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  1. Hey spartanflame, I am using Vilja alongwith a bunch of other followers in my build - so far no issues However, do not take my word for it, I am playing with my fingers crossed Thanks for responding, Nozzer - yeah as I am playing through, I am adding some mods that I used to use a while back - for example, My Home Is Your Home.
  2. Hey all, have not posted in a while, because I have been wrapped up in actually playing the game as opposed to modding 😜 While we are on the topic of CTDs, has anyone encountered random CTDs lately? I have been experiencing it quite a bit and not sure how to fix it. Other thing I was wondering about was the Wrye Bash Patch. So after you have Rebuilt the Bashed Patch, when you add any additional mods that introduce an esp file, you have to Rebuild the Bashed Patch, right? For doing that, do you have to re-enable all mods that are unchecked??? So far, I have been doing it as follows: 1. Install additional mods 2. For those have esp files, first run LOOT to sort order. 3. Next run Wrye Bash (note that I am not de-selecting or de-activating anything) 4. Right click and Rebuild Bashed Patch 5. Uncheck NoMerge mods 6. Review the custom settings and checked items above Leveled Lists (can’t remember all of them) and click Build Patch. 7. Next, run ASIS 8. Next, run Dual Sheath Redux 9. Lastly, navigate to the Mod Organizer -> overwrite folder and cut all the files and paste into the SRLE Extended LOTD Profile folder, overwriting existing files. 10. Launch game Am I doing it right? Thanks.
  3. Fyi - if anyone is interested, I traced the source of this problem - it's my middle mouse button. If I click it once within game, then it works fine without any tweaks. Wondering why that is the case - is there any configuration that is forcing the middle mouse button to become active on game launch? I can only think of the Dual Wield Parrying Block MCM configuration.
  4. Guys, just wondering about this - if you have followers with you, do you have to get a hit in with a particular enemy for your player character to get some experience points out of that "kill". For example, if you and your followers are attacking a wolf or a bandit, what happens if your followers finish the job before you get a single hit in? Do you get 0 exp points? The reason I ask is because I am a follower-hoarder, and like playing with like a "full-party" kind of an experience. So currently, I have a tank, 2 healers and thinking of adding 2 damage dealers - so this will be in addition to my central character, that's like 6 total characters tackling every wolf, bandit, whatever else is out there. I thought by increasing the game difficulty to "Legendary", I might be able to balance it out, but not sure if it's working. Any suggestions? I guess one route would be to start small at the lower levels, like 2 followers max. and keep adding by 1 every 5 levels..... But anyways, thoughts?
  5. Interesting - so, to summarize: 1. Uncapper for Ordinator - better gameplay experience that aligns with most of the content in this guide 2. Community Uncapper - closer to vanilla experience, but any modification in skills will be experimental because underlying dependencies hard to determine Question though - does all of the above have an impact on the Follower levels? In other words, does it impact how a follower levels up and gains skills? Nozzer, since Disparity is being brought up - I was delaying the in-game selection of that intentionally. So, if I pick a class, for eg, Mage, does Disparity confine / restrict me to that class? Or will I have complete freedom to expand or grow other skill areas as well? I guess I am not fully clear what kind of an impact Disparity has to the game. Also, see my response above to godescalcus regarding Follower leveling - does Disparity have an impact on Followers' skills? Hey Darth or Lexy, not sure if you guys saw this post of mine, but wondering if the referenced content needs an update.
  6. Awesome - so should I be looking at SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.ini file under the Uncapper for Ordinator -> SKSE -> Plugins folder? Or do we need to edit the one under Skyrim-Community-Uncapper mod? Yes, agreed that it is very extensive, but all I am looking to modify is the rate at which the Base Level of the Player Character increases. Which one would that be? Assuming I do not have to modify / update the skill values for each area like Alteration, Conjuration, bla bla.....
  7. I spoke too soon - the dialog menu is still scrolling too fast. I may have to tweak it down further. But I agree with FinalPantasy - leveling is way way slower - finished Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon on Legendary difficulty and still halfway through level 2 Just out of curiosity, how can we tweak the leveling speed just a little bit, about halfway between what vanilla game is and what Uncapper does? Anyone configure it that way?
  8. Darth, thanks for responding - however, this is what fixed it for me: SkyrimPrefs.ini [interface] fMouseCursorSpeed=0.7000 (This value was originally set at 1.0000) The link where I found the above recommendation:- https://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/828925849445175984/
  9. Hey everyone - so finally got done with modding I started playing yesterday and so far so good, noticed one of the followers that I added was mis-behaving. But I pushed it down after Alternate Start - Live Another Life, and it started working. The mouse scroll speed is super-duper fast, though. It's a major problem while going through menus and/or zooming in and out within the game. Anyone encounter this problem? Thanks.
  10. Crap... Good thing I made an image right before Conflict Resolution. Ok, thanks Lexy, I will re-start from there. I guess I will attempt the additional Conflict Resolution this time too - see how many things pop up before I run the xEdit scripts. Also, on the Merges page, maybe the following section needs revision: Collectables and Treasures Merged Files to merge: BGtheCapturedFairies.esp (BadGremlins Captured Fairies)BadGremlinsJarHunt.esp (BadGremlins Great JarHunt)BGsomethingFishy.esp (BadGremlins Something Fishy)BGtrophyHeads.esp (BadGremlins Trophy Heads)SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp (Skyrims Unique Treasures)Merge name: --- Collectables and Treasures MergedFilename: Collectables and Treasures Merged.espLeft Pane Placement: Directly After Skyrims Unique TreasuresPlease note that this merge requires you to run ReLinker. Check the ReLinker section at the end of the guide for more info. The yellow note above makes it sound as if we have to run ReLinker immediately after creating the above merge - which was what I did.
  11. So, basically install the SRLE LOTD Conflict Resolution.esp, Custom Fixes, run LOOT and then check for conflicts before doing the xEdit Scripts?? Also, got a question about Re-Linker - I ran that just after doing the Collectables and Treasures Merge. So do I need to run Re-Linker again after doing creating the No More Dragon LOD's Output.esp??
  12. Lexy, since I am using some additional mods on top of the guide mods, when do I check for conflicts? After installing Conflict Resolution and Custom Fixes or after finishing the LOOT order, TES5Edit scripts, etc..? Also for checking conflicts in the new mods, do I right-click every new mod and Apply Filter on each one? I can follow the guide for resolving the conflicts, just wondering how to go about checking for them and when. Thanks.
  13. Darth, I noticed that you added the Merged tag on the SRLE Extended LOTD page - thanks 👠Lexy, Thanks for responding - awesome! Can’t wait to get the final steps rolling.... I will refer the Section 4 of NVEdit?? (I think) for steps on doing the options you suggested. Will post if I have any questions.
  14. Hey guys, quick q - I have finally reached the Conflict Resolution section (yet again ) So, am I supposed to just download and install the following esp files and then proceed with the rest of the sections? SRLE Extended LoTD - Conflict Resolution SRLE Extended LoTD - CR Update for 1.59.1 (TESTING) - this one says Testing, so should I be downloading it? SRLE Extended LoTD - Custom fixes Also in my case, since I am using some mods outside of the guide, I understand that I will have to do my own Conflict Resolution. So does that mean that I have to compile a whole new SRLE Extended LoTD - Conflict Resolution file by following the NVEdit Manual - Section 4?? Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, thank you all for chiming in - love the active discussion. Sorry have not had a chance to respond yet, been tied up with work. But once I get home, I will re-post an update of where I am at along with an updated list of my non-guide mods :)
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