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  1. mistook for leather,but it's heavy armor:P
  2. I added the item in console https://i.imgur.com/aJg1391.png it's not broken...the NPC may be broken...what else should i do?
  3. i downloaded some replacers,but to no avail.. https://i.imgur.com/2kmRm1j.png and it should already be replaced by Insanity's Improved Armoury Compilation v1.21 Textures\Armor\Leather\F\cuirass_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\F\gauntlet.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\F\gauntlet_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\F\greaves.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\F\greaves_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\boots.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\boots_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\cuirass.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\cuirass_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\gauntlet.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\gauntlet_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\greaves.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\greaves_n.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\helmet.ddsTextures\Armor\Leather\M\helmet_n.dds
  4. OMG, i can't fix him:https://i.imgur.com/T536MAn.png https://i.imgur.com/YkwmLFC.png https://i.imgur.com/Aj4SWjV.png https://i.imgur.com/QamloyP.png :(( pls help!:(
  5. ty,i only did the tutorial...didnt read the latest( none:P ) comments tho...not much time at hand...and battleing with some invisible men ( only one in a Inn,so far :P )...well,i can only see they heads,boots and gloves...I'll have to review my mods and play some more...
  6. where or how do i get • TR_armor_template.esp • TR_clothing_template.esp • TR_creatures_template.esp • TR_DialogTopic-Fixes.esp • TR_grass.esp • TR_universal_fasttravel.esp • lanternfixer.esp I only have the rest... • Morrowind_Compatibility_Layer.esp • Tamriel_Data.esp • TR_Mainland.esp • TR_Preview.esp • TR_Fixes • TR_OCO2_facelift.esp
  7. yup,it's just too much grass here ,the only place my fps drops(for the moment)... https://i.imgur.com/FfSdCTq.jpg
  8. or had to run the game once in the launcher of OpenMW...
  9. Had to edit Morroblivion.ini to find my game folder...
  10. i can't make this work:https://tesrenewal.com/forums/morroblivion-development/tutorial-converting-tamriel-rebuilt-to-morroblivion 6. Launch "openmw-modexporter.exe" and click "Edit A Content File". starts and closes instantly where do i install OpenMW-0.43.0-win64?
  11. As for EDI revived i'm using Enhanced Daedric Invasion_REL_1_3-9858 & Enhanced Daedric Invasion_REL_1_VOICEFILES-9858... And for The Ayleid Steps using The Ayleid Steps-16316-3-7
  12. the [Optimized Textures and Meshes] Morroblivion + UP assets is completely replaced by the lower mods,why install anyway?
  13. it's the forest windgust that sound,but for me it sure sounds like the sea....and i went in a real forest and at a real sea with cliffs and rocks...sorry for my mistake anyway:(
  14. it may be because of the plants in the water...too dense...and/or the reflections in it... BTW i hear the sound of shore here too:(
  15. about this https://i.imgur.com/TpEXyF7.jpg only people in that armor look like that. and I'm having some FPS issues in Belmora(for now)...only when i look at the center river of the in town...
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