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  1. its been fixed. i just uninstalled and deleted all traces of NMM and skyrim off my computer. clean my disk. and its working. just needed to reset everything and place my directories differently. appreciate it guys!
  2. Yes i believe it is. and yes when i start MO steam is running as well. but i have also started it even when steam wasnt on and the effects were the same. it didnt work. I have tried doing that, it was the same thing. it just would not load the mods i had installed. no matter what they were or how i did it. manually or by MO itself. Im just thinking of completely removing steam and all traces of skyrim from my computer. and then cleaning my disk and then try to reinstall everything.
  3. and it is i believe. i have the scripts installed into MO, the actual executable in the skyrim game folder, as well as spare folders in case i need SKSE again. and if i run SKSE through the skyrim folder executable i can run SKSE just fine (i checked in the console commands when i opened skyrim) but even if that is the case, would that prevent MO from recognizing the skyrim game? i guess thats the main issue here? i dont know.
  4. i havent made any settings changes through MO. ive uninstalled/reinstalled it multiple times so it should be clean. ive never done anything else to it. so youre not sure as to what i should do? cause honestly i have no idea.
  5. Is this what you needed? so MO trying to manage the wrong file then?
  6. also i dont know if this helps but everytime i launch skyrim through MO this appears: "Failed to start ""d:/program files (x86)/steam/steam.exe" evrytime ive tried to launch skyrim since i first installed MO has showed this everytime. i dont know if this means anything or not, but normally when something fails... well yeah.
  7. Okay im sorry but i dont know what you mean by data folder. do you mean you want me to remove all mods installed from NMM in the application itself? or sift through the MO's actual folder and delete it? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/38649 and is this what you mean by enboost? and if it is then where do install it to? it should be just a mod that will show up in MO when i download it right? and yeah i have SKSE downloaded properly and inside the skyrim game file. i tried downloading SKYUI through NMM however, and it did infact work and show up in the game.
  8. I am very new to modding and i love mods! Ive been using Skyrim Mod Manager up until today and when i tried switching over to Mod Organizer, after installing all of my desired mods, none of the mods i downloaded and installed loaded into a new game i started. NONE. Alternate start, SKYUI, CBBE body replacers, nothing. In fact, the only mods that were being carried over were from the ones from Mod Manager. Ive tried changing the file path in MO to the skyrim folder in steamapps and to my surprise, it just removed and deleted every mod i had installed in MO. (which had me fuming) Ive tried uninstalling and reinstallin both NMM and MO and same thing. Ive tried moving the Steam folder to the C: drive whereas i previously had it in my D: drive. I just want to start a nice game and finally finish a playthrough with the mods i want, but everytime i try a new solution i see online, it only seems to make things worse and worse to where im afraid to even touch my steam folder or open any game because i have no idea what im doing.. if ANYONE can help. itd be greatly appreciated. S.O.S If any of you need pictures to file paths and things then: https://imgur.com/yRaBVlx (current location of skyrim) https://imgur.com/QBoNIju (what happened after i tried changing the file path in MO) https://imgur.com/85NCTSp (where mods and MO currently is) if you need more then let me know. ill be glad to share.
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