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  1. Even though it seems this forum is pretty dead these days, I'll try and ask anyway. Has anyone else had issues traveling back to Skyrim from Falskaar? I'm trying to travel back through the trap door on Wulf's boat, but clicking on the door does absolutely nothing. I've tried searching around google, but have been unable to find a single thing about this, so I'm guessing the issue might be tied to this particular setup i.e. SrleLotdextended. Possibly some kind of conflict that hasn't been noticed maybe?
  2. Just out of curiosity... I've been playing this setup for a pretty long time time, and I've never checked the load order subsection of the guide. Now that I've looked at it though. I've noticed that even after following the Loot instructions exactly, setting the user metadeta rules exactly, and sorting afterwards... ...my load order came out COMPLETELY different then what it says on the guide. Is this normal? I don't understand how Loot could sort my mods so much differently than what the order says in the guide. I don't know whether to keep them as is, or manually go through it and rearrange it myself.
  3. I've had the same thing happen to me numerous times in different cities. I'll be riding on my horse on the way there, when all of the sudden the objective will complete automatically and tell me to report my success. Like you said, it only seems to happen with city favor type quests. Haven't found a solution yet unfortunately. As far as the Undeath thing goes, I was never able to resolve it and just moved on and forgot about it. It's a bummer but not game breaking or anything. No matter what I do, even if after I managed to find a way around the funky color/stuttering glitch, I either ctd when I first finish the ritual, or my game becomes completely unstable and I start ctd'ing everytime I transform afterwords. Frustrating when you're completely careful setting everything up and triple checked and these things still seem to happen, but hey thats Skyrim I guess, lol. Srry I can't help with your problem either, I've resorted to the console for that same problem as well at the moment. It's a little harder finding help with these things lately, since I'm assuming most people are moving towards the SSE guide these days...
  4. Would I be alright if I added Bodyslide to this setup? Might be a stupid question but I don't want to mess anything up. I've been running this setup for awhile, but I want to convert a couple outfits I've added to fit a little better. I just don't want to mess with TMB's vanilla converstions that are already in this guide because those are perfect as is.
  5. I actually finished this guide a while ago when Classical Lichdom was still up, and followed the guide to clean all of them, so I don't think that's it. It is in fact a bit of a pain to install correctly, but I followed it to the letter for the fact that I was really looking forward to checking that one out. I finally managed to find a console command that worked to get out of the sewers from someone who was having a similar issue as me. Its "coc ScourgBarrowExterior01" for anyone having a similar issue. Any other coc commands won't work, it has to be that one. It's literally the only way I've managed to get out of the sewers after completing the lich ritual. However, I'm still having a lot of issues with Undeath. My game is still CTDing about 50% of the time I transform. I might just say screw it and go back to playing as a Vamp instead. Which sucks, because I've been having fun playing as a lich, for the 5 minutes at a time I've been able to before crashing anyway, lol. I just don't get why transforming is only sometimes causing a CTD. If it was all the time, it would actually be easier to nail down...
  6. Forgot to clarify, if I don't go through with the ritual and head outside, I'm fine. If I go through with my character becoming a lich though, I revert back to human form, still everythings' fine. But as SOON as I try and leave the sewer, or change cells whatsoever I guess, the entire game freaks out. Colors white out, the game starts stuttering down to what feels like 1/2 a fps until whiting out completely, eventually ctd's. I don't understand how simply changing my character essentually, would be causing the entire game world to crash around me. Like I said, the entire questline went down without a hitch. It's just this final thing, the most important thing really, thats screwing up. I'm at a total loss...
  7. Having a serious problem with the Undeath mod. I played through the entire questline, no problems whatsoever. But, as soon as I complete the ritual at the end to transform into a Lich, I either A.) ctd, or B.) everything will seem fine, but as soon as I exit the sewers after finishing the quest, whether it be into the Bards college, into the Winking Skeever, or back out to Skyrim directly, my game doesn't ctd, but bugs out. The screen seems to wig out, goes grey, everything seems to slow down. I can still hear music, menus work, start screen works, I can load up other saves and go back still, but the entire game might as well be crashing. The entire visuals of the game go completely wonky. Cant see anything. Sorry if this is confusing, I don't know how else to describe it. It's been a long time since I initially installed this guide, but I remember I followed the installation instructions precisely. Anybody else played through Undeath, maybe have an idea what is going on? I know this mod has a reputation of being buggy, but I did everything exactly as described in this guide...
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Makes me feel better that I wasn't bugged or something. I decided to just delete them with the console. I couldn't bring myself to kill them, too cute. :/ But they WOULD. NOT. STOP. following me after hours and hours of this playthrough, every time I was in a city, lol. Drivin' me crazy haha
  9. Kind of a random question, but I don't know where else to ask. Anybody know which mod in the guide adds random puppies that follow you around? Mainly Whiterun and Solitude from what I've noticed. Can't talk to them or interact, just keep following, barking, whining. Kinda annoying, lol. But I don't know which mod is causing it, or what for. I could just kill them to solve the problem, but I'm curious where it's coming from. Definitely wasn't in vanilla. Any ideas?
  10. Has anyone who plays a vampire noticed or had a problem with health/healing potions not working? I checked Better Vampires in the mod configuration panel, and there is indeed an option for potions affecting vamps/not affecting. But no matter which option is selected, healing potions will not work no matter what...
  11. Has anyone tried using Alternate Actors with this setup? I REALLY miss being able to edit npcs in game after coming back from Fallout 4, and it looks like this mod can make that happen. However, I'm assuming it's pretty script heavy so I'm a bit cautious...
  12. Hells yeah! I was super bummed when I found out that it's impossible to edit existing npcs ingame with racemenu, like you can with Fallout 4. The next best thing looks like creating new npcs ingame with this mod. Off to create some followers now...
  13. Would anybody have an idea of whether this guide would be compatible with the "Familiar Faces" mod? It also requires "JContainers". Wondering whether both of these mods would play nice with this setup... I'm really indecisive, and would like to use this mod to create my own followers, instead of downloading other people's. :P
  14. Ok, I think I fixed it, srry. Somehow my install of FNIS creatures must have went haywire. I decided to de-install creatures from the FNIS menu for the hell of it to see if it helped, uninstalled creatures pack from MO, reinstalled, and ran generate for FNIS afterwords. Thank god, but I think I managed to fix it. I think ALL of my creatures got stuck in a Tpose at some point for some reason, but Alduin was the only one I was noticing I guess. I KNEW the forest seemed unusually tame the last couple days, lol. Guess I didn't notice at first since it didn't seem to be affecting "all" of the enemies..
  15. No, the first time I noticed it, I chose the "I own property in Whiterun option" when I had started the game, I still have yet to even see the museum. The last few times I've tested it though, I've been choosing the "I'm a patron at a local inn (Riverwood)", because its the closest one to Helgen I know of, that way I can run there fast to test if it's still doing it. I don't get it, on the Whiterun save I had been playing, everything seemed to be working perfectly for a couple days until I thought I'd go check Helgen out and noticed this... I can't seem to find a single other instance online of this happening to anyone. I'm at a total loss of what a possible cause could be.
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