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  1. That's...interesting. Looks like you can get fairly close to the shapes; can you get a formID or RefID off one and check it out in xEdit?
  2. ENB Series updated to v .331 "Added DisableFakeLights parameter to enblocal.ini for switching on/off character light. Added game ssao parameters for tweaking its amount and make it colorful. Some bug fixes. Added image based lighting effect from old Skyrim mod, fixed bug with clouds transition. Disabled mod when Creation Kit is running. Added specular parameters for VEGETATION, EYE, OBJECT categories and improved separation of such objects similar to old Skyrim mod."
  3. I'm not sure anyone knows when they'll come out officially. Racemenu only lacks overlays and sculpting, rest of it works perfectly. Tutorial for converting is here (scroll down a bit).
  4. Thanks, I'll grab Drinking Fountains. That was my major beef with the mod, not being able to quench with simple water. I haven't noticed problems with Honed Metal (and I have a ton of armor mods) yet, though granted I haven't had time to do really extensive testing. It hasn't broken for me yet. Fuz Ro D'oh updated for new SKSE (ver 1.1)
  5. I was looking at VM myself last night, think I'm going to plop it in my LO too. Only hesitations I had when first looking at it was people pointing out that you basically end up with a perma-debuff from booze since you can't drink water from rivers etc, and that it's annoying to insta-die if the meters hit 0. Don't know if either has had anything changed to it since I last looked. How are you liking it? I use both Honed Metal and Simple Actions myself, and they work fine in the build.
  6. So I tried updating the hishy script, still no dice. Looking at the patch in zEdit I'm even more baffled. Screenshot here (sorry, for some reason it will not display my images on the forum).
  7. I'm sure she knows, she was just downloading it herself a bit ago. It'll take some time for her to get everything re-organized, let's just hold onto our butts.
  8. Not the first time, no. And yes, I've tried deleting and regenerating. Still have the same errors.
  9. I was running around testing my game and started noticing random NPCs with "Error: No strings file for lstring ID" showing instead of their name. I tracked the problem back to my zEdit patch. As you can see in this image, I have a huge list of NPCs with FULL - Name errors in my zEdit patch (the list keeps scrolling down beyond what I can show in the screenshot). What am I doing wrong, guys?
  10. Confirmed, Racemenu's new version works for me too. Woop Brotherhood of Old Open Beta has been updated to v 0.9.4. Legacy of the Dragonborn has added an esp overrwrite to fix a game-breaking bug in Rkund.
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