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  1. Hi again, for the conflict resolution, should I be installing SRLE Extended LOTD - CR Update for 1.59.1 (TESTING) ?When opening the dropbox link, it says 'link not found' with a 404 error on the page, so IDK if it was taken down or what? Any help is appreciated, thanks
  2. Hi, I'm about halfway through the guide, and was installing XP32 Maximum Skeleton, obviously an important mod. However, the guide seems to be just a little out of date, as the mod page has a new update: 4.31, released on the 18th of April. This new update has some different options on the FOMOD installer, and so I'm just wondering if I should just stick with the old 3.94 update, or if I should use the new update, what options I should select in the FOMOD installer. Thanks
  3. Hi, so when using DDSOpt to optimize textures, I select <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/<Mod To Be Optimized>/texturesas the folder to be optimized I'm assuming, however, for optimizing the normal maps I have no idea as to which folder I should be selecting to optimize? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I couldn't find anywhere that told me which file to select, and I don't want to assume since that could mess things up. Thanks
  4. So the install for stunning statues is this: E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\Stunning Statues of Skyrim\meshes\prometheus\architecture\statuessnow I hope that's correct?
  5. Hi, so I've just finished installing everything, but I must have messed up somewhere along the line as on the road to Riverwood, my game crashes and comes up with this error: "Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with form ID: 0x94B26, base form ID: 0x1306D and type: 0x26 failed to produce loaded node most likely due to corrupted mesh or other reasons." I don't really understand the specifics of what the message is telling me, although I suspect it might have to do with the trees, as all the large ones look like really low resolution 3D cardboard cutouts. Is there anything that I can do to fix this other than fully restarting the process or something along those lines? Thanks
  6. Oh ok. Thanks a bunch, both for the help and the guide itself :)
  7. Yes it is activated in the right pane. Maybe I'm running the patcher from the wrong place or something? That on section on the ASIS patcher is the only part of the guide which isn't really clear on what you're supposed to do. I'm going to E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\ASIS\SkyProc Patchers\ASIS and then running the jar file from there. That's what you're supposed to do yes?
  8. Hi, so I'm trying to run the SkyProc Patchers, specifically the one for ASIS, but every time I try click on the patch button in the top right corner of the .jar config menu, it seems to run to 100%, then a message pops up saying that I need to add ASIS-Dependency.esp to my load order, despite it already being there in my list of plugins. I have no idea what the problem is, so any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm just installing this guide for the very first time, and am currently at the Enhanced Lighting for ENB mod, and at the bottom of that mod's section it says LOOT Metadata Update Required:(this for after the esps have been merge)ELE_Legendary_Fs_Lite.esp - Set global priority to 76I'm just wondering what exactly it means by after the esps have been merged, as it does not say to merge any esps for this mod before this section? So I'm just wondering if it mentions this later on in the guide and I've simply missed it, or if I'm just being dumb and have done this simply as a part of the previous steps or what? Thanks
  10. When I went to click on the 'download here' link to get ELFX compatible Relighting Skyrim file, it brought me to a dropbox with 'file not found' written on it. Idk if anyone has a working link for this file or anything? Thanks
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