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  1. Hi Ixian Inventor, How do I do what you suggested and where specifically?
  2. Gazda, But if I was to use the latest version of UFO3P how do I know what mods in Kelmych list is obsolete? Because the people suggested to use FO3Edit to fix conflicts. So back to watching Gpoher's video from 2012 on Youtube on how to fix conflicts:
  3. I thought FWE may need a patch to make it compatible with the latest version of UUF3P.
  4. I found out why I was having a problem with the pip boy. Mo2 was not carrying the original saves from when I initialized the game saves and went to play the game to initialize the game ini files (found in c drive User Documents\my games\fallout3). Default Profile in MO2 had no saved files. Therefore when I created a new Profile I left the "Use Profile-specific Save Games" un-ticked and "use profile-specific game INI files" un-ticked as well. By doing this, the new profile loaded up the original save files from the c drive User Documents folder. Thus, can continue save. But which mods from Kelymch Mod Guide not to use is still trial and error.
  5. Hi, I'm having a problem with Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch Mod Manager v2.3.2 where the pip boy is doing this:- I do not want to use the latest Update Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch v3.1.8 because I do not know what mods in the list is incompatible. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. But if someone can send a new list of mods from the guide which is compatible with the latest UUFP 3 v3.1.8 that would help as well. PS. I had Kelymch guide working on MO but that got corrupted. PSS. I am using windows 7 Ultimate 64 and MO2
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