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  1. Yep I went discord MO2 and they helped me solve it, it was anti virus but strange it only started yesterday. Oh well boh2
  2. It was working up to like an hour ago but it stopped. Here is the setting SSEEDIT does the same. https://imgur.com/a/2OClPGv
  3. It keeps saying valueerror: invalid literal for int() with base 16: b'' skyrim but merge plugins gave me the green light to merge it and it merged just fine, how come relinker keeps saying this? https://imgur.com/a/6mvtV2L
  4. So I have a ton of patch mods and people told me not to merge ALL mods patches together since they might override somethign. So if I do the following is it ok? 1.) Legacy of the dragon born patch merge 2.) ETAC merge 3.) another mods merge and than making a merge patch of those 3 mods.
  5. No, its still saving it in MY DOCUMENTS but instead of MO saves its directly saving it in sse\saves now Nah nvm, it worked now. 2.1.3 didn't work but 2.1.4 work, weird what bug caused it...
  6. The test profile is doing the same thing. : ( Should I reinstall mod organizer 2.1.3 and just recopy the download and mod folder? The only concern I have with that is the load order. Is there a way to save the load order? EDIT I even tried created a new profile and having local game setting and local saves enable for them but it doesn't do anything. All profiles are saving into one singular location in documents\sse\mo saves
  7. Yes all profiles have the local savegames enabled, however that are all still being saved under my documents\sse\mo saves Here are some pictures. https://imgur.com/a/vIHlEHO
  8. So I have local savegame and local game setting enabled but the save file location is still in My documents\games\skyrim special edition\_Mo_saves How do I get saves to save only in their individual profiles like in original mod organizer?
  9. What do you mean by that? I already have mod organizer 2.1.3 installed.
  10. So I have updated to latest mo2 but it says HALP : ( Please use spoiler tags for long walls of text like logs. [spoiler] ... paste text here [/spoiler]
  11. I think it was just a bad crack at this point, I could have just tried a different cracked version, but since you were willing to help me against the guidelines I wanted to buy it. So basically your help made me buy it.
  12. Ok it is working now with non cracked version. Please tell future users that if you use a cracked SSE copy then it will cause issues with textures (or atleast it might be one of the issues)
  13. Well I have had no issues with Mod organizer and old skyrim and I have over 400+ mods and that being a stable game. (well stable as you can get with 400+ mods) and I am doing exactly the same thing as that expect I am using mo2 and special edition mods. So yeah but I still need help so I got the steam version so you guys can continue helping me :) however that being said, if nothing else works I will reset my whole pc and delete all the files and install skyrim special edition on steam and then install mo2 and see it from there.
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