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  1. Still can not figure out how to run Relinker on my system (Windows 10 x64 17763). It still doesn't run. I do\did all instructions properly (I guess): right version of Relinker (although I've tried to run the newest version as well), MO2 is installed where it should be (C:/Mod Organizer 2...), MO2 is closed prior to Relinker. When I open Relinker, a small black window quickly appears and disappears on the screen and that's it. Probably there is something wrong with my system or permissions, idk. I can't find any solution online as well. But, the newest Mator's merging tool (zMerge) has inbuilt tool which also reconnects scripts and all that. But when I tried it last time - merges from it seemed to be broken, they just didn't appear in the game, not sure if it fixed right now (or maybe this problem was on my side as well, I will try again anyway, it seems like it has been updated several times). Also, there was only one merge from all of them (I don't remember which one exactly) which actually had some "relinker" output. But it may be diffirent for the rest of you, because I did not install a lot of mods from the guide. I'd like to hear your opinion, guys, on this zMerge. Do you think it's worth switching to? It definetely makes merging process easier btw. Also, how big of a change was CR 1.06 from 1.05? I've just cleaned 1.05 from all of the mods I didn't install, don't want to do that again unless it's absolutely necessery.
  2. Yes, it's closed. My MO folder is located in steamapps\common\Mod Organizer, next to SSE game folder.
  3. I don't have antivirus, tried running as admin, tried diffirent versions of Relinker - nothing helps. And haven't find any information on this issue.
  4. I still haven't managed to run Relinker on my system (black cmd window just quickly appears and then goes away) but Merge Plugins work fine without any problems. Are my merges still broken then? I haven't done excessive testing, but I've never run into any issues with merged mods so far... When it comes to scripts - I don't know if MCM is a good indicator, but all MCM's of merged mods are also working. And DynDOLOD doesn't seem to be broken\not working.
  5. Today I've found out that some mods of the guide are considered as problematic, Footprints and CLARALUS in particular: https://www.tesgeneral.com/unrecommended But I'm not sure if this information is relevant. I don't know how old this list is and it is for LE. Also I've found this reddit thread, at the bottom of it people talk about SkyTEST being problematic. Is it true nowadays? https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/3yvez8/about_script_heaviness_also_a_dangerous_mods_list/ I've also made a thread about this myself: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/9ewvr2/pcsse_how_dangerous_these_mods_are_today_if_they/ I'd like to see your opinions on all of this. And speaking about CLARALUX: is Lanterns of Skyrim a good alternative?
  6. Yes, I have Win10. And it has been updated several times since my previous modding sessions. Relinker and Spluff worked on older versions of Win10 though. Well, I will optimise some mods separately, I guess. Thank you!
  7. Hello, thank you for your guide once again. Everything works great so far. Except Relinker. It just doesn't work for some reason. When I launch it - the prompt window appears for a millisecond - and that's it. I have the version v40. Not sure what to do. Have anyone encountered it? Maybe I've missed something? I've tried it on both my setups, SE and LE, Relinker 64 and 32 bit - all the same. It is not a huge deal, because DynDOLOD still worked fine. At least AFAICS. I just wanted to use SPLUFF for my LE installation but it doesn't work either.
  8. Share with me please if you can. And I hope your patch will end up in this guide, as well as iAFT!
  9. Not sure if it was mentioned here before, but there are some issues with WICO. I will quote something from TUCO Guide page: As far as I know, the solution is still not there. I personaly had issues even with some regular elves, Jenassa in particular. When I've uninstalled WICO everything was fine. Now I'm using Total Character Makeover, but WICO is my favorite. Maybe you know something about it?
  10. I think this will definetely help a lot! I thought about it yesterday, when I thought I screwed up my game and have to rebuild everything, including merges. Fortunatelly, I was wrong, game is alright, but having an understanding what mods are included in what merges while you going through installing them can really help a lot.
  11. I can't use your LOTD Merged Patch, because I did some other mod choices. Is it OK if I just merge all separete DBM patches I've installed?
  12. Talking about Conflict Resolution Patch (Main one and for NPC Retextures): I can not use yours, because I landed on Skyrim Unbound instead of LAL (mainly because I want to try to participate in new CouchWarrior's project, maybe somebody here heard about it). Also, I've installed some extra mods here and there, which are not in your guide. And I didn't install the majority of NPC retexture mods and RS Children (I chose Rustic Children instead). I've only installed WICO and Ethereal Elven Overhaul. So, I probably have to find out how to make CR patches myself. Are there any related instructions here on this site or somewhere else how to do that? Is it hard to? If I won't be able to do it for some reason - is it critical if I'll go without it? What issues does it cover? Also, as far as I remember hair mods are not the part of CR patch for NPC's, so I'll suggest you two mods: 1) Salt and Wind for KS Hairdos https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79735/?tab=files - makes KS hair look more natural 1.1) As an option - Immersive KS Hair - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12004/ - removes some hair from the main KS mod, which don't look appropriate for Skyrim environment or which are not very well done. 2) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7992/ - Hallgarth's Additional Vanilla hair - small pack of hair which fit very well in game. Honestly, I'm very concerned about many NPC retextures and overhauls. They are GREAT in most cases, but so many of them give so unappropriate haircuts to NPCs. That's why I didn't instal many AWESOME mods from your guide, and it makes me sad, because faces look magnificent, and some haircuts are really in touch. I like how Uthgerd and, for example, Delphine look with Bijin mods installed. But most haircuts from those mods look really out of place for me.
  13. Yes, I've encountered the same CTD due to Simple Knock. Luckily, it was pretty obvious to find out. Also, I'm not suggesting it for the guide, but I personally want to replace LAL with Skyrim Unbound. Is it ok? Does it have any pitfalls in general, or particularly when using with your guide?
  14. Vigor - yes please! But why Smilodon? Does it work better with Vigor than Wildcat? For me Wildcat and Vigor work fine together, but maybe I just didn't notice something wrong... Mortal Enemies - sure, in fact I will just install it right now. SoT Sleeping encounters - IMO, it's kinda optional, maybe it is too much for the core guide, not everybody may like it. Also even though I like Vigor very much - it may also be too intense for average user. It makes combat really challenging, especially on lower levels.
  15. You can always make a separate profile in MO specifically for these mods. Anyway, for me it works from my main profile without any issues.
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