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  1. All right, never mind. After I installed the linked VS17 redistributable it works fine.
  2. I get errors when building lod with dyndolod64.exe, using latest version 2.60 SSE. Logfiles: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tsunckd5rafeobd/Logs.rar/file edit: It says Error reading meshes\terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.4.4.-12.btr from BSA/BA2 The lz4 assembly requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 runtime installedlz4.AnyCPU.loader Am I missing VS 2015 runtime?? I have them though.. Edit again: Ok, I read the OP again and grabbed the VS17 runtime from the link. Somehow that version wasn't installed, and I try it again now. But before 2.60 it built fine, and I didn't changed anything.. Is that requirement new? Cannot find it in the changelog.
  3. Hi Sheson, I experienced some weird random crashing on my new setup and started to search for the reason. Actually my current setup is much lighter than my last one (which was stable). I recently discovered something in the logs, that makes me thinking something might be wrong, whether with my setup or DynDOLOD(?). The logs show an extensive amount of stack dumps, including a high amount of DynDOLOD stacks. Well, maybe I'm misinterpreting it. There is one other mod that has its stacks being dumped a lot (to be more specific, according to the log, the VM starts dumping stacks from that other mod, and later it continues with a big amount of DynDOLOD dumps). I'm using the dyndolod.dll instead Papyrusutil scripts. Currently I'm lighten my load order even more, removing more not so important scripted mods or replace them with something lighter, before I'm going to start another new game. I'm also thinking about to remove the dyndolod.dll and use the papyrusutil scripts again, as I never had such a problem, when I was using those. But maybe this doesn't mean anything. Also I don't run any incompatible mods, have all potential conflicts solved in xEdit, load order is right, no faulty meshes (I'm using the same mods that I was using before, only less of them, and some got updated) and due to a scan of my load order I'm not even close to the cap for temp references. The crashes are rare and NOT reproducible, so I think it's because of whether too many scripted mods or a too heavy script-mod (like the VM hits the stack count, that is over the "warning threshold"). So maybe the DynDOLOD stacks are only dumped because of other dumps, or simply too many scripts running. I don't know. Maybe this is related to something entirely else.. But you know that much better than me, I think. What do you suggest? LOGFILE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aggrab9su8b43aj/Papyrus.0.log/file
  4. Well, depends. In my case more than the half of them are texture/meshes/graphics replacers and mods. The rest are gameplay changers and a few addons/quest mods. But yes, it took me 1.5 years to finally get to this setup and how it runs now. I had to learn all the necessary things about Wrye Bash, XEdit, making patches, maintaining the load order (no Loot! Only manually and locked with Wrye Bash) and modding Beth games in general. But finally I got a quite perfect setup up and running! There were more mods in the past, but it was too much, althoug it ran stable for the first week, it became unstable then due to overloased Papyrus VM and other issues related to the sheer number of mods and scripts. Well, now I have a nice setup with great performance and still a lot of mods, but they're running beautiful alltogether. But as I said: 1.5 YEARS to archive this! xD
  5. Definately! But not now :D Or do you think Vortex would successfully import my current setup including 500+ mods? I'm scared that it messes something up..
  6. Aaaaand it works! :) What I found else: There was a leftover from an much older DynDOLOD verison, after uninstalling it. Damn NMM didn't delete the scripts, but replaced them by relying on an old overwrite index, that included dynDOLOD version from June this year...lol. So when installing any DynDOLOD update it had overwritten these scripts, BUT one of them was still there. I don't remember the name exactly, but it ended with "_Minion" I guess. I figured that this script isn't existing anymore in newer versions. ALso there were other old files from that old version, which have been placed there as of this damn NMM overwriting rule, it accidently didn't remove months ago. I hate NMM! Fortunately I was able to track down all of the old files, remove them and fix that damn NMM install index! If I hadn't a great running stable setup with 500+ mods, I would switch over to MO2 immediately! But for now I'll stay with it, until I really have to wipe the entire setup and create one from scratch. However, thx for your great healp!!
