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  1. Heyo. Sorry about the double post, just wanted to update that starting a new game+redoing MCM's does fix it. I am still not entirely sure how or why this occurs, but, well, its not the guide at least. And if my setup from May is just fine, I am guessing the newer versions are likely better :V
  2. Ugh, running into situations where Predator Vision would be useful. I am pretty sure its the Alternate Start bug i am having with it, where mu second character isnt getting PV as the mod was already activated when the game began. Apparently disabling the mod, making a clean save, and then reenabling it can fix it. Which is tempting to do as my toon is already lvl 25. Would you guys recommend this at all? How do i do it? Disable it just in the load order on the right pane, or from the MO install pane? Do i clean my save? I have the mage spells for both powers if it helps.
  3. @Luisangre Entirely up to your preferences. Do you value the storyline of LOTD? If so, AFAIK it's an easy enough case made, that is, wait, unless you are ok with multiple characters and a more than one playthrough person. I say AFAIK because other than some fairly...I think, if I understood em right, important, changes to its own custom quests, I am not sure what else it has. I think support for Odyssey as well? If you have free time you are itching to spend on something like Skyrim, then go ahead and mod it, maybe skip the finishing steps and a dedicated playthrough. That way you don't spend like half your enthusiasm and energy first modding Skyrim when LOTD v5 comes, because heyo, you gots a modded setup dawg! I personally modded this back in May and had a short run then that I just restarted like two days ago for realsies, don't much care for LOTD's story meself :p more into Vigilant and the likes~ (Before y'all go 'BURN THE WITCH!', do note I do still think LOTD is very cool. Just maybe a bit triggering for obsessive tendencies? Definitely a your mileage may vary thingy.) Note on a potential -minor- issue: Spoiler'd because wall o' text. Enjoy your Skyrim, and thy life fellow oxygen breather!
  4. Heyo! Thanks for getting back on this. I didn't have one of those quests activated...so far as I could tell, unless I overlooked something. Good news is that continuing to play and finishing up some more quests made all the rest available. I am guessing what you said is the culprit, I just failed to pinpoint the quest causing it. Maybe a Missive quest did it for all I know IDK. No matter, so long as it ends well, eh? :p
  5. Damn it, can't edit the previous post anymore. I have tried reloading and reentering Whiterun but can't get Amren or Ysolda's quest to trigger. Finishing up the report to Jarl Baalgruuf about Alduin's attack doesn't change anything either. Amren has the argument as usual, but the dialogue option to ask about it never shows up. I also noticed that Uthgerd doesn't have an option to brawl with her when you meet her outside Whiterun first(which I think is added by Immersive Citizens?). What the eff is going on here?
  6. Hey guys, I am facing a rather odd issue. One that I don't remember cropping up previously. My guide version is from May 2019, from what I can ascertain. The error itself: Amren doesn't provide the quest to find his family sword after listening to the couple's argument, the relevant dialogue option is not even there. Ysolda as well has not given me her task to find a mammoth tusk. When I finished modding this back in May, I apparently had a short-ish run where I definitely did do both their quests and was mucking about with the companions and getting my toon stronger. Is there a particular reason this can happen? Any ideas on how to fix it aside from starting a new game...?
  7. Chiming in real quick to point out Wheels of Lull has an Unofficial Patch that supposedly fixes things: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19734 If you guys ever feel like adding that one back in :3
  8. Quick recommendation: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18183?tab=posts Author is seemingly looking into a new version dependent on Apocalypse for more variety, and this- according to the mod page anywho- seemingly already works well with SRCEO, just gotta load it below SRCEO so as to ensure the bosses actually work. Thought it might interest peeps.
  9. @Kneph13 Thanks for replying! And yeah...seriously tempted to just go LE but SRCEO's boss changes and OMEGA in particular keep holding me back lol. Plus I know SE is much more stable in general D: Arrrrrgh. This is literally the silliest thing on the planet lol. Ok not literally, there are sillier things. Its like, here's a guide that is fully updated and ready to go, even possibly addon friendly, and here's one that may have more awesome mods in it down the line but is still being tested and may take a couple of months to a year yet...and here's me going "BUT THE BOSSES AND DRAGONS AND WEIRD LORE QUESTS MANG". Welp, I will figure it out. Might end up just blocking Nexus/Step/Skyrim subreddits for three months and force myself to forget about it >_> Still have my modded New Vegas to play through anywho.
