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  1. If somebody has a spare minute could they try to download Ahnassi's ingredient sorter please. When I try the link goes to a page of nonsense.
  2. I'm pressing ahead anyway, I really want to try this and I know if I go for another mod list it will always be in the back of my mind that this would be better. Plus I think I can learn a lot following your guide and learning something new is never a waste of time. I can follow the order in the plugins.txt for ordering my plugins correct?
  3. Exactly the same but thanks for the extra effort. I could go ahead and manually order the plugins but I'm afraid I have an underlying issue I can't find that may come back to haunt me 10 hours later.
  4. When I got up this morning I decided to completely wipe everything I had done so far and start again. I realised that a new version of Wrye Bash had been released, I was still using Wrye Bash 307 Beta 1 so I got excited thinking I had found my problem. I followed the guide through and the same thing has happened. My load order never changes. Could it matter that I'm still on Windows 7? I have to be missing something simple but for the life of me I cant see what, the instructions aren't complicated after all. 1.activate all plugins in Wrye Bash 2.Close Wrye Bash 3.Copy Plugins.txt from the MOB Overhaul package I downloaded and paste it into Users/Stuart/AppData/Local/Oblivion overwriting the existing file. 4.Run Wrye bash and at this stage it should order my plugins according to the order recorded in the Plugins.txt I downloaded and pasted?
  5. No Diana, I'm very familiar with that folder. I've done a lot of modding this last month and I have deleted and renamed that folder multiple times. I also have to confirm to overwrite the original text so I'm 100% in the right folder and I found your instructions clear. I assume this works for other people so is there a setting in Wrye Bash that could prevent it? Lock load order is unticked and if I run BOSS the load order will be sorted.
  6. That's the problem, the load order never changed. The bashed patch is still at position 3 above all the DLC and patches.
  7. I can't get it to work, I tried making plugins.txt read only but Wrye Bash won't open then. Warning: Load List Sanitized Missing files have been removed from load list: It gives me a list of the missing files, I click OK and the load order remains unchanged. Then when I look at the plugins.txt it only has the mods I have currently installed listed.
  8. When is Wrye bash meant to sort the load order, at start up?
  9. I've made it to the first game test break. is this process meant to sort your plugins? When I copied the plugin.txt to the folder then opened Wrye bash I got a message stating the load order had been sanitised or something to that effect leaving the plugins out of order. I feel I am missing something simple, does Wyre bash order the plugins according to that list when you build the bash patch or something? 1. Activate all installed mods and plugins. Close the mod manager. 2. Wrye Bash Users: place the plugin.txt in the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Oblivion folder. Mod Organzier Users: place the loadoarder.txt in the pathto\Mod Organizer\profiles\Morroblivion folder. 3. Run Wrye Bash. Deactivate any mods missing masters. Right click on the Bashed Patch, 0.esp Rebuild the Bashed Patch.
  10. It's the Steam version I'm using though... I just noticed you had mentioned this in your guide, I confess to skipping that paragraph as I wasn't using the gog version so I assumed it wouldn't concern me. It won't happen again
  11. Ok thanks, is it normal for them to go missing?
  12. No worries, I bought a 1gb SSD last year when I ran into space problems modding games. Unfortunately I haven't gotten very far before I encountered a problem, at least I think its a problem. I'm at the BAE section of pre-mod set up, I've extracted the .bsa files in the order listed and made the Textures & Meshes folders into a .zip file. It installed fine in Wrye Bash and turned green, however when I restarted Wrye Bash the mod had turned red in the installers tab. Wrye Bash informs me I have missing files, specifically meshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancechighlandsm01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancegoldcoastsm01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancegreatforestsm02.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowlg01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowlg02.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowlg03.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowsm01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowsm02.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowsm03.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancerockmosssm01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancerockybeachsm01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancewestwsm01.nifmeshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancewestwsm02.nif I deleted the .zip and repacked the folders but the same thing has happened again, the files are definitely present in the loose folders I extracted from the .bsas and I assume they are present when I install the package other wise Wrye Bash wouldn't report them as missing when I restart the program. Will this be an issue moving forward? I see no point in progressing through the guide if it's a problem until I can get it sorted.
  13. Hi everyone, thank you for the time for putting this great guide together. I can only guess and shudder at how much time and effort must go into something like this. I have 3 days off work with nothing planned so I want to start this guide. I have moderate experience in modding, I've installed Skyrim STEP, Bevilex's mod list and a few others so I have no concerns about using Wrye Bash. What I do have concerns about is if my PC can handle it. i5 2500k@ 4.4ghtz 8GB Ram Nvidia GTX970
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