Patch/zPatches - Complete error check and fix of load order, removing all of the "Reference not found" errors and most all of the other ones that were fixable. TexGen works fine. xLODGen works fine. But DynDOLOD seems to fail about 3 minutes in, just like his. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t7s4j6ecr53wgsr/AADOYgFn-FjvlLDCLImrauAga?dl=0 Here's a Dropbox link with the logs in question. Should make it easy for you to get them. I'm also going to crosspost this on Lexy's forum, in the hopes that one of you can help. I'm so freakin close to done this journey!
  8. I'm asking about the mods list (left pane) of Mod Organizer, and if the order of the mods matters/what that order should be after merges, etc. I also edited another question in that comment, would appreciate you taking a quick look at it
  9. Hi Lexy, just posting again because my comment seems to have been buried - really easy, is there a place to view Left MO Pane organization? If there's not, any recommendations? Does it matter? Thank you! Also, one more question - the guide mentions extracting BSAs when the mod includes a dummy plugin, but mods with a dummy plugin (for example, Dragon Stalking Fix) don't seem to have a note on them to enable BSA extraction. Should I go ahead and extract BSAs in this situation? I assume yes, but I just want to make sure.
  10. Hi there! Very quick, and hopefully easy question. I'm starting this mega-project today... I've done one similar for Oldrim, and in that guide, there was a page dedicated to MO Left-pane organization. Is there somewhere I can find something like that? I prefer to keep track of it as I go, but doing another check at the end is always good. Cheers, and thanks much for your hard work!
  11. Note to my above question - turns out autosave is causing the crashes. Disabling save on wait/sleep (and I assume fast travel) gets rid of it completely. I'm satisfied, basically. I posted a reddit thread detailing a larger question loosely related to this issue here, however: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/83iw7h/debugging_premade_conflict_resolution_patches/ TL;DR How do I debug things that are wrong with the conflict resolution patch? Because something like this could come up in the future and not be so forgiving. Is there any process you go through to do so? I'd prefer to be self-sufficient in my ability to maintain this thing, so if you have any tips, they're welcome!
  12. So, I'm having a problem, and I've narrowed it down to the main conflict resolution patch. I don't know what that means, but maybe you can guide me in the right direction. Basically, turn off CRPatch, run reqtificator to stay consistent, it goes away, turn it on, run reqtificator, it returns. The problem is this: If I wait, I get a CTD. Instantly. This is with a brand new save game. Other forms of saving work, so I don't think it has to do with saving. Fast travel seems to works. Haven't tested sleeping, but will do so now and edit my comment. I'm happy to do leg work on this if you can guide me. I'm pretty savvy technically in general, but I'm pretty new to some of the more advanced pieces of Skyrim modding, CR patches being one of them. Still, guide me and I'm happy to do the work. One thing you should know is that I followed the guide to the letter - going as far as to find people online with the versions of the mod that you listed in the guide. So it really shouldn't be a compatibility issue. I'm off in precious few places from what the current guide suggests, and I was pretty careful during my install. I'm not mistake-proof, but I was definitely careful. Cheers!
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