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  1. Ah ! So, I figured my driver was due to update. So I did it, and it works fine now ! I didn't thought of that, I checked for updates 3 days ago ^^
  2. Yes, I figured this wouldn't be the first time it happened, but I couldn't find a post about it. And... how do I check that ?
  3. Hello, So, I managed to get my STEP extended skyrim to run smoothly a week ago. I played a lot since then, and haven't got a single problem until now. So, my problem is that the FPS suddenly dropped to an unplayable level. I tried loading a previous save, but the game is still unplayable. Here are my system specs : https://wiki.step-pro...ire/SystemSpecs My LOOT order : My enblocal.ini : If you have any idea of what could be the problem, I'm completly lost here. Thanks !
  4. Woah thanks ! I made the following mistake : I put the skse.ini in the "skse 1 07 03" folder rather than in a skse subfolder ! I will try to start the game again, but for now, it works ! And even better, I don't have these annoying textures anymore, so yes, it worked ! My deepest thanks, you really are a tech angel :)
  5. Thanks, I updated my windows, so now I have 8064 Mb available. So I changed my enblocal.ini to 7364 (I double-checked just now), but I still have an ILS. Did I miss something I needed to do in MO ?
  6. I launched the one for DX9, and it gave me 4064. I read in the comments somewhere (don't remember where, sorry) that I should substract 700 for windows 10. What do you mean the creators update ?
  7. I posted it in my first post (sorry, I'm being lazy, but it's 2AM here ^^)
  8. Ok, so I have reinstalled DynDOLOD, and now when I start a new game, I get an ILS (I think the game should've started in less than 15 minutes). I tried to start the game 4 times, and I got 3 ILS and one CTD.
  9. Hello, I returned to skyrim after a long time, and before starting a new game, I installed the STEP:Extended version through MO, and nothing else. I made sure I followed the guide correctly. My problem is the following : When I start the game, in the carriage, these textures appear : There were others, but of the same kind (a tree and maybe a rock-like texture) along the way to Helgen. Here are my system specs : https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DanyVictoire/SystemSpecs My LOOT order : My enblocal.ini : I couldn't even say the game is playable with this, because the texture kinda blocks your vision (a.k.a the wall in the second picture). If you have any idea on what may cause this, and how to solve it, you would have my greatest thanks. May you be honoured an arrowproof kneepad.
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