  7. Sheson, I'm pretty sure that I found my mistake now. I noticed that I disabled DynDOLOD and saved the game while two other new mods were still initializing. I've added them before because they add several new LODs to the game, but they weren't fully initliazed (also their MCMs were not yet available) when I disabled DynDOLOD. And I made the update safe in the eldergreen sanctuary cell, were DynDOLOD isn't active anyway, but therefor I didn't click to disable it. Then I removed it, opened game, made new save, closed and created DynDOLOD from scratch with the newer version. After installation I started the game, and after a short while I got a message that 3 new MCM have been reigstered. Now I know why. SOmething in the whole process wasn't good. I was able to play the game then for a long time, but when I saved, closed and reloaded it, the crashes started happening. This time I verified that all mods were initlialized, loaded and working properly. I've tested to save and reload with the new mods and the old DynDOLOD, and it works fine, so I disabled DynDOLOD from exterior and went into a house, where I created a save and closed the game. Now creating and installing the new DynDOLOD version and I'm pretty sure it will work fine.
  8. If these plugin are not necessary for LOD creation, just disable them. DynDOLOD will only work with a total of 253 plugins activated while creation. But it's always better to disable those that are not needed for it anyway.
  9. I would try debugging - if I even would be able to load a game. I've reinstalled the older version and everything is working again without a problem. Now I'm going to perform the update again, but more carefully and see how it goes.
  10. Thank you... Weird. I didn't get CTDs too - until I updated to 2.45/2.46.. I'm going to install my old backup, then follow the whole updating procdure again and see how it goes. The changelog for 2.47 says only "fixing generating lod for Skyrim", whatever that means.. Thank you... Weird. I didn't get CTDs too - until I updated to 2.45/2.46.. I'm going to install my old backup, then follow the whole updating procdure again and see how it goes. The changelog for 2.47 says only "fixing generating lod for Skyrim", whatever that means.. Ok, thx. I will start over from last save with old version. Maybe something went wrong with the uninstall/update process... Oh no.. Do you have a copy of the older DynDOLOD ressources? Should be v 2.44. NEvermind, found them.
  11. I doubt that this is related to a faulty nif, because I can play with the new version of DynDOLOD, directly after installed it. It runs in all cells I've tested, DynDOLOD is always initialized, MCM shows everything correct and I can play without issues. Only when I save, close and reload the game, it crashes. But before that, everything runs well. Also I know for sure there's no faulty mesh in my game. I spent weeks to set it up like it is now, and crashing started happening after installing new version 2.45 / 2.46 of DynDOLOD - but as I said: AFTER I close the game and load any save that includes 2.45/2.46. Directly after the installation I can play for hours. If there was faulty nif it would have crashed already yersterday and today straight after running the game with the new version. But it works fine, until restart. WOuld you do me a favor? Now with the most recent version of dyndolod, please save and close the game. Then start it again and tell me if you face CTD or not. Thank you :) EDIT: What? Now there is DynDOLOD 2.47?? Should I try again with that one?? Where is the changelog?
  12. Just tried a new game, crashes on loading after using the bed in Alternate Start... I kept a backup from prior installation (2.44), unless you don't need anything from me, I'm going to install this and reload older save.
  13. Another problem: SInce I've updated DynDOLOD - although I followed the recommended updating process - I cannot load any save made with the new version. It crashes straight after it finishes loading the save... No matter if I load interior or exterior save.. Happended to me also yesterday, with 2.45. My game was rock solid, I really don't like to start over again :-( I can say for sure it's related to DnyDOLOD. But don't know in what ways.. Savegame file looks good, size is normal, not a abnormous amount of active scripts... nothing suspicous.
  14. It works fine now! :) DathViral: Have you checked your load order for unresolved references? Load the entire load order up in the most recent version of XEdit and check for errors. Loot out for missing masters, etc. Oh, and of course you have to sort it proerly before running DynDOLOD. Also disable all plugins that are not necessary for LOD creation.
  15. A question about the new dyndolod.dll. Switching from a running installation using Papyrusutil, like described in your dll thread, seems a little dangerous. At least for me. As you say that the game must be loaded once without Papyrusutil loaded, this means I would have to load my save without a bunch of mods that are relying on Papyrusutil, so that would likely damage my save, at least the potential for that exists. However, continue using Papyrusutil should be fine? Or do you plan to switch to own dll completely in the next time?
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