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  1. Hey guys, Could you tell me why I need the bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 in the Skyrim.ini file? ( The result of unchecking the 'Automatic Archive Invalidation' box in MO as the SRLE LoTD guide tells us to do ) The reason I'm asking is because, I'm using MO2 v2.1.3. I just confirmed with the MO2 build team that the MO2 plugin 'INI Bakery' that comes with MO2 is set to ALWAYS change bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 regardless of what the checkbox says. No one knows why it's doing that btw, could be a bug or by design. Thanks, -Xaxilis
  2. Thanks Xpander! When I didn't see any replies, I figured nobody cared. I'm encouraged
  3. Hey SirJesto, What changed? (So I know the effective method to fix this kind of issue if I run into it in other areas.) -Xaxilis
  4. I've had a couple emails asking about the .dll's for CACO. The source code files for the .dll's CACO redistributes are available to the public; ExATKDataPlugin.dll - HERE ( It's in devpieron's post, click the 'Show' button ) MagExtender.dll - HERE ( It's in the Magic Extender 1-03beta download ) DP_Extender.dll - HERE ( It's in the .bsa file of the mod under \scripts\source\dynamicpotions\ ) Here is my x64 conversion of the source code and the .dll's already compiled for SKSE64 v2.0.6 & v2.0.7; HERE. I probably won't keep these up forever so get them now. Maybe someone can put the files someplace more permanent to share? SirJesto? Lexy? Darth? Anyone? The already compiled .dll's are in the \skse64\x64\Release directory. To get CACO running in SSE, just convert the CACO .esp to Form 44 in Creation Kit and replace the .dll's in its' SKSE\Plugins directory with the ones I've provided. I'd run it's .nif's through NifOptimizer as well. -Xaxilis
  5. He hasn't replied. I posted the entire message I sent to her so that, Lexy could reference it if she talked to her. I'm hoping she's got a more direct line to her than my nexus message which, will probably get lost in the millions of messages she gets sent from that site.
  6. Here's my emails to kryptopyr (I've got one out to Wiseman303 too so, I can make sure I'm right about perms) Hi Kryptopyr,I've already completed the conversion of your CACO mod to SSE and am ready to deliver it to you if, you like? I'm hoping you would be williing to upload it to nexus so, Lexy can include it in her Legacy of The Dragonborn Special Edition build? Here's what I've done;Recompiled the .dll’s for SKSE64 version 2.0.7 (and 2.0.6 ) Tested .dll functionality:DP_Extender.dll -> Potion Duration can be modifiedExATKDataPlugin.dll -> Thrown grenades while in Vampire form does damageMagExtender.dll -> Potion Effect Stacking enable/disable worksMerged the ‘Script Update’ into the main mod Tested the meshes and textures with 'NifScan.exe' Optimized the .nif's with NifOptimizer Converted 'Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp' to Form 44 in Creation Kit If you're willing to upload it to nexus, I'll convert the rest of the patches and rebuild the install package for you. Then, send it to you along with the Visual Studio Solution that includes SKSE64 and the three .dll projects all setup and configured for you. Please let me know and thank you for your time, -Xaxilis P.S.Wiseman303 changed the permissons for Wiseman303's Flora Fixes back in January and I have converted that mod too so, that should not be a roadblock; Modification permission - You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features without permission from or credit to meConversion permission - You can convert this file to work with other games as long as you credit me as the creator of the file
  7. Hey Darth and Lexy, Are you still planning to implement CACO for SSE when it's been converted and uploaded by kryptopyr? -Xaxilis
  8. I would like to take personal advantage of your hard work so, I can implement Morrowloot . Is it possible I can get you to link me to your CR.esp or some typed out steps to save me time? I've converted nearly every missing mod from the Oldrim LotD build and am about to start Merges. -Xaxilis
  9. Or, is the guide set up for only single weapons draw animations on purpose since you can't have both dual draw and single draw animations active? You either look silly drawing only one weapon with the dual draw animation or you looks silly as the weapon warps to you left hand with single draw animations while dual wielding. Or am I wrong here and there's a way to get both kinds of draw weapons animations depending on if you are dual wielding or single wielding? -Xaxilis
  10. Hey Everyone, I don't seem to get the proper dual weapons draw animations unless I put the "Immersive Animations" mod below the "XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended" mod in the load order. (Yes, I've run FNIS) Here's the conflicts MO2 lists between XP32 and Immersive Animations; meshes/actors/character/animations/dag_unequip.HKX meshes/actors/character/animations/dag_equip.HKX meshes/actors/character/animations/lhm_unequip.HKX meshes/actors/character/animations/lhm_equip.HKX I also reinstalled XP32 to make sure it was in accordance with this guide. Did I miss a step or am I offtrack some place? Ideas? Stuff I should check? -Xaxilis
  11. So, I gave up on trying to get it to save in Creation Kit. I did some playtesting with just the weapons and Activator record edits I listed. It loads fine and seems to be working ok. Although, I only played down to the bottom of the mine where you get into the steamwork looking area. This is my first time actually playing that mod. I have to confess, the little I've seen so far looks kinda neat. Maybe I've just put so much time and effort working on it, my subconscious won't let me dislike it cause I'm too invested. -Xaxilis
  12. lol Man, I was just asking myself that same question. It's crashing Creation Kit when I try to save it now.... I'm pretty sure I hate this mod. I think it's more that, I don't want to let it beat me. I got it to save back in February but, that was after I had run the search and replace script, replacing '_' in the entire mod and, this go around, I learned that wasn't the right thing to do. I'll see if I can't figure it out. In the mean time I'll stop spamming the thread with constant updates -Xaxilis
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