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  1. Resolved Lucas issue by installing Robert's armor replacer, just another mod listed as optional that isn't actually optional.
  2. Lucas Simms himself is missing his arms. I can see his gloves but his actual arms are invisible. I can't even begin to imagine what the fluff could be causing that. I did have issues with .32 and Mausers having big red exclamation marks but that's because it REQUIRES (listed in mod guide as optional) the individual weapon remakes. Springvale Sewers, a AWOP location crashes consistently when I try to enter it.
  3. I resolved this by using the new "Mod limit remover" or whatever it's called on the FO3 Nexus, that thing is a life-saver.
  4. After some various attempts it would seem I have a plugin limit of 162. Weird. Any ideas? (It doesn't matter what I enable or disable as long as it's 162 or lower it loads)
  5. These are all exclusively from the STEP guide. The issue however is that If I try to launch the game with all of them enabled it just kicks out of the main menu to black screen with some HUD elements showing. I have tried disabling chunks of the plugins and it will then load the menu normally however it seems to be an overall issue as the plugins disabled dont seem to matter as long as "enough" of them are. Things I have done; Cleaned all dirty mods including DLC (Deleted navmeshes still exist for all, uncertain on how to resolve) Unpacked all BSAs except vanilla, DCinteriors and FO3UP. Things I haven't done; Create a bashed patch Correct deleted navmesh records
  6. This can be deleted, I reinstalled noted mods that SHOULDN'T be extracted and I'm still having issues, will post a more indepth topic.
  7. So the STEP guide is a little unclear here and i remember in the beginning it said to extract a BSA so moving forward I did that for EVERY mod that had a BSA. Lo and behold after some research this seems to be a nono. Could anyone kindly search their mod directory for ".BSA" and tell me which mods use them so I can reinstall them? THANK YOU!!!!
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