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  1. Yes it’s usually in my load order.using this guide was the first time I didn’t add it. The identical armour name is not so bad I got over the issue, because it gives variety to Armor and makes you feel less like a cardboard cutout to all the nice wearing the same.
  2. Aaahhh now I get the “can’t play through without itâ€. Well I guess my overseas trip means I get to wait for it to be put into the guide. And I can then go through the full re-install.
  3. This! Except 4. Found lexy’s guide (I’m late to the modest party) My better half is like are you even going to play the game?! I said when I am done modding it out to how I want. . . Basically never 😂 Also having never used morrowloot, I have to ask why the hype? I have read the mod page and all and guess I am missing something in the fanfare for it.
  4. Simple Barter Fix Updated - now 1.0.1 Also Sprint Jump - now 1.1
  5. Aw thanks Between being a noob modder I also dabble in writing. And this update killed my plan to rebuild the guide again from scratch. (practice and working out what caused issues to my game) It was an opportunity too good to miss.
  6. didn't you know it was foretold? "When wolf doth howl to the big full moon, Modders across tamirel cry out as one: What the blooody hell were they even thinking?" Did they listen - nay! the brethren of bethesda ignored the larger cry and pushed forth through the lines of data to return the voice of the one wolf... about to be shot in the knee, skinned gutted and left with no more than a whisper: Stupid dog
  7. @Uncleseano that is much appreciated!! I’m suspecting it’s also what is causing my tree drama... Once I nut out these I’ll be a happy girl.
  8. Getting same riverwood crash issue - but I suspect that for me it is because I also added JK's Riverwood and T'Skyrim - its not going to be fun removiing the mods to test and fix but that is my punishment for veering away from guide as a noob... If one does know how to get it working with these and not having it crash I would love the assist. I am extremely reluctant to drop them from my load order completely.. If there is blackhead issues - just confirming it is because load order needs to be corrected yes? Brynjolf is sadly affected by this and unsure how he is affected.. And also, some of my trees are horrible 2d cardboard monstrosities.. defs not going to be a pleasant day puzzling and correcting these issues Lastly, I know it was previously mentioned - didnt see any comment on a fix about the Guild master start for LotD with all the invisible walls. Just confirming as well the test facility for the CLARALUX is where I can make indoors brighter Yes?
  9. So still need to fiddle a bit - FNIS - PCEA and Follower Kaidan are not working for some reason. but pushed past those issues to actually see some of the game, and OH WOW!!!! THE FINISHED PRODUCT IS FREAKING AMAZEBALLS!!!!! So totally worth the stress, tears, sleeplessness and determination. Needless to say I need to go to bed. Ill figure the details out tomorrow...
  10. Being one that really tried to do it all herself for first time - and yes did ask minimal questions - 100% you can do this with reading EVERYTHING - watching ALL the Vids and going through ALL this forum - multiple times. Then and only then we should ask - and for me - someone already had (thank goodness!) I am currently waiting on my DynDOLOD - praying to the console gods to make this thing work for me. But I know 1000% I read it all. and all the warnings and prep here I have faith that everything in this guide was done VERY well - especially at Beta level. It was one of the big reasons I started. as it was easy to go on - provided you did EVERYTHING - including the vids. As a noob I do get both sides - but still did my best to minimise the damage here as this still is currently a forum for experienced players to help Lexy nut out the finer points to her amazing guide. I know I will probably have some further questions once I load this beast to play it. AND only when I am absolutely sure I cant get the answer. Happy Easter and all the best from one Aussie chick that now can pass american for all the GP vids
  11. That weathers merge... I got it. But FML that was a ***** to understand where to "Ignore" even with vids... I will never EVER forget this... But I do have a question - would it be ok to merge all followers? (I did add a couple more - namely Kaidan ) Or would that be overkill on merging? It was mentioned in a tutorial vid that it is possible and figure it would definitely clear further slots for me
  12. Yeah - I have been - I just didnt realise which missing master I was missing as none were displaying USSEP as a required master - but when I clicked - presto! Merge Success. I am having heaps of fun learning - but REALLY looking forward to seeing all of this together to actually play it. Lexy and Darths hard work and everyone here helping work out creases to this guide have and are doing an amazing job.
  13. EDIT: I FIXED IT! nevermind.. I found my issue... 1 missing master to make it sing...
  14. Sorry to be a bother - I am rather stuck and unsure what I am doing wrong - I cannot seem to get my audio merge to, well. bloody merge... Stating non-contiguous Plugins - I have redone everything and retried it all and still not cooperating. Is there anything that I am missing or could try to make this one merge nicely like most of the others? Apologies if this is a simple answer - I just want this all done and am Sooooo close...
  15. @sm0kem- thanks for the info, I suspected ICAIO would be a culprit to check but was concerned about some of the other mods. Also means I should be fine with the other couple I want to include. And having looked at your mod list I am really glad you replied 😊
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