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  1. I'm having a problem and hoping someone can help. I've got the full Nexus version of the guide installed minus the HQ texture mods. My problem is that from time to time I come across a glitch where what I'm seeing in first person view is completely different from what I see in 3rd person - like I'm somewhere else. Usually not far away, but definitely not in the same spot. When this happens my first person view is typically stuck facing one direction - I can't turn left or right, and after about ten seconds like this the game crashes. If I'm quick I can save before I crash, and when I reload the glitch appears to be gone - only to come back after maybe ten or twenty minutes of play.
  2. Probably a silly question, but is there a simple way to figure out which of my mods will need updating after SSE and SKSE have updated? Having discovered that my game had auto-updated, I decided not to roll back my game files to .73, but just take a break from Skyrim for a few days until everything updates then just play the new version (I know - life without Skyrim - the withdrawal symptoms are killing me!). I see SKSE has now updated, but I'm not sure which of my mods will need updates to work with this new version of SKSE. I do have a lot of mods not on Lexy's guide, so wondering if there is a simple way to identify which mods are dependent on a specific SKSE version.
  3. @RavenHunter: Regarding the frequent updates, the advice usually given is once you start playing, stop modding. Unless there is something game-breaking that crops up I wouldn't worry about staying on top of all the updates on a regular basis. Personally, I do a big update maybe once every three months or so and get everything up to date, then I start a new game and don't update anymore. The Changelog page is excellent for keeping track of what has changed since you last updated. The frequent updates are actually really great as it means, no matter when you go through the guide, you get the benefit of the very latest mod updates fully integrated into the guide. But in the end, the goal is a playable, enjoyable game - as long as you have that, it's not super important to keep your game up to date. Such is my two septim's worth on the issue.
  4. It would be handy to have a link to the Prerequisites page at the top of the main guide. If you are worried about new users going straight to the Prerequisites page and missing the information given at the top of the main guide, perhaps that information could be at the top of the Prerequisites page instead (or as well). Just a thought, as you do have to scroll down quite a way to find the Prerequisites link.
  5. SSEEdit is now version 3.3.2Beta. Are the special instructions still needed with this version or does the latest version fix the issue?
  6. Thanks that worked. I had actually opened LOOT outside of MO after downloading, but didn't think to run a load order update. Once I did so outside of MO, returning to MO things were as they should be.
  7. When I go to edit groups in LOOT I initially have only the Default group showing. The instructions say to add a few groups (Merge Patches, NPC Retextures etc), but then the diagram shows a whole lot more groups that aren't mentioned in the instructions. Am I missing something? EDIT: To clarify, by 'the diagram' I mean the image of what the setup should look like when done.
  8. Might be worth adding an Idiot Check to SSoS reminding people the newly named meshes go in a separate folder. I know the instructions are clear if you read them carefully, hence my suggestion it be an Idiot Check not a simple Note. I for one copied and renamed the relevant meshes but failed to notice that the new ones had to go in a new folder - so I left them in the folders they started in. I'm almost certain this is why I was getting the CTDs I was reporting in the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp area a few days ago as that is also not far from Meridia's statue.
  9. I'm finding that Ask Innkeepers to Show Room SE is not working in my game. I have the .bsa extracted and deleted, the .esp has been included in the Miscellaneous Merge, and the mod is unchecked in the left pane, but in-game innkeepers still just have just the vanilla dialogue. It was working back when I first installed it, at least some of the time, but now not at all. Anyone know why this might be happening?
  10. A while back I posted about an issue I was having where whenever I came near the Stormcloak camp near Dragon Bridge I would CTD. I couldn't figure out which mod was causing the issue, so deactivated almost all and started a new character to test on. Over the next few days I gradually reintroduced the mods until I narrowed the problem down to the Finishing Line portion of the guide. It seems I had failed to update to the Morrowloot version of The Great Equalizer - though how a script that alters weapon and armor records could conceivably cause a consistent CTD at a specific location I cannot figure. Anyway, I have previously eliminated xLODGen from my game in favor of Trees LOD Redone as someone earlier mentioned it is less taxing on the system. Now my game runs fine so long as I don't activate TexGen or DynDOLOD. In all likelihood if I regenerated those two I'd be able to activate them just fine now that The Great Equalizer is fixed, but I've decided to just play without them until my next playthrough since DynDOLOD in particular takes so long to run. So yeah, probably not a problem anyone else will encounter as the offending (non-Morrowloot) script is no longer part of the guide, but thought I'd let y'all know what happened.
  11. Looks great. Looking forward to getting stuck in. Small note - Know Your Enemy has the wrong version number in the changelog (correct on the actual guide page).
  12. Tell me about it. Looks like a major update too. Better hold off on that Smashing methinks. :)
  13. Thanks for confirming that. I guess it's not a general problem then, just one of my mods needing to be reinstalled. I just need to figure out which one could be targeting that specific area. I was doing a quest given by The Notice Board that sent me to the camp, but those are mostly radiant so shouldn't make changes in the areas they send you to I wouldn't have thought. I know LOTD has a quest that sends you there too, but that hasn't triggered in my game yet, so again not likely to be the culprit. Guess I'll start with those two anyway, and take it from there.
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