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  1. Luxor is back: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29885
  2. Hey everybody I am not following the guide 100% (actually it's about 50% only) and therefore can not use the conflict resolution patches provided by Lexy. So far I did not install Immersive Citizens because of all the conflicts that come with it and the common recommendation to not use it together with major city overhauls. Neverthelsess I would really like to have it in my load order. So, if I create my own CR patch, what would be absolutly necessary to resolve to make IC go along well with the rest of the mods? Or would it be OK to just ignore the conflicts? I wouldn't mind if some minor NPCs bang their heads against walls because of messed up Navmeshes, but I certainly wouldn't want to have quest or even game breaking bugs in my game. I skipped most of the stronger and more enemies mods of this guide and everything that alters enamy AI or combat behavior. I mostly use the graphical improvements and content adding parts. Any hint would be appreciated. And a second question: Did anyone find some of the fixes from the USSEP not be working in their playthrough? I have the Quentin Cipius appearance bug or the Froki's Bow conversation bug just to name 2. And I am sure that nothing is overring the changes from USSEP.
  3. "When Vampires Attack" and "Run For Your Lives" are now combined into one mod.
  4. Don't mod WHILE you are playing. Mod BEFORE you start playing.
  5. I know, just wanted to point this out for people who have systems running with more GPU power. My 1070 8 GB does so and I am using the 2K option. Although I extracted the LOD part from the mod and moved it to a new folder so I can place it independently from the main mod wherever I want it in the left pane. Edit: I must have mixed up someting. MM's Lod is already a seperate mod, I excluded the LOD part from an other mod.
  6. I think Majestic Mountains has a 2K Lod option instead of the 1K from HD Lod Textures. That would be a reason to keep the files from MM active.
  7. I once had an issue with the shadow-casting torch added by Dragonborn. Once i got one in my inventory, all further saves would leed to a CTD when I was trying to load them. Maybe you also picked up an item in Falkreath that got bugged somehow. Replay that part of the game and observe what's added to your inventory.
  8. Hearthfire homes: Is it worth it? Sure not if you use your favorite playerhome mod anyway - as I do. I always build the three homes however just for completeness, but it is actually not worth the trouble IMO. Takes a ton of ressources to build, even more so if you also take care for the funiture yourself. And if you have the housecarl buy the stuff for you, it takes him an eternity to fill the home. You can speed up the process by finding the border of the home cell and repetedly walk in and out, but that is quite a chore.
  9. My understanding was, that you delete the scripts that got changed from your save before you load that save with the updated mod, so that the old and new instances of the scripts would not get baked into the same save.
  10. I thought the right way to do this would be to make a save with the old install. Then update the mod, load and clean the last save with Resaver and THEN launch the game with the updated mod for the first time. But maybe your order will lead to the same result.
  11. I've posted about this issue on the Nexus Forum, but maybe you can check something for me. Do you guys see the 4 staves at the entrance of Shalidor's Maze? For some unknown reason, they don't appear in my game.
  12. I did a search over the thread and found that someone has already asked about Artifacts of Skyrim not being part of the guide. Maybe I am missing something but I can't find this being answered. Would you mind telling us the reason behind AoS being out?
  13. I've asked the same question 2 weeks ago and still waiting for an answer. I created a new mod folder for it and there it has been since.
  14. I think you are mixing things up. There is a difference in WB's warning about form 43 plugins and messed up master orders. You need the CK to change form 43 plugins to form 44. To sort the masters of a plugin you can use xEdit as you said, but that is already a part of this guide: Quote from the Finishing Line section: Open SSEEdit in Mod Organizer 2 and click [OK].Select all ESMs/ESPs and select "Sort Masters".
  15. It is not even a regular NPC. There are 2 owls (really, they're owls) locked away in a debug area in the Vigilant's Store Room. They serve no other purpuse than being merchants for the mod's items. At least that is what I assume based on the description.
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