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  1. Idk about your experience Lexy but I've found that whatever mod causes Camilla to sandbox on the upper floor of the shop seems to be the issue. If she has to leave from there for whatever reason she will not run her tour routine properly. Like Faneros said, it's not game-breaking and I just ignore her.
  2. Wow I just found out something hilarious that I don't understand but won't complain about. So I had been updating this guide during a playthrough, and after 87 hours the game finally got so corrupt that any save breaks it and I CTD. Not surprising given the number of script-running mods that were added/removed throughout the playthrough. I think I even implemented the OMEGA update mid-save! (I've since started a new game without updates while keeping the guide up to date on a separate MO profile for the Legacy v5.0 release.) I was screwing around with my old corrupted character, and I found out I can actually save the game still! I just need to set Save on Wait to "true." BUT get this...it only works once. If I wait again, the autosave does not go through and it crashes. My solution: wait without Save on Wait. Then wait with it on. Autosave successful. Turn Save on Wait off. Next time I want to save, wait once without it, then turn Save on Wait on again. It saves! What a weird situation. I don't have the slightest clue why it works or how long it will work if I continue playing. Just thought you guys might get a kick out of that. Make sure that, as Lexy has pointed out before, you eventually stop updating in order to play through the game! That's the end goal after all. You just can't keep adding and removing stuff in a 700+ mod game and expect it to work. Or can you?
  3. My xLODGen takes about that long, but DynDOLOD only takes about 30 minutes, not including 5-10 for TexGen. Are you generating Ultra Trees? I do not and that might make a difference.
  4. I just realized how well the "A Little Chat" section has been rewritten. Great job, guys. I've been following this guide since the beginning of the SE version last year and it's crazy how well it has come together over time.
  5. Thank you Lexy! I will try that. I have also had this problem from time to time. I've been too lazy to try to figure it out, but I'm wondering if some interaction with Immersive Weapons might be to blame? I'm just so used to double-drawing them by now lol.
  6. Alright, I'm going nuts here. Since around the last update, I have purple snowy mountains all across Skyrim, and I've no idea why. I immediately thought missing textures, and was able to find out that the purple color is on rockL04.nif, a vanilla mesh. However I see no issues with this in SSEEdit, and I even tried to learn some Nifskope to figure it out but it seems normal. The mountainslab02.dds file that Nifskope says it points to is present in the Majestic Mountains mod. FWIW I also reinstalled SMIM and Majestic Mountains, the two mods that involve this texture, to no avail. Then again, that purple color doesn't strike me as the same as other missing textures I've seen. Could it be something else? I've provided screenshots of the snow-covered mountain purple texture, as well as one where it is next to regular Majestic Mountain rocks so you can see the clear difference. If those links do not work, here are the urls: https://imgur.com/LJzUdw8 https://imgur.com/TWap1CT
  7. My "PC" is actually a gaming laptop that I bought in late 2016. It's got mid-to-high level specs and has an NVidia Gtx 965, which was pretty acceptable at the time, as 10-series cards were nigh unaffordable at that point for those of us without a huge gaming budget. Now it's 2 1/2 years later and I still manage 25-30 FPS in the Tamriel worldspace even in areas like Falkreath hold. I'm not familiar with the 2080 ti, but for that price I sure hope you get a solid performance upgrade! It looks very solid. It has always amazed me how much work creators put into balancing the ENB ratio. That is, achieving maximum aesthetic effect with minimum frame drops. It's an art, and I'm happy with our new ENB regardless.
  8. I agree. I like this new ENB way better, though it does eat up the FPS. Not that I had high FPS to begin with
  9. Thanks for the reply. I've been at this character through at least a dozen updates of the guide. Man, imagine how much stuff got switched around mid-game. I'm amazed it even lasted this far! Oh well.
  10. Does anybody have any advice for preventing bloat and/or corruption on longtime playthroughs with this many mods? I've been going strong with this one character for about two months with the intent to complete the Dragonborn Gallery before the big v5.0 release, but have recently run into a serious issue: crashing on save, no matter when or where. Loading older saves still results in crashing on save. Starting a new game results in much smoother (almost immediate) save times and zero issues. I understand that with nearly 700 mods things will get bogged down, but there has to be some way to fix this. I downloaded this script cleaner [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5031?tab=description] and ran ReSaver, cleaning up orphaned scripts and undefined elements, but it was of no use. With mods like Not So Fast, Dawnguard/Dragonborn Delayed, and the Companions quest overhaul, you can't really get the full experience of this mod setup without putting in a lot of hours, but that also results in a lot of bloat. It probably doesn't help that for this character I've also been collecting one of every armor piece, weapon, and some clutter to store in the museum, but that shouldn't be that big of an issue, right? After 83 hours on this character, I'm loath to start a whole new game, but if I do I will want to ensure that this doesn't happen again.
  11. I can confirm the new update works fine (and is adult-mod free lol). Also don't be like me and try to load the exterior Skyrim cell after a DynDOLOD update. It could cause CTDs. I try to make sure that I have a save in an interior cell whenever we update so that DynDOLOD can initialize properly.
  12. Hmmm...an update pushed through on April 1st? How do we know that we're all not just being fooled into downloading Schl*ngs of Skyrim in the guise of a "Whiterun Tree Overhaul"?
  13. Hey guys make sure with the new update when you're rebuilding your merges that you rebuild the LOTD Patches Merged before the Lexy's LOTD Special Edition Consistency Patches Merged, otherwise you will get a missing master error that will hold up the latter merge because of the renaming of the Zim's .esp. Once you rebuild LOTD Patches Merged it will have the new master file requirement and won't stop the Moon and Star patch from loading in the Consistency Patches merge. They're in alphabetical order on the Changelog page as always but they should be done in reverse order this time. Hey mdtexeira I just made the above post addressing this before I saw yours; you can check that out. It's just a matter of updating one merge before the other.
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