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  1. I've encountered a problem with the experience mod: XP notifications do not show up. I have made sure to enable the bShow messages.
  2. Maybe I'm blind but I can't find Know Your Enemy in the Expanded Cities, Towns and Villages Section in the 18-02-19 update. According the update the LOOT Rule for ETaC - Better Dynamic Snow Patch should be removed.
  3. it could be Skyrim SafeSave System Overhaul been more and more report about it of late. it also doesn't help Sthaagg is MIA due to RL issue with his house being flood a few months ago. i also don't really use SSSO and usually Hard save every time. I unchecked SSSO and regenerated Smash and no more ctd with saving. My two pence is that something is wrong with SSSO. Thanks Lady for your advise.
  4. Each time I try to save I get a crash to desktop, manual or quicksave doesn't matter. I installed everything according to the guide except for dyndolod and texgen because of low vram.
  5. At the moment I am in the abondened prison trying to escape. The problem is that the ghosts do not attack me anymore.
  6. Thanks Lady for your reply. I don’t like thhat the dungeons are so dark, how can I make them brighter?
  7. These folders are in overwrite of Mod Organizer each time I quit Skyrim. SKSE: Plugins: Fuz Ro D'oh.ini JCData: InnRoomCosts.jon CampfireData: profile1.json common.json Can they stay in overwrite or should I delete the folders?
  8. The folllowing error occured using Loot: Error Failed to sort plugins. Details: Cyclic interaction detected between "Animals Merged.esp" and "know_your_armor_patch.esp": Animals Merged.esp  [Master] know_your_enemy_patch.esp  [Group] LOTD Patches Merged.esp  [Master] know_your_armor_patch.esp  [Group] Animals Merged.esp
  9. Hello Lexy, Maybe you can help me with this: Unofficial High Defenition Audio Project contains three main files and according to your guide they should be installed seperately: Main Files - Install as one mod. If a mod page has more then one main file install each Main File as a seperate mod. But the mod maker suggests the main files should be merged: Install as normal with a mod manager of your choice, MERGE, not replace.
  10. Should I check or uncheck "disable plugins" in the merge settings of zmerge? Because if I look at the picture it is unchecked but when installed it is checked.
  11. Is it normal that the trees are static? The grass, lanterns, flags, etc just sway in the wind except for the trees, not even in the worst thunderstorm My next question: is there a hotkey to turn on/off the lantern? Already looked in the Quicklight MCM but just couldn't find it.
  12. According the xLODGEN mod we should download xLODGen-30 but the special installation says we should download xLODGen-28 archive. I guess the 30 version is ok?
  13. Github updated SSEEdit 3.3.0 Beta to 3.3.1 Beta. Do the special installation instructions still apply to this new update?
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