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  1. Feel free to ask any stupid questions like that one XD. No problem whatsoever!
  2. Convenient Horses Sse has not an MCM Menu, or at least i'm unaware of it.
  3. Dumb question here... I upgraded Dyndolod special edition beta 11, as per revision history of Prerequisite page.. Should i delete old Output Mods2 and rerun TexGen and Dyndolod, or i could leave Outputs as-is? Thank You!
  4. Docs folder is created correctly by wrye bash. Content is not created, but i think bash patch is created correctly (even i force close wrye bash). Time to testing. Thank you!
  5. Hello all. After followed Oldrim LOTD (with success, thank you all) i'm following this, tailored for SSE. I'm creating bashed patch, but Wrye Bash freeze at the end of process (i have to force close Wrye Bash) I tried with empty profile, no mod activated, and it's the same thing. Tried also with Nexus version of Wrye Bash, Beta version standalone, and Python one. It seems that wrye bash can't write in MO2/overwrite/docs folder (based of procmon). Someone has a clue? THank you
  6. Yeah, got it. Redo all Loot order, checked all Bash tags, deactivated all left panel mods as https://modwat.ch/u/Darth_mathias/modlist, and now all ok. Now the fun part, play XD Thank you all, having learned much by your posts.
  7. Roger ^^ But dunno why, after restarting MO several time, (restarted also PC) Wrye Bash create a bashed patch with missing masters, merged earlier with merge plugins and deactivated in MO.
  8. Thank you! Oh last thing (i hope). In the image attached, what i have to do? Check the upper part of modlist, check the lover, or uncheck all? Sorry for the noob question, but the guide is not too clear for me.
  9. Another problem... After Wrye Bash has build bash patch, there are some masters missing in bashed patch.esp(according to Mod Organizer). Some of them are esp that got merged before (like vivid weather.esp). I deactivated all the merged esp in MO. What can i do?
  10. Hello, and thank you for this aweome and very clear guide. I'm new in modding Skyrim, and i'm following this STEP by step instructions. I've had some doubts about merging plugins, Loot, but previous posts explained me how to proceed. Just a question: can i install a body replacer like Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (UUNP bodies) and related textures, without mess this fantastic Mod pack? Thank you!
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