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  1. Whoops! My bad. Those links were from the old wiki.step-project page.
  2. Good to know! I did indeed add things. Some character presets. I also removed some meshes from an armor conversion mod that displayed some naughty bits. Could those changes be the culprit? I'll start a fresh game again, make no further changes, and see if it's resolved. Thanks!
  3. Finished. Runs great! There's one issue, though. When I save (a manual, fresh save), it can sometimes take upwards of 20-30 seconds, and half the time, it results in a crash. Any ideas? This doesn't occur on a new game, though. If I start a new game, then save, it's snappy and normal. But if I continue to play, each save gradually becomes more of a struggle than the last.
  4. Wait, am I blind, or was there no ENB recommendation/installation in the guide (aside from some prerequisite files)?
  5. Can I forego Legacy of the Dragonborn for now, proceed onward with the guide, and install LOTD later down the line (when 4.0 is implemented)? Would I run into any issues?
  6. As somewhat of a newbie to Wrye Bash, I was wondering, can you install mods in bulk, or must you install them one at a time? For example, let's say I have 10 texture mods placed in the Installers tab, and they're all in the correct order for installation. If I were to highlight all 10 and install them, would they be installed properly?
  7. I see that Oblivion Reloaded comes with a weather ESP, but I don't believe that the guide makes any mention of it. Should I use it or delete it?
  8. Hmm, never mind. Seems I've solved the issue. Just have to load OCO (+ its patches and what-not) after the Bashed Patch. Is that normally necessary?
  9. This guide is truly wonderful! Having one small issue, though, in the [body & Replacers] section. I swear I'm following it to a T/installing everything in the proper order, but OCO doesn't seem to be altering Khajiit, Orcs, or Dark Elves. They appear to be totally unchanged. Any ideas?
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