  10. Question regarding Wheels of Lull and Undeath: I tried going through the previous posts in this topic, but am still confused - For Wheels of Lull - Whatever CTD's/crashes/freezes it causes - is it within the mod content only? Be it items or spells it adds, or be it within quests/worldspaces? Or can it cause crashes in the vanilla content/world/regular gameplay as well? Because if its the former then I plan to add it and just console command through spots where errors happen lol. The latter would be the true deal breaker...welp. And the last post by Trainwiz indicating any signs towards an update, if I am right, was in December 2017 ;_; For Undeath - Am I understanding correctly that the good guy end of the quest is bugged and can't be finished? Literally just interested in the quest here TBH. Being a Lich has no real interest for me. Thankfully at least in this case there is an update incoming. No date from what I can tell, but its coming. HUZZAH! ----- Other random Q's, if they are alright to ask: Has any tried the LE version of this guide with KS Stronger Dragons, Darkend, Spectraverse/Dwemertech/Wyrmstooth/Ravengate? ....and um, anyone who can draw comparisons between Advanced Adversary Encounters and Skyrim Complete Enemy Overhaul? CEO sounds slightly better from the one or two comments I could find, and it, plus an upcoming update to Undeath and OMEGA(because that revolves around CEO and won't ever exist for Classic) are pretty much the only reason I am still hovering between modding Classic Skyrim or waiting two months and then modding Special Edition. These latter questions were posted on the classic guide's thread, figured I might try posting them here, if anyone has any thoughts on em at all. ------ Final question and possibly the most stupefying one: ....how feasible is it to use this guide and its classic equivalent without actually utilizing Legacy of the Dragonborn? Like, can I still use the patches you guys have provided in some form without actually utilizing LOTD? >_>; I will settle and just get LOTD too and never play it if I can't, just thought I would ask once >3>;
  11. Actually, two more: Is it feasible to try running either this guide or the SE version with a GTX 770 2GB? Not planning to run most of the graphics mods, just a lightweight ENB like Phinix Natural(The Truth ENB on SSE I believe) How being of a difference do you guys find between Complete Enemy Overhaul and Advanced Adversary Encounters? I tried researching for some comparisons, and maybe its just a failure in my google-fu, but I found next to nothing. A couple of comparisons with Revenge of the Enemies, but not much else D: Other than Wheels of Lull, the SE edition is just looking...more and more glorious. .... no seriously, I am one of the dumbasses still not modding Skyrim because Wheels of Lull ain't updated on SE yet. Anyone here have a sacrificial goat or two perchance? No? Worth a shot >3>
  12. Couple of questions: Has anyone tried using the backported(I think?) KS Dragon Overhaul with this? And Darkend? ...ideally also Spectraverse/Dwemertech?(Entirely possible I am asking this one again >_>) And Wyrmstooth?
  13. Nvm. Didn't even notice the board is inactive, found a perk ID list and got it done. Huzzah for having gamepedia unblocked, heh.
  14. Setup up a Fear and Loathing version last December and only started playing a couple of days ago. Decided to take a gander once more at the guide and more specifically the MCM settings recommended, and noted that she/he recommends a perk per level. Welp. I am Level 7 and gots 3 perks, when presumably I should have six starting from level 2. Is there a way to either respec later in the game or can I somehow bring up the perk menu thrice and just give myself the perks...? ...its possible this may be a rather silly question for this forum, my bad, I run a truncated internet setup which doesn't even have a search engine(yes, really, self-discipline reasons), thought I would try asking here.
  15. I have fantastic timing, don't I? I am wondering if I am just blind as a bat and there actually is an edit button that I just can't see...well, anyways, last post for the day: Just found this - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82128 Civil War Overhaul replacement mebbe? Just sharing, thought it might be of interest. :) EDIT: OH HEY THERE IT IS. Does it just last for a period of time after a post or something? Nice to know at least.
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