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  1. That's great! Is it save to keep the folder created always active??
  2. Is it save to keep the xEdit produced cache files in the overwrite folder? Or should I always remove them before starting my game? As It is faster loading with xEdit with the files in overwrite but I'm afraid it can be harmful to my game?
  3. I have succesfully installed mods after this problem :) Don't know what the problem was? and it might re-appear if I install big enough mods. Will see, I continue this post if it appears again but for now thx
  4. UPDATE ::: So I managet to get them all installed but this is the second time this has happened. And it seems to have something to do with the Luxor 1,3 gb texture pack because I had to uninstall it and the install the rest of the mods and then re-install Luxor.... Note the luxor mod has an archive so theres .esp plugin. Also the textures are in the game so it works but why all this hassle with these files??
  5. OK so an update::: It has something to do with the luxors texture pack because I uninstalled it and then tried to install the other mod and it was a success. I will try to Install the texture mod back still. So could this be some problem with too much textures or file sizes?
  6. So every time I try to UPDATE Outcasts and Renmants in Fallout 4 the download gets to 12% and crashes.. I have installed the mod before with success but now try to update it. Could it be something to do with the fact how big the file is?? I had similar problem before with 1gb texture package from Luxor. Help?
  7. Big thanks! Now my MO works again :) But I still will start to use MO2 at some point
  8. So I am currenly using MO(original) BUT because of stopped support of MO (No nexus page connection) and other reasons I am thinking about creating a new Mod list using MO2 BUT I have also got a good list of mods and I have played some time with that list so I have a save in it. In which I have used MO (original). Now I could just do the same thing with MO2 what I did with MO and continue the save BUT that would take time... (and time we have so little…)and I also would like to make a different kind of game then what I have previosly so I could play both from time to time. SO does it mess up my Skyrim if I would keep using MO (original) to play my current old save game and also same time use MO2 to make completly different kind of mod list so I could make different kind of character and just switch the MO version to play the game the way I feel like in that time.??? All I really have done to the Skyrim game folder is installed SKSE (which I would use in both anyway..), ENB (which I know how to change if need so), DynDOLOD should not be a problem?. well MO (original is in there also, don't know does that matter?) and other kind of necessary tools are located there which don't really matter. Yeah and also I play with Requiem so there's some files created by it but those don't matter if Requiem is not active in MOd list, I think?`?. So basicly Its almost in vanilla stage, right? Thx for any comments about the subject :)
  9. Damn check this: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13336-mo-download-issues/
  10. Same here I think there was some sort of announcement some time ago which might have affected this, it was about NMM but it might have also affected MO not sure about this just guessing :/ Someone help solve this!!
  11. Okey Big THX, I think i'll in anycase use MO2 for I want to learn how to use it if I ever move to SE : >
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