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  1. A lot of NPCs in my game also use the invisibility spell. I noticed a Winterhold guard wielding warhammer use it before. I don't know if this indicates a broken game or what, but it's odd.
  2. Never mind, I couldn't get the lightning in some of the interiors to work properly. Probably because the relighting Skyrim patch for Magical College of Winterhold is for the full version while LOTD uses a different version of Relighting Skyrim.
  3. I went ahead and merged the patch into the ELE merge and it worked out fine, thanks.
  4. I'm trying to install the Magical College of Winterhold but I am having a problem with some of its patches. I am missing the masters for the ELE patch and the relighting skyrim patches. The patches call for RelightlingSkyrim_SSE.esp and ELE_SSE.esp masters, but the ESPs for these respective mods are named something else. I can't rename the ELFX esp because several other esps use the current name as a master. How would I resolve this problem?
  5. Anyone else have any problems with invisible NPCs? Mercer Frey is invisible for me right now in the dungeon with Carliah.
  6. Dyndolod seems kinda wonky. I was getting a consistent ctd when taking the carriage from Solitude to Riften when i loaded in outside of the Riften gates. Disabling dyndolod fixed this so I regenerated the dyndolod and enabled it and it worked fine again.
  7. It depends on what snow I'm walking on, footprints doesn't seem to work on every snow-covered surface for me.
  8. "in that case yes you are hitting you VRAM Limit you need to reduce some of the larger textures in quality. This is also why i recommend the Medium Setting of DynDOLOD I would start by reducing DynDOLOD to medium. Last time i tested i was hitting 4.5GB (ish)." Do you run your game at 1080p or 1440p?
  9. I've run my game with Skyrim Performance Monitor and noticed VRAM usage hovered near the max 6 gigabytes of vram I have for the 980ti. Memory also was near 6 gigabytes, which I assume is the max allocated to skyrim se by default? Could the vram or memory be the cause of crashes? I've been trying to run the game with dyndolod on high settings so I think that might be the root of the problem.
  10. Anyone else experience this weird occurrence with iNeed where if you fill a waterskin in water you are teleported back to the last cell you came from?
  11. Can you increases the memory allocated to Skyrim SE via the SKSE ini files like you can for Skyrim LE?
  12. The problem is that it's not easily reproducible. The game crashes randomly every 10-30 minutes I'd say.
  13. Oof, I keep getting random crashes periodically now. Is the best way to troubleshoot this really to just enable/disable mods in chunks? It would take forever to do this, is there no way to get logs of what happened when the crash occurred?